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TOP HITS | 03 04 2014

Take your tree on the move this Easter

Did you know you can make new discoveries everywhere you go using the Ancestry App? Perfect for sharing your tree with family and friends, why not make the most of family time over the Easter holidays to work on your tree together.

The Latest features include a sleek redesign for more intuitive use, the ability to connect to Facebook and your contact list to build your tree faster, and now you can read about the lives of your ancestors through story-like narratives.

Download the free Ancestry app today, available on Android or iOS.

FEATURES | 03 04 2014

Search Sliders

New to our search results pages are sliding controls that allow you to easily broaden or narrow your search results. Simply dragging one or more sliders from left to right will quickly modify your results. With all the sliders to the left, your results are matched at the broadest level, and moving one or more sliders to the right will display more exact matches.

RECORDS | 03 04 2014

Irish Catholic Parish Records 1763–1912

These collections contain registers from a select number of parishes in Ireland. The list of parishes included can be found in the description on each collection page.

RECORDS | 03 04 2014

NSW Convict Register of Pardons, 1788–1870 — UPDATED

Pardons were given to convicts with life sentences and shortened the sentence by granting freedom. Over 21,000 records added.

RECORDS | 03 04 2014

Gloucestershire, England, Wills and Inventories, 1541–1858

This indexed collection contains images of wills and inventories proved in Gloucestershire. Tip: wills were sometimes recorded years after the testator’s death.

RECORDS | 03 04 2014

New Zealand, City & Area Directories, 1866–1954 — UPDATED

Originally released as browse-only, for this update we’ve added an index for 23 of the 60 directories. More than 5 million records have been added.

TOP HITS | 03 04 2014

Searching for other spellings

Our ancestors often used a variety of spellings for their first names and surnames. You can use wildcards with the exact filter selected to find unusual spellings of names. Watch this video over on our US blog to find out more.

03 04 2014

We want your feedback

What do you think of Take 3 minutes to share your review. Click the review now link below to get started.

TOP HITS | 03 04 2014

Researching immigrant ancestors

Check out our video packed with tips on researching your immigrant ancestors — discover when and where they landed.

TOP HITS | 03 04 2014

Using onsite help articles

Have you ever checked out our onsite help section? It is packed with useful articles on everything from changing your account settings to listing adopted children in your family tree.

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New and Updated

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