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NAME: Ada E Handy

BIRTH: 21 Aug 1902 Wilkes, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 27 Dec 1999 Other, Wilkes, North Carolina, USA

FATHER: James Monroe Handy

MOTHER: Fredonia Rhoades

NAME: Ada Handy

BIRTH: January 1893 Cropthorne, Worcestershire

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Harry Handy

MOTHER: Hannah Pratley

NAME: Ada Ruth Handy

BIRTH: 20 Aug 1920 Patrick County, Virginia, United States of America

DEATH: 1 Mar 1980 Martinsville, Martinsville City, Virginia, United States of America

FATHER: William (6) Robert Handy

MOTHER: Everlena "Lena" J. Lyon

NAME: Ada Handy

BIRTH: Feb 1894 Louisiana, United States

DEATH: 17 Jan 1941 Louisiana, United States

FATHER: George Handy

MOTHER: Emma Ophelia Oldham

NAME: Ada Laura Handy

BIRTH: 13 January 1900 St Andrews, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada

DEATH: 1999 St. Stephen, NB Canada

FATHER: Joseph G Handy

MOTHER: Maud Mcleod

NAME: Ada Laura Handy

BIRTH: 5 July 1874 Round Valley, Mendocino, California, USA

DEATH: 20 January 1963 Ukiah, Mendocino, California, USA

FATHER: Philo Handy

MOTHER: Laura Adell Roper

NAME: Ada Lee Handy 1

BIRTH: 15 August 1912 Roscoe, Nolan, Texas, USA

DEATH: July 1993 Mercedes, Hidalgo, Texas, USA

FATHER: William Dennis Handy 1

MOTHER: Clara Pearl Wilson

NAME: Ada Elizabeth Handy

BIRTH: 19 NOV 1892 Holbeck, Leeds Yorkshire

DEATH: 28 FEB 1934 23 Littlemoor Bottom, Pudsey

FATHER: William Handy

MOTHER: Annie Cummins

NAME: Ada L. Handy 1

BIRTH: 27 March 1853 Gouldsborough, Hancock, Maine, USA

DEATH: 21 January 1875 Gouldsborough, Hancock, Maine, USA

FATHER: William P. (Captain) Handy

MOTHER: Louise Lovisia Chadwick

NAME: Ada Pearl Handy

BIRTH: 5 Jan 1903 Virginia

DEATH: 16 Nov 1997 Wilkesboro, Wilkes, North Carolina, United States

FATHER: James Calloway Handy

MOTHER: Quincy Loretta Handy

NAME: Ada Dorothy Jenny Handy

BIRTH: 19 February 1918 Hendon, Middlesex, England

DEATH: 25 june 1999 Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: Frederick Arthur Handy

MOTHER: Ethel Rosina Haines


BIRTH: 18 AUG 1917

DEATH: 11 SEP 1988

FATHER: Dock Handy

MOTHER: Margaret Emma Rhoades

NAME: Ada Ellen Handy

BIRTH: 05 Feb 1903 Hendon, Middlesex, England

DEATH: Oct 1994 Barnet, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, England

FATHER: Thomas Handy

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ann Clark

NAME: Ada B. Handy

BIRTH: Abt 1870 Indiana

DEATH: 26 October 1900 Eden Township, Mason, Michigan

FATHER: James Foster Handy

MOTHER: Jennie Sims

NAME: Ada Handy

BIRTH: 24 Apr 1872 Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England

DEATH: Abt. Jun 1946 Kent, England

FATHER: Stephen George Handy

MOTHER: Jane Taylor

NAME: Ada M. Handy 1

BIRTH: 27 March 1885 Gouldsborough, Hancock, Maine, USA

DEATH: 1938 Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: Henry S. Handy 1

MOTHER: Rebecca P Crowley

NAME: Ada Handy

BIRTH: abt 1893 Louisiana

DEATH: 17 Jan 1941 Mansfield, De Soto, Louisiana, United States

FATHER: Gilbert Haudy

MOTHER: Julienne Guidry

NAME: Ada E. Handy 1

BIRTH: 1859 Hartland, Livingston, Michigan, USA

DEATH: 1871 Hartland, Livingston, Michigan, USA

FATHER: James Harvey Handy 1

MOTHER: Helen M Bradley

NAME: Ada Handy

BIRTH: About 1928 Morrow, Warren County, Ohio

DEATH: After 1930 Morrow, Warren County, Ohio

FATHER: John Pike Handy

MOTHER: Idella "Della" Conner

NAME: Ada Gertrude Handy

BIRTH: 24/7/1908 Wadborough, Pershore, Worcestershire

DEATH: January 1910 Wadborough, Pershore, Worcestershire

FATHER: John Handy

MOTHER: Eliza Price

NAME: Ada Winder Handy

BIRTH: 23 Feb 1838 Cambridge, Dorchester, Maryland, United States

DEATH: 1900 Cambridge, Dorchester, Maryland, United States

FATHER: Thomas Henry Handy

MOTHER: Sally Chaplin Bowdle

NAME: Ada Handy

BIRTH: abt 1888 West Virginia, USA

DEATH: abt 1965

FATHER: George L Handy

MOTHER: Martha Ann Francis Dempsey

NAME: Ada Caroline Handy

BIRTH: abt 1881 Hammersmith, London, England

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Robert Handy

MOTHER: Eliza Fanny Finmore

NAME: Ada Caroline HANDY

BIRTH: 1881 Fulham

DEATH: 5 APR 1936 Fulham

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Ada Handy

BIRTH: Abt 1889 Doddridge, West Virginia, USA

DEATH: 1965 Tuscon, Arizona, United States

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private