Discover your own family history.

So much more than names and dates, your family history is a tale full of characters that unfold over generations. Who were your ancestors? And what were the events that shaped their lives? We have great family history tools to help you find the answers.

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your family history.

Start Exploring
your family history.

What is family history?

Family history is the story of a family stretching back through generations. Through investigation, research, and discovery, family history seekers collect photos, official records, written interviews, family trees, and other documents. And gradually, a story emerges—a story that's ready to be told and retold, generation to generation.

Trusty tools for the family history seeker.

We've collected billions of records, family trees, and photos for you to uncover the richest picture of your family history and grow your family tree. Plus, Ancestry Hints will help guide you on your journey.

It all starts with a name.

Just start your family history search with what you know—your parents, maybe your grandparents—and we can help you take it from there. When you get an Ancestry Hint be sure to spend time with the record and investigate it carefully to suss out any clues that will point to your next step. Soon, you could be going back generations and generations.

You may just be surprised
by what you find.

Discover your own family history, and gain a greater understanding of who and where you came from. And you're more likely to find your family history here because Ancestry makes it possible to discover the rich, personal stories of the people and places that led to you.

Everyone has a story. Every family has a history.
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