Over 25 million English and French records

Taken from the work of Joseph Drouin, founder of the Drouin Genealogical Institute, this collection captures over 25 million French-Canadian and English historical records from 1621-1967.

The collection includes baptism, marriage and burial records and also a compilation of church records from Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and various New England states. Find records from multiple religious denominations and cultural backgrounds, including British, Irish, Italian and Polish descent.

Search by name, province, parish and time period and uncover more of your family’s story today.


French Records Ahead

A majority of the Drouin collection is in the French language. For best results, try searching using both French and English words and location spellings.


Rebecca Cardinal's
Christmas Gift

Rebecca Cardinal started with a name. Using the Drouin Collection, she was able to trace her family's history back 350 years and create a very special gift for her family. more...

Lori English's
Settler Grandparents

Lori English had no idea she descended from one of Quebec's original settlers. Thanks to the Drouin Collection she's found likenesses of her ancestors on statues and postage stamps. more...

The End of a Dead End
for Frances LaChance

Frances LaChance found a record of a suit filed by the wife of her great-great-grandfather. Unbeknownst to Frances, this was her ancestor's third wife and the cause of a dead end for years. more...

Kimberly Rose makes
"Amazing" Discoveries

Kimberly Rose not only found records about her ancestors, but records created by one of them. Kimberly is glad to have searched the Drouin Collection for records she describes as "amazing." more...

Did you know?
  • The Drouin Collection contains records from Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec and the U.S.
  • You can find records for ancestors of Irish, English, Scottish and French origin
  • There are records for many different religions in the Drouin Collection
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The Drouin Collection has been indexed with cooperation and support from experts at the University of Montreal.