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Name: David L Fullerton

Birth: 2 Apr 1820 Cambridge Springs, Crawford, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 10 Oct 1895 Rockdale, Crawford, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Bailey Kennedy Fullerton

Mother: Mary Humes Fullerton

Name: David Fullerton

Birth: 8 Feb 1848 Ohio, USA

Death: 10 Sep 1919 Harrison, Bartholomew, Indiana, USA

Father: John McFarren Fullerton

Mother: Lydia Kittle

Name: David A Fullerton

Birth: 8 May 1917 Bridgewater, Aroostook, Maine

Death: 17 Dec 1996 Milford, New Haven, Connecticut

Father: Robert Alton Fullerton

Mother: Vera McCluskey

Name: David W. Fullerton

Birth: 24 October 1941 Neosho, Newton County, Missouri, USA

Death: 13 January 2005 Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri, USA

Father: Clyde Franklin Fullerton

Mother: Fontella Fullerton


Birth: 26 FEB 1870 Navarro County, Texas

Death: 11 NOV 1959 Navarro County, Texas

Father: John T. FULLERTON

Mother: Mary E Boyles

Name: David Fullerton

Birth: 4 Oct 1772 Greencastle, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1 Feb 1843 Greencastle, Franklin, Pennsylvania, United States


Mother: Martha MITCHELL

Name: David W Fullerton

Birth: 1852 Wolfeboro, Carroll, New Hampshire, United States

Death: 27 Dec 1891 Wolfeboro, Carroll, New Hampshire, USA

Father: William H Fullerton

Mother: Emeline Horne Orne

Name: David Francis Fullerton

Birth: 10 June 1933 Quetta, India

Death: 21 Oct 2003 Fort Myers, Lee, Florida, USA

Father: JOHN Fullerton

Mother: Ethel Lavery

Name: David Jeffrey Fullerton

Birth: 11/8/1957 Va

Death: 1//1//2005 Stafford,Va

Father: Robert Carl Fullerton

Mother: Ruth Marie Riggles

Name: David Fullerton

Birth: 23 Nov 1862 Oxna,Tingwell,SHL,SCT

Death: 4 MAR 1940 Branchiclate, Burra

Father: Samuel FULLERTON

Mother: Ann Henry

Name: David Alexander FULLERTON

Birth: 25 Apr 1859 South Head Road, Paddington, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 26 Nov 1934 Penola, South Australia, Australia

Father: David Fullerton

Mother: Isabella McPherson

Name: David Fullerton

Birth: abt 1795 Wolfeboro, Carroll, New Hampshire, United States

Death: 23 March 1839 Wolfeboro, Carroll, New Hampshire, United States

Father: James Fullerton

Mother: Lydia Tibbetts

Name: David Fullerton

Birth: 1767 Sanborton, New Hampshire, United States

Death: 1863 Mansonville, Brome, Quebec, Canada

Father: David Fullington

Mother: Susanna webster

Name: David Greig Fullerton

Birth: 31 Aug 1882 Kingsbarns, Fifeshire

Death: 1 February 1940 St. Cyrus, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Father: Alexander Allan Fullerton

Mother: Jessie Rodger

Name: David A Fullerton

Birth: 25 Sep 1947 Dallas County, Missouri, USA

Death: 1 Dec 2013 Saint Charles, Saint Charles, Missouri, USA

Father: clifford fullerton

Mother: Mary E. Fullerton

Name: David Fullerton

Birth: 1886 Brechin, Angus, Scotland.

Death: Aft 1901

Father: David Fullerton

Mother: Elizabeth Carnegie Millar

Name: David Herbert Fullerton

Birth: July 1869 Windsor, Berkshire, England

Death: 6 Jun 1911 Wandsworth, London

Father: David Fullerton

Mother: Catherine Fullerton

Name: David Fullerton

Birth: 21 Aug 1757 Marykirk Kincardine

Death: 1827

Father: Colin Foulerton

Mother: Mary Anderson


Birth: 26 Mar 1892 Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT

Death: Bef. 1939

Father: David Fullerton

Mother: Ann Duncan

Name: David Fullerton

Birth: 5/12/1708 Duddingston, Midlothian, Scotland

Death: 1780

Father: Walter Fullerton

Mother: Margaret Gregg

Name: David Alexander Fullerton

Birth: 1905 St Andrew, Dundee, Forfar, Scotland

Death: 1969 New or East Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Father: James Brand Fullerton

Mother: Sarah Small Alexander

Name: David George Fullerton

Birth: 1890 New Zealand

Death: 1963 New Zealand

Father: David Fullerton

Mother: Alice Strahan

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