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Hi Marg,
You do not indicate which years.
Information I have located,

Log of Logs Vol.1., by Ian Nicholson has
ROYAL DANE, migrant ship? London/Gravesend, c. 23/1 – Brisbane, c. 4/5/ 1874
+ Diary by Charles French *Oxley Library Qld, copy, OM 87-29

Log of Logs Vol.2., by Ian Nicholson
ROYAL DANE, f.r. ship 1632t (b. 1854) Voyage UK to Aust. With immigrants
1865 + Surgeon Superintendent’s Report, * QSA, COL/A 70; 65-2115.
1874 same ship, Captain Cooper; voyage, London, 24/1 to Brisbane, 4/5, with 509 pass & migrants, 4 births, 14 deaths en route
+ Diary, 24 Jan – 4 May, by Charles French, passenger with family.
Copies *Qld State Library, M 1697, Vol. 2

Google results
Royal Dane's Career. the Sierra Nevada (to use her original name)
Built at New York, [registered Portsmouth USA] in 1854, proved herself worthy of inclusion among the best of the clippers by her early passages on the Cape Horn route between New York and San Francisco. [The Royal Dane was a big three decked ship of 1616 tons] When acquired by James Baines and Coy. for the Black Ball fleet her name was changed to Royal Dane, as a compliment to the Danish princess, Alexandra, who had married the Prince of Wales, afterwards Edward VII. On her first appearance in Queensland waters she was bound for Keppel Bay, with 540 immigrants, and she dropped anchor in that harbourage on July 25, 1865, after an excellent passage of 93 days. She was then commanded by Captain Lewis Davies, who afterwards brought her out to Moreton Bay in 1867 and 1869, each time with a large number of new settlers. In 1870 Captain Daniel R. Bolt and Mr. George Cater, who had been master and mate respectively in the Young Australia, transferred in like capacities to the Royal Dane. Both were well and favourably known in Queensland over a long course of years. Under Captain Bolt the Royal Dane voyaged to Keppel Bay in 1870 and to Moreton Bay in the following year. It was rather a coincidence that the next commander of the Royal Dane, Captain James Cooper, should also have been master of the Young Australia just before his appointment to the other ship. It was after the wreck of the Young Australia on Moreton Island, an unfortunate happening, for which Captain Cooper was not in any way blamed. Under Captain Cooper, the Royal Dane made two voyages to Moreton Bay - in 1873 and 1874. She was then withdrawn from the Queensland trade; and, with the same commander, made two or three voyages from Mobile, Alabama, to London or Liverpool, with cotton. She ended her career by foundering off the Chilean coast, near San Carlos, on June 15, 1878.[when homeward bound with guano.] Captain Cooper afterwards returned to and settled in Queensland, and was for some years in the service of the Harbours and Rivers Department. Captain Bolt was subsequently appointed by the Queensland Government as inspector of immigrant ships in London. He later went to sea again, and had command of the ship Harbinger, a well known passenger vessel on the London to Melbourne run.

The following is from the excellent Clipper Ship pages of Lars.Bruzelius

Sierra Nevada:
A royal-yard rigged wooden clipper ship built in 1854 by Toby & Littlefield, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Her dimensions were 222'2"x44'4"x19'4" [note that her draft was given as 21 feet in 1874 by the passenger Charles French - D.H.] and tonnage: 1942 tons (old measurements), 1616 tons (British), 1061 under deck tonnage.
1854 May 25 - Launched at the shipyard of Toby & Littlefield, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for Glidden & Williams, Boston. The commander on the first voyage, which was Boston - Callao in 97 days, was Captain Penhallow. [Callao is the port for Lima in Peru. Guano from offshore islands was the return cargo usually. D.H.] [Howe & Matthews have September 29 as launch date]
1855 - Ran foul of the Jane Leach and lost her figurehead. 1855 - Stuck on the dock sill at Wellington Dock, Liverpool, which broke her back. Sold for $ 9000.
1856 - Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 128 days. After that San Francisco - Callao in 53 days and then Callao - Hampton Roads in 69 days. The last voyage for the year was Boston - San Francisco, 140 days.
1858 - Sailed from New York to Melbourne in 105 days under command of Captain Blaney. Melbourne - Hong Kong, 53 days. Anjer - New York, 79 days. Captain James G. Foster, Boston - San Francisco, 97 days. San Francisco - New York, 98 days.
1861 - Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 114 days. San Francisco - New York, 101 days. New York - San Francisco, 105 days, under command of Captain Horton. San Francisco - Callao, 52 days. Callao - London, 80 days.
1862 - April 29 - Missed stays while beating out of the Golden Gates, San Francisco, and went ashore at Fort Point. Repairs at the Mare Island Navy Yard cost $22,000. When ready for sea she dragged her anchors and drifted on to the clipper ship Phantom and caused damages to the rigging of $3000.
1862 - October 12 - December 31 - Sailed from Callao to London in 80 days with a cargo of guano.
1863 March - Sold to Mackay & Baines, London, for £ 10,750 and was renamed Royal Dane.
1866 - August 18 - Sold to J.P. Foulkes, London.
1866-1870 - On charter to the Black Ball Line.
1875 - [?] - Sold to John Harris, London.
1877 -[June 15, 1878? D.H.] Wrecked on the coast of Chile on voyage from Callao to Liverpool with a cargo of guano.

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The Maritime History Virtual Archives | Ships | American clipper ships
Copyright © 1996 Lars Bruzelius.

Log of Logs Vol.1
COMMODORE PERRY, ship, 1964t. Liv.-Melb. + Log, + Herald published aboard
1857 In reply to Commodore Perry Express * LTL, SLT 824 V66 (V.27)
+Commodore Perry Herald,of 2 & 9 Sep.’57 *LTL,MS 9206/71

1860 Liv-Auckland + Notes by Jas Bryce *Auck Inst & Mus Library, MS1272
1861 – 1863, Same, Liv – Melb. (many deserters) + Otago – Bombay collision – Cal - West Indies
+ Official log, 27/8/61-5/4/1863 *NL, MS 2569/5.

From Google

King of Algiers on 1 Nov 1862

ORWELL, E I Co ship. Lon – Madras – Singapore – China, and return to England
1836-37 + Log by Henry Aikman * Scottish Record Office Edinburgh.
1841, ship/ bark, 305t, Jm HEW(E)S; Syd, 6/8 – Isle of Pines, for sandalwood.
1858 – 1859 ship, 1229t W. E. MAURICE, out / A. WEYNTON, home; London – Plymouth, May – Melbourne, 16/11, with immigrants; & back to Lon.
1860 ditto, A. WEYNTON; Plymouth, 13/2 Melb, 2/5 to 11/7 – London, 14/10.
+ Captain WEYNTON’s decorated abstract Logs, 1859-60 *NL. MS 7130 + other logs.
+ Log, May – Nov. 1858 *NL, MS2513.
+ Account by Mademoiselle Lautour *LTL, copy, MS 9985

c. 1864 F Bushby ref may inc Orwell voayage?

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