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Name: Barbara Jane Stephen

Birth: 24 Oct 1929 San Mateo, California

Death: 17 Jun 1991 Stanislaus, California, USA

Father: Wallace Alexander Stephen

Mother: Elka Ethyl Brotman

Name: Barbara Helen Stephen

Birth: 27/ Nov/1838 Dundee City, Scotland

Death: 15 Oct 1922 Sandusky County, Ohio, USA

Father: Alexander F. Stephen

Mother: Jessie Stephen Grant

Name: Barbara STEPHEN

Birth: 11 NOV 1905 Oakville

Death: 1968 Westmoreland, PA

Father: John Stephen

Mother: Barbara Rutherford Stephen

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: 1802 Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 5th August 1875 Wells of Rothie, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: William Stephen

Mother: Janet Finlay

Name: Barbara Margaret Stephen

Birth: 1875 Indiana

Death: 14 Feb 1943 Hammond, Lake, Indiana, USA

Father: Jacob Stephan

Mother: Anna Koerner

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: 27 SEP 1823 Duffton, Aberdeenshire, , Scotland

Death: 28 Dec 1894 Wapella, Saskatchewan

Father: George Stephen

Mother: Barbara Innes

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: abt 1813 Skene, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 1896 Peterculter, Aberdeen

Father: James Hunter

Mother: Elizabeth Glennie

Name: Barbara Erica Stephen

Birth: ABT 1894 Cockpen, Midlothian

Death: 18 May 1953 Dumfries Infirmary, Dumfries, DFS

Father: Johnston Stephen

Mother: Helena Kitto

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: 06 Feb 1866 Tilliepestle, Maud

Death: 1944 New Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK

Father: James Wilson Stephen

Mother: Barbara Mitchell

Name: barbara porteous stephen

Birth: 1919 Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand

Death: 26 Jan 1998 Greymouth, Grey, West Coast, New Zealand

Father: Charles Edward Stephen

Mother: Mary Harris

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: 31 Mar 1887 Inverarity, Forfarshire

Death: 20 Jun 1976

Father: John Stephen

Mother: Jean Smith Roberts

Name: Barbara Jane STEPHEN

Birth: 25 Apr 1827 Montrose, Angus, Scotland

Death: 3 Feb 1869 Railway Place, Montrose, Angus, Scotland

Father: James STEPHEN

Mother: Margaret Ross

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: abt 1814 Rathen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 15 Dec 1894 Crawton, Dunnottar, Kincardineshire

Father: James Stephen

Mother: Barbara Strachan

Name: Barbara Helen Stephen

Birth: 5 Jun 1858 Proton Twp, Grey, Ontario, Canada

Death: 19 Dec 1931 West Luther, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

Father: James Stephen

Mother: Helen Elizabeth Garden

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: 11 Apr 1852 Methlick, Aberdeenshire

Death: Not Available

Father: Thomas Stephen

Mother: Jane Will

Name: Barbara Nell Stephen

Birth: 1930 Texas

Death: Not Available

Father: Ralph Cecil Stephen

Mother: Esta Oree Chamness

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: 1937 South Carolina

Death: Not Available

Father: JB Stephens

Mother: Mattie Adelle Allen

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: abt 1832 Longside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 08 Apr 1906 Stuartfield, Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: John Stephen

Mother: Mary Thomson

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: abt 1852 Old Machar, Aberdeenshire

Death: 10 Oct 1893 Forfar, Angus, Scotland

Father: John Stephen

Mother: Jane Lumsden

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: abt 1842 Monreith, Forfar

Death: 10 December 1927 Tarves, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: David Stephen

Mother: Elizabeth Sim

Name: Barbara C Stephen

Birth: 02 Oct 1871 Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Death: 26 Oct 1946 Vancouver, British Columbia

Father: William Stephen

Mother: Jemima Hunter

Name: Barbara Stephen

Birth: 27 December 1791 Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 27 December 1862 Surrey, England

Father: John Stephen

Mother: Private

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