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NAME: Edwin L Hayes

BIRTH: 29 Dec 1819 Ellicott, Chautauqua, New York, USA

DEATH: 1 Jan 1916 Verona, Essex, New Jersey, USA

FATHER: Harvey Boughton Hayes

MOTHER: Polly Elizabeth Ayres

NAME: Edwin M Hayes

BIRTH: Aug. 11, 1901 Benson, Vermont, USA

DEATH: Mar. 13, 1943 Crown Point, Essex, New York

FATHER: Stephen A Hayes

MOTHER: Inza Lavina Bennett

NAME: Edwin Hayes

BIRTH: 1878 Blantyre, Lanarkshire

DEATH: 4 may 1931 spain

FATHER: John James Hayes

MOTHER: Anne Turnbull

NAME: Edwin Hayes

BIRTH: 21 Jun 1816 Meare, Mendip District, Somerset, England

DEATH: 27 Aug 1901 Bloomfield, Trumbull, Ohio, USA

FATHER: James Hayes

MOTHER: Deborah Difford

NAME: Edwin Donald Hayes

BIRTH: 24 Feb 1897 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 20 Apr 1948 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: William Hayes

MOTHER: Ada M Fisher/Hayes/Rogers

NAME: Edwin William Hayes

BIRTH: Mar 1862 Caistor, nr Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

DEATH: 04 Jul 1949 Lee, London, England

FATHER: Edwin Barham Hayes

MOTHER: Mary Ann Judge

NAME: Edwin Alfred Hayes

BIRTH: 24 Dec 1831 Bloomfield, New Brunswick, Canada

DEATH: 29 Feb 1920 Bloomfield, New Brunswick, Canada

FATHER: John Cook Hayes

MOTHER: Leah Gillies

NAME: Edwin Martin Hayes

BIRTH: 21 Jun 1931 Hazleton, Buchanan, Iowa, United States

DEATH: 2 Sep 1978 Independence, Buchanan, Iowa, United States

FATHER: John H Hayes

MOTHER: Celia Martha Weepie

NAME: Edwin Hayes

BIRTH: 3 Jan 1897 Toxteth, Liverpool, England

DEATH: 27 Nov 1952 Bootle, Lancashire, England

FATHER: Peter Hayes

MOTHER: Alice Murphy

NAME: Edwin J Hayes

BIRTH: abt 1897 Ohio

DEATH: 25 December 1972 Norfolk, Norfolk City, Virginia, United States of America

FATHER: James Hayes

MOTHER: Adwilda aka Addie Chase

NAME: Edwin Doyle Hayes

BIRTH: November 7, 1901 Johnson County Arkansas

DEATH: June 8, 1983 Fort Smith Sebastian County Arkansas

FATHER: Edwin Dentford Hayes

MOTHER: Ollie Bell Harvel

NAME: Edwin Spencer Hayes

BIRTH: 29 Jun 1909 Texas

DEATH: 13 Mar 1977 Beaumont, Jefferson, Texas, United States

FATHER: James Hayes

MOTHER: Martha Louisa Price

NAME: Edwin George Hayes

BIRTH: 22 Apr 1904 Molong, , New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 3 January 1989 Warwick, QLD

FATHER: Andrew Hayes

MOTHER: Cecilia Halpin

NAME: Edwin Hayes

BIRTH: 19 Sep 1917 Mousie, Knott, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 4 Nov 1991 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Grover B Hayes

MOTHER: Bertha Wicker

NAME: Edwin Thomas Hayes

BIRTH: 30 Sep 1900 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England

DEATH: Mar 1973 North Bierley, Yorkshire West Riding, England

FATHER: Edwin Charles Hayes

MOTHER: Martha Ellen Ruck

NAME: Edwin Paul Hayes

BIRTH: 1889 Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 06 Oct 1962 Tulsa,Tulsa, Co. Oklahoma

FATHER: Edwin Leister Hayes

MOTHER: Bertha O Hauss/Hayes

NAME: Edwin C Hayes

BIRTH: 1822 Granby, Connecticut

DEATH: 18 Feb 1880 Rockville , Tolland , Connecticut

FATHER: Cephas Hayes

MOTHER: Betsey Rice

NAME: Edwin Carlyle Hayes

BIRTH: 1907 Grafton, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 06 Aug 1963 Kendall, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: Sydney Hayes

MOTHER: Alice Ann Luckett

NAME: Edwin Charles Hayes

BIRTH: Mar 1871 Old Swinford, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England

DEATH: 26 Nov 1936 Worcestershire, England

FATHER: William Hayes

MOTHER: Rosannah Hodgkiss

NAME: Edwin Byron Hayes

BIRTH: 3 Mar 1923 Missouri

DEATH: 20 Feb 1991 Oklahoma

FATHER: Walter Duerward Hayes

MOTHER: Gladys Zellene Fischer

NAME: Edwin Allen Hayes

BIRTH: 23 Sep 1865 Cambridge, Lamoille, Vermont

DEATH: 8 Jan 1912 Stowe, Lamoille, Vermont, USA

FATHER: Orrin Philander Hayes

MOTHER: Martha M Adams (Hayes) (Wood)

NAME: Edwin Vincent Hayes

BIRTH: 26 Aug 1891 Utica, New York, USA

DEATH: Sep 1973 Black River, Jefferson, New York, USA

FATHER: William F Hayes

MOTHER: Esther A. O'Reilly

NAME: Edwin Dentford Hayes

BIRTH: November 12, 1869 Scott County Indiana

DEATH: March 29, 1961 Fort Smith Sebastian County Arkansas

FATHER: Clement Kelley HAYES

MOTHER: Margaret Sapphria DEAL

NAME: Edwin Hayes

BIRTH: 29 May 1879 Barnsley, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 3 Jun 1916 France and Flanders

FATHER: John Hayes

MOTHER: Margaret Ann Barnes

NAME: Edwin Michael Hayes

BIRTH: 22 Aug 1921 Ticonderoga, Essex, New York, USA

DEATH: Feb. 7, 1962 Albany, Albany, New York

FATHER: Edwin M Hayes

MOTHER: Naomi Bush