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NAME: George Halligan

BIRTH: June 20,1903 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 2 Dec 1940 lost at sea in the north alantic, crew member of the ville d'arlon ship

FATHER: George Patrick Halligan

MOTHER: elizabeth l travers

NAME: George Walter Halligan

BIRTH: 16 Feb 1915 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 02 Mar 1960 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

FATHER: George Halligan

MOTHER: Caroline Brown

NAME: George Halligan

BIRTH: 12th June 1886 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

DEATH: Jan 1960 garston liverpool

FATHER: James Halligan

MOTHER: Jane Braithwaite

NAME: George Gilson Halligan

BIRTH: 29 Apr 1893 New Haven, Oswego, New York, United States

DEATH: Jun 1946 New Haven, Oswego, New York, United States

FATHER: James K Halligan

MOTHER: Lillian (Gilson) Halligan

NAME: George Augusta Halligan

BIRTH: 7/9/1886 Webster City, Hamilton, Iowa, USA

DEATH: 13 Jan 1915 Webster City, Hamilton, Iowa, USA

FATHER: Owen Halligan

MOTHER: Susanna Trainor

NAME: George Halligan

BIRTH: Jan 1900 Bootle, Lancashire, England

DEATH: Sep 1936 Clitheroe, Lancashire, England

FATHER: George Halligan

MOTHER: Mary Halligan

NAME: George Frederick Halligan

BIRTH: abt 1908 Michigan, USA

DEATH: Oct 1978 Berkley, Oakland, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Daniel M Halligan

MOTHER: Edith Schmitt

NAME: George Halligan

BIRTH: abt 1902 New Jersey

DEATH: Abt. 03 Jan 1941 Jersey City, NJ

FATHER: John James Halligan

MOTHER: Barbara Bertha Ruf

NAME: George John Halligan

BIRTH: 10 Jan, 1903 Davenport, Scott, Iowa, usa

DEATH: Apr 1967 Davenport, Scott, Iowa, usa

FATHER: George J. Halligan

MOTHER: Alma Uber

NAME: George Patrick Halligan

BIRTH: April 1871 Liverpool, england

DEATH: Abt. 1950 Lancashire, England

FATHER: William Halligan

MOTHER: Mary Megson

NAME: George Halligan

BIRTH: 1859 Liverpool

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Peter Halligan

MOTHER: Margaret Halligan

NAME: George Halligan

BIRTH: Abt. Jul 1900 Narrabri, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: Not Available Emerald, Queensland, Australia


MOTHER: Mary Jane Latimore

NAME: George Halligan

BIRTH: 1864 Liverpool

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: james Halligan

MOTHER: Mary Rea

NAME: George travers Halligan

BIRTH: 10/22/1934 ny,usa

DEATH: 2017

FATHER: George Halligan

MOTHER: Sarah Wagner

NAME: George Wilber Halligan

BIRTH: 01 Aug 1906 Fort Dodge, Webster, Iowa

DEATH: 5 Dec 1965 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

FATHER: George Augusta Halligan

MOTHER: Pearl Nancy Dingman

NAME: George E. Halligan

BIRTH: 1 January 1863 Oswego, New York, USA

DEATH: 6 April 1925 Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Thomas Halligan

MOTHER: Mary Ann McGee

NAME: George J. Halligan

BIRTH: 31 Jan 1879 Davenport, Scott, Iowa, USA

DEATH: 2 Nov 1925 Davenport, Scott, Iowa, USA

FATHER: John Francis Halligan

MOTHER: Ann Renihan

NAME: George William Halligan

BIRTH: 19 Aug 1861 Buckland, Franklin County, Massachusetts, United States of America

DEATH: 23 Apr 1931

FATHER: Joseph Halligan

MOTHER: Ellen Tordoff

NAME: George Jerome Halligan

BIRTH: abt 1886 New York

DEATH: 1958

FATHER: James Matthew Halligan

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ann Hannah

NAME: George T Halligan

BIRTH: 16 Sep 1926 Huntington, Suffolk, New York, USA

DEATH: 23 Sep 1976 Huntington, Suffolk, New York, USA

FATHER: William Edward Halligan

MOTHER: Martha E Norris

NAME: George Bennell Halligan

BIRTH: 07Oct1916 Jarrow, South Shields

DEATH: Mar 1978 South Shields, Tyne and Wear, England

FATHER: Thomas Halligan

MOTHER: Phoebe Cecilia Barrow

NAME: George Edward (Edmond) Halligan

BIRTH: 21 OCT 1893 Peoria, Peoria, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 31 OCT 1923 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Frank V. Halligan

MOTHER: Anastasia Amy Joyce


BIRTH: 19 Apr 1908 Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 22 Oct 1977 Lakewood, Cuyahoga, Ohio

FATHER: Daniel Vincent Halligan

MOTHER: Anna Rosalia Wolf

NAME: George Mullin Halligan

BIRTH: 1 May 1875 Missouri, United States

DEATH: 19 Sep 1962 Ward County, North Dakota

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private

NAME: George James Halligan

BIRTH: 10 October 1893 Bay City, Bay, Michigan, USA

DEATH: 27 May 1980 MT Pleasant, Isabella, Michigan

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private