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Name: Charles MacKenzie

Birth: 30 Jun 1919 Frederick County, Maryland

Death: 1987/03/27 Baltimore, MD

Father: James L Mckenzie

Mother: Clara Louise Kintz

Name: Charles C MacKenzie

Birth: 12 Jan 1891 New South Wales, Australia

Death: 09 Jul 1967 Los Gatos, Santa Clara, California, USA

Father: John Ross Mackenzie

Mother: Jean Gibson Ewing

Name: Charles Lee MacKenzie

Birth: 1863 Tennessee, USA

Death: 1 December 1949 Houston, Harris County, Texas, United States of America

Father: William Gregory Mackenzie

Mother: Elvira Harrison Coulson

Name: Charles (Framer) MacKenzie

Birth: 1852 Nova Scotia

Death: 27 Apr 1924 Washabuck, Victoria, Nova Scotia, Canada

Father: Alexander (Farmer) MacKenzie

Mother: Mary 425 MacKenzie

Name: Charles Mackenzie

Birth: 24 Jun 1935 Houston, Harris, Texas, USA

Death: 01 Dec 2015 Houston, Harris, Texas. USA

Father: Alexander Smith Mackenzie

Mother: Corene Rowold

Name: Charles Duncan MacKenzie

Birth: 30 Aug 1878 Glascow, Scotland

Death: About 1954 Oak Park, IL

Father: Donald MACKENZIE

Mother: Isabella MacKenzie

Name: Charles Roderick MacKenzie

Birth: 16 Feb 1885 Saint Thomas, Elgin, Ontario, Canada

Death: 22 Jul 1969 St Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Father: David McKenzie

Mother: Huldah Anne McEown

Name: Charles Fifield Mackenzie

Birth: 28 Mar 1877 Nevada

Death: 06 Apr 1942 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: William MacKenzie

Mother: Alexis MacIntosh

Name: Charles Angus MACKENZIE

Birth: 30 Apr 1924 Los Angeles, California

Death: 18 May 1996 Rohnert Park, Sonoma, California, USA

Father: Charles McKenzie

Mother: Minnie Larose

Name: Charles Mackenzie

Birth: 17 Jul 1926 Oakland, Alameda, California, USA

Death: 7 May 2002 Yakima, Yakima, Washington, USA

Father: Charles Lemuel Mackenzie

Mother: Jean Murray Murry Vander Kloster

Name: Charles Clinton MacKenzie

Birth: 1884 Sterling, Johnson County, Nebraska, USA

Death: 10 Nov 1913 Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, USA

Father: Alexander James MacKenzie

Mother: Mary Ann Matheson

Name: Charles W MacKenzie

Birth: July 06, 1902 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1957

Father: Charles Edmund McKenzie

Mother: Selina Steiger

Name: Charles MacKenzie

Birth: 1788 Query: Bermondsey, Surrey, England - only if 1851 census is correct

Death: 6/07/1862 Rainbow Coffee House, New York, USA

Father: Kenneth Francis Mackenzie

Mother: Ann Townsend Mackenzie

Name: Charles A MacKenzie

Birth: 1882 Canada (English)

Death: 1924

Father: William Russell Mackenzie

Mother: Josepha Bowman Gun

Name: Charles James Mackenzie

Birth: 1882 Prince Edward Island, Canada

Death: 1969 St Joachims Cemetery, Vernon River, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Father: Angus MacKenzie

Mother: Mary Anne MacDonald

Name: Charles Grant MacKenzie

Birth: abt 1919 Oakville Ontario

Death: Sep 1964 Kingston, Ontario Canada

Father: Charles Frederick MacKenzie

Mother: Pheobe Belle Smith

Name: Charles Mortimer MacKenzie

Birth: 30 Oct 1928 Winthrop, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 4 Dec 2020 Roanoke, Independent Cities, Virginia, USA

Father: Charles Pattee McKenzie

Mother: Sadie Olga Nickerson

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