Great-Great Grandma is
updating her Facebook status.

Ethel Ann Banks

Simply thrilled about the new Ancestry Facebook app, a novel way to grow and share your family tree.

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You keep up with your family history on — and stay in touch with your modern family on Facebook. The new Ancestry Facebook app creates one enhanced family tree that lets you:

  1. Grow your tree and build family connections as you find relatives* on Facebook.

  2. Receive new Hints suggesting people on Facebook who are likely family members — and just click to accept. As relatives join and grow their trees, you’ll get even more Hints.

  1. Share by inviting family members to join, and get them started with their own version of your tree.

  2. Gain photos in your tree that update as family members update their Facebook profile photos.

  3. Simplify sign-in by using your Facebook credentials to log into

See how easy it is to use the Ancestry Facebook app in our short video:

Ready to start linking your family tree to family members on Facebook?