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Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: Feb 1833 Peterhead, ABD, SCT

Death: 20 Jun 1875 16, Pork Lane, Aberdeen

Father: Robert Stephen

Mother: Janet Davidson

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: abt 1900 Alabama

Death: 26 Aug 1986 Savannah, Georgia

Father: Thomas Lawson Houser

Mother: Julia Elizabeth James

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: abt 1841 Ohio

Death: 1899 Allen, Indiana, United States

Father: Henry Stephen

Mother: Ann "Nancy" Carpenter (Stephen)

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: 1821 Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire Scotland

Death: 17 Jun 1898 Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: William Stephen

Mother: Sophia Noble

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: 16 Sep 1846 Ohio

Death: 17 Feb 1934 Lynnville, Jasper, Iowa, USA

Father: Jonathan STEPHENS

Mother: Elizabeth Salmon

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: 05 Sep 1857 , Berks, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 17 Jun 1889 Arkansas, USA

Father: John Stephens

Mother: Amanda E Reed

Name: Elizabeth Jane Stephen

Birth: 31 Jan 1840 Washington Co., Republic of TX

Death: 22 DEC 1885 Waco, McLennan Co., TX

Father: James Robert Stephen

Mother: Sarah Sterling

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: 19 Mar 1814 Canongate, Midlothian, Scotland

Death: 14 Feb 1848 Amphion Place North Back Canongate, Edinburgh City

Father: John Stephen

Mother: Margaret Dowll

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: abt 1792 Rathen, Aberdeenshire

Death: 24 FEB 1887 Port Errol, Cruden, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: John Stephen

Mother: Mary Scott

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: Abt. 1841 Kinneff, Kincardineshire, Scotland

Death: 20 Apr 1927 Bayview, Catterline, Kincardineshire, Scotland

Father: William Stephen

Mother: Margaret Walker


Birth: 3 August 1828 Inch Abberdeenshire

Death: 08 Apr 1893 Premnay Aberdeen Scotland

Father: James Stephen

Mother: Mary Meldrum

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: 30 Oct 1832 York, Yorkshire, England

Death: April 1862 6 Buckley Street, Leeds, Yorkshire West Riding

Father: John Stephenson

Mother: Mary Watson

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: 7 Sep 1848 Premnay, Aberdeenshire

Death: 23 Dec 1918 533 Great Northern Road, Woodside Aberdeen Scotland


Mother: Elspet Horn

Name: Elizabeth STEPHEN

Birth: 08 Oct 1775 Monletty, Methlick, Scotland

Death: 07 May 1863 Cookston, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: James Stephen

Mother: Margaret DUNCAN

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: 20 SEP 1851 Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 13 November 1910 Lonmay, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: George STEPHEN

Mother: Magdalene Bathia WATT


Birth: 1786 Isle of Man


Father: Humphrey Steven

Mother: Anne Mylvorrey

Name: Elizabeth STEPHEN

Birth: 27 Jan 1856 Huntly, Aberdeen, Scotland

Death: Or:1925/00/00/1935/00/00 Huntly, Aberdeen, Scotland

Father: John Stephen

Mother: Janet Rhind

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: 28 May 1860 Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 11 Jul 1927 Aberdeen

Father: John STEPHEN

Mother: Agnes Scorgie

Name: Elizabeth Ann Stephen

Birth: April 1875 Millom, Cumberland, England

Death: Jan 1956 Onchan, Garff, Isle of Man

Father: John Stephen

Mother: Margaret Ann Sim

Name: Elizabeth Agnes Stephen

Birth: 20 OCT 1889 Shepherds Heugh, Fordoun

Death: 1942 Aberdeen Northern District

Father: james william dallas

Mother: Violet Stephen

Name: Elizabeth Stephen

Birth: abt 1843 Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Death: 30 11 1926 Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand

Father: John Stephen

Mother: Elizabeth Mclean

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