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NAME: Edith Mae Hathaway

BIRTH: 15 Sep 1926 Wakefield, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 17 Mar 2015 Hattiesburg, Forrest, Mississippi, United States

FATHER: James Joseph Hathaway

MOTHER: Nettie Bernice Gildart Hathaway

NAME: Edith Lydia Hathaway

BIRTH: Q3 1881 Coventry, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: 1950 Calder, Yorkshire West Riding, England

FATHER: Henry Hathaway

MOTHER: Harriet A Hathaway

NAME: Edith Hathaway

BIRTH: 23 January 1884 California, United States of America

DEATH: 29 April 1965 California, United States of America

FATHER: Aaron D Hathaway


NAME: Edith Hathaway

BIRTH: 27 Apr 1886 Lower Swell, Gloucestershire, England

DEATH: 9 Sep 1974 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England

FATHER: Henry Hathaway

MOTHER: Charlotte Alcock

NAME: Edith Vernon Hathaway

BIRTH: 17 MAR 1893 New Bedford, Bristol, MA

DEATH: 8 JAN 1970 New Bedford, MA

FATHER: Ebenezer Randall Hathaway Jr

MOTHER: Eliza Catherine Dunn

NAME: Edith D Hathaway

BIRTH: 23 JAN 1884 Stockton, San Joaquin, California, United States

DEATH: 29 April 1965 California, United States of America

FATHER: Aaron D Hathaway


NAME: Edith Cleo Hathaway

BIRTH: 22 Jun 1886 Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

DEATH: 1943

FATHER: Charles Hiram Hathaway

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth Parker


BIRTH: Oct 1884 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: Mar 1971 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England


MOTHER: Hannah yardley

NAME: Edith Mabel Hathaway

BIRTH: 20 Mar 1899 West Bromwich, Staffordshire

DEATH: 26 Aug 1962 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England

FATHER: William Lee Hathaway

MOTHER: Anne Blanche Bond

NAME: Edith L Hathaway

BIRTH: 2 Sep 1895 Darlington, Gentry County, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 17 Feb 1980 Albany, Gentry. Missouri

FATHER: William H Hathaway

MOTHER: Eliza Consolver

NAME: Edith Laura Hathaway

BIRTH: 23 Feb 1903 Waroad Roseau MN

DEATH: 16 Sep 1969 Thief River Falls, Pennington, Minnesota, USA

FATHER: Elkana Hathaway

MOTHER: Sarah Obelia Strandberg

NAME: Edith Frances Hathaway

BIRTH: 10 Sep 1911 Cornwall Bridge, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA

DEATH: 27 Dec 1998 Seffner,FL,US

FATHER: William A./E. Hathaway

MOTHER: Lucy Ann Mitchell

NAME: Edith Hathaway

BIRTH: 2 April 1913 Robinson, Brown, Kansas, USA

DEATH: 3 May 2006 Hiawatha, Kansas, USA

FATHER: Frank Hathaway

MOTHER: Lulu Bryant

NAME: Edith Athalie Hathaway

BIRTH: 26 Jun 1905 Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 8 July 1979 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, U.S.A

FATHER: Charles Alleen Hathaway

MOTHER: Margarette Hanna Carsten

NAME: Edith Ellen Hathaway

BIRTH: 25 December 1875 Petersham, Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States of America

DEATH: 1927

FATHER: Leander Thomas Hathaway

MOTHER: Ellen Jane Spooner

NAME: Edith Marion Hathaway

BIRTH: 3 AUG 1918 Salina, Saline, Kansas, United States

DEATH: 4 MAR 2002 Lumberton, Lamar, Mississippi, United States

FATHER: Jason Henry Leslie Hathaway

MOTHER: Nellie Watson Kimball

NAME: Edith Maria Hathaway

BIRTH: 27 Jul 1889 Chesterton, Oxfordshire, England

DEATH: Sep 1947 Witney, Oxfordshire, England

FATHER: Richard Hathaway

MOTHER: Agnes Maria Holland

NAME: Edith Evelyn Hathaway

BIRTH: 20 Dec 1877 New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts

DEATH: 28 Sep 1962 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas

FATHER: Benjamin Franklin Hathaway

MOTHER: Anna Isabel Waldron Hathaway P 14th C-2

NAME: Edith W Hathaway

BIRTH: 2 Apr 1906 Connecticut

DEATH: 20 September 1992 West Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States of America

FATHER: Gordon Shadrack Hathaway

MOTHER: Maude Ethel Richards

NAME: Edith Maria Hathaway

BIRTH: 10 DEC 1855 3 Marylebone Street, Islington

DEATH: Sep 1903 Greater London, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom

FATHER: Walter Hathaway

MOTHER: Maria Major

NAME: Edith Ann Hathaway

BIRTH: April 1875 St Briavels, Gloucestershire, England

DEATH: 16 Jul 1954 Gloucester City, Gloucestershire, England

FATHER: James Hathaway

MOTHER: Sarah Johns

NAME: Edith Grace Hathaway

BIRTH: 14 Dec 1887 St Louis, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 25 Mar 1954 Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, USA

FATHER: Henry Penrose Hathaway

MOTHER: Edith Annie Delahunty

NAME: Edith Bess Hathaway

BIRTH: 23 MAR 1904 Lost Valley, Washington, USA

DEATH: 16 Apr 2000 The Dalles, Wasco, Oregon

FATHER: George Albert Hathaway

MOTHER: Nelly Irene Vail

NAME: Edith Irene Hathaway

BIRTH: 07 May 1924 Frankfort, Michigan, USA

DEATH: 15 April 1995 Mt. Clemens, Michigan

FATHER: Joseph Cushman Hatheway

MOTHER: Edith S Gum

NAME: Edith Hathaway

BIRTH: 06 Apr 1881 Turin, Monona, Iowa, USA

DEATH: 1938 Onawa, Monona, Iowa, USA

FATHER: Julius Marius Hathaway

MOTHER: Clara Belle Normand