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Sampson Trammell... Burke, James and more..

Sampson Trammell... Burke, James and more..

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Surnames: Trammell, Pryor, Barton, Hensley, Whittington
I am digging once more, trying to find any mention of this Trammell family. My goal is to hopefully prove who was parents of the Betsy Trammell that married William Pryor. What was her kinship to Sampson of Stewart Co, TN and to Burke who died in the Alamo?

Does anyone have any of these documents and can share with me?

Files from Stewart Co, TN dealing with death of Sampson and his estate left to his children.. The guardianship bond by William Pryor, James Pryor and Jesse Denson.

I am looking for marriage of William Pryor and Betsy Trammell.

In Texas I have copeies of Austin's Register of for Burk & James Trammell. Also, listing of William & Betsy Trammell Pryor's daughters and husbands.. William Barton with wife Stacy Pryor, John M Hensley and wife Mary Pryor, and Thomas M Whittington and wife Rosa. All these 3 daughters and husbands are all mentioned in William Pryors will.

I have a few documents giving James Trammell as heir to Burke Trammell from Texas Archives.

Found record of James Trammell living with Wayne Barton, son of Willim Barton.

any help would be appreciated.


Re: Sampson Trammell... Burke, James and more..

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Trammell Tramel Pryor Barton Whittington Hensley Roberts Harry
Betsey Green Trammell b. 12-11-1792 Hancock Co. GA – d. aft 10-27-1821
m. William Pryor b. Botetourt Co. VA – d. 9-9-1833 San Felipe de, Austin, TX – son of Joseph Prior and Mary Flemming

What little we know of William Pryor, is contained in his Will and the probate of his estate. He made his Will on 19th day of January 1832 at his farm house in Austin's Colony in the presence of Oliver Jones, Doct. James B Miller, William H Jack, William Roberts and Thomas Jefferson Chambers, under authority of Horatio Chrisman, first alcalde of the jurisdiction.

William Barrett Travis wrote in his diary that he sat with "Old Pryor" on the 9th of September and attended his funeral in San Felipe de Austin on the 10th of September 1833.

Pryor's Will states that he was born in Botetourt Co. VA and was now a colonist in Austin's Colony. He declared that he was married to Besty Trammell and they had 11 children, five who died unmarried and six living; Stacey, wife of William Barton, Trammell, who he believes to be in the United States of the North, Polly wife of John Hensley, Harriett contracted in marriage to Noel F Roberts, Rosy believed to be in the United States of the North, and Besty youngest and only maiden daughter. He appoints William Barton as curator and states that his wife is dead.

He then disowned his son, stating that his son obeyed neither the laws of God or man, that he had wounded his feelings, stained his honor and took his property. He left Betsy, Polly and Rosy (if she returns from the United States) each a labor of land. He left 2 labors to Harriet and her children, directing that Harriet was to have complete control and authority of her inheritance. Her husband, Noel F Roberts was forbidden to inherit, possess or enjoy her share of the estate.

This will was "mislaid" until 1850 when Z Hunt applied to the courts for administrator of the estate and authority to settle it after the death of Thomas Whittington.

In October 1833, one month after the death of William Pryor, William Barton was appointed curator. It seems that very little was done to settle the estate at that time. On 7 July 1834, Besty age 12 years and 9 months, was married William Roberts, son of Noel F. Roberts from his first marriage. By 1835, Thomas Whittington applied for and received administration of the estate. In February of 1835, Whittington ask the courts for permission to sell three quarters of the league to settle debts owed by the estate. A notice was placed on the courthouse door in San Felipe de Austin advertising the sale and requesting bids. The winning bidder was William Barrett Travis at 23-1/2 cents per acre for 3110 acres, a total of $731.05. In August of 1839, Elizabeth and Rosanna sold to John York two labors of land on the Brazos for $2000.

In 1838, Thomas Whittington explained to the courts that the settlement of the estate was delayed because of the Revolution and that he had filed a suit in Harrisburg County relating to the estate. He prayed for a continuance and got it. The estate was not settled until late 1850.


Mary “Polly" Pryor
m. John M. Hensley b. abt. 1806 - d. aft. 1887 Hamilton Co. TX in Austin's Colony

Rosanna Pryor
m. Thomas M. Whittington

Stacey Pryor
m. William Barton

Harriett Pryor b. abt. 1809, TN
m. Noel F. Roberts d. 1843 Fort Bend Co. TX – on 6-20-1826 Dept of Bexar, Austin TX
m. E. H. Kemp b. 1808 MD – on 6-10-1845 Austin Co. TX

Trammell J. Pryor b. bef. 1810.
Elizabeth b. 10-27-1821 AL - d. 4-5-1865 Wallis, Austin Co. TX
m. William Roberts b. abt. 1814 SC – d. bef. 1848 Fort Bend Co. TX on 7-7-1834 Dept of Bexar, Jurisd of Austin – son of Noal Roberts and Highley Carter
m. Marcus Lafayette Hope Harry b. 1-5-1830 Linconton, Lincoln Co. NC – d. 2-14-1895 Wallis, Austin Co. TX – on abt. 1851 TX – son of John Harry and Sophia Tucker

Betsy Green Trammell was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Trammell of VA. She had an uncle, Sampson (b. 10-22-1750, Fairfax County, VA - d. 3-28-1838, Hendricks County, IN m. Susan Sanders b. 1760 Fairfax Co. VA on 3-18-1798 in Spartanburg SC) that may be the one in Tennessee.

I am trying to track down info on Sampson as I believe he may have been my ancestor's brother as well. William Baton Tramel in Smith (DeKalb) Co. TN.

Re: Sampson Trammell... Burke, James and more..

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I also have a Sampson (b. aft. 1753; d. 1784 - m. ?) listed as the son of Phillip Trammel of Fairfax, VA.

My info says that after his death his sons, James and Burke (d. March 6, 1836), were raised by his brother David.

This would have been Betsey Green Trammell's 2nd cousin. Phillip was the son of Gerrard, who is the brother of Daniel, whose son is Thomas, father of Betsey. Confused yet? :)

Any information you can share with me on this part of the family would be appreciated. As I said before I beleive there is a connecton to Sampson and my family. Which one is hard to figure out.

Chris Tramel

Re: Sampson Trammell... Burke, James and more..

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Trammell, Trammel, Tramel, Cloud, Pryor, Grymes, Burke, Farr, Scott, Hllingsworth, Sanders, Javan
After looking at this closer I believe that I, and most everybody else have their Sampsons mixed up. I now beleive your Sampson is the son of Daniel and the Sampson that died in Indiana is the son of Gerrard.

Most people have it listed like this:


Garrard - b. 1702 in Truco Parish, Fairfax Co, VA – d. 1786 ABT 1786 in Falls Church, Fairfax County, VA
m. Mary Javan b. 1710 Fairfax, VA in 1731


Ann b. Abt. 1734 VA - d. Aft. 1748
m. Jeremiah Thrift aft. 1747.

Rebecca b. Abt. 1736 VA - d. Aft. 1736

Mary b. 1735 Bladensburg, Prince Georges Co., Maryland
m. Hugh Conn b. 12-1-1757 Bladensburg, Prince Georges Co., Maryland in 1757 Fairfax, VA

Rebecca b. 1736 Fairfax Co., VA

Priscilla b. 1740 –
m. William Dyal

Margaret b. 1742
m. Samuel Jenkins d. 1790 Fairfax Co. VA

Thomas b. 1744 VA

Gerrard b. 1747 Fairfax Co., VA - d. 1785
m. Mary ?

Phillip b. 1733 Fairfax Co., VA - d. Abt. 1819 Shawneetown, Gallatin Co. IL
m. Jemima Grymes b. 1736 VA – d. 2-1826 Hamilton Co. IL – daughter of Nicolas Grimes and Sarah Donaldson

1808: Sons David, Philip, and Garrot (sic) petition Congress for Indian Territory. The area later became part of Randolph County, Illinois He was part of the U.S. Troop of the Great Territory of " Northwest of the Ohio."

1775: Began military service, Major, US Troop of the Great Territory of "Northwest of the Ohio." After the Revolutionary War, he led the Trammells and allied families into the newly established territories, ending in Illinois. By 1810, six Trammell families were enumerated in the Illinois Territory.


James d. Aft. 1754.

John d. Aft. 1754;
m. // Dickinson

Thomas b. Aft. 1753; d. Aft. 1754.

Phillip b. 1756 VA – d. IL
m. Elizabeth ? b. 1760 VA or MD

Nicolas b. 1758 VA – d. 1784 Sumner Co. TN
m. Frances Maulden b. 1759 VA – in 1777 daughter of James Maulding and Cathy Tyler

David b. 1760 VA – d. 1835 Crawford, AR
m. Elizabeth Davis b. 1775 – d. 1835 Crawford, AR – in 1790

Gerrard b. 1777 Washington Co., MD – d. 1850 Hamilton Co. IL
m. Hannah Carr
m. ? Casey b. 1785 SC in Logan Co. KY
m. Barsheba Young b. 1785 SC – d. 3-13-1870 McLeansboro, Hamilton Co. IL on 5-9-1800 in Russellville, Logan Co. KY

****Sampson **** b. aft. 1753; d. 1784 TN?
m. ?

After his death, his sons were raised by his brother David.

Burke d. March 06, 1836


Daniel - b. 1707 – d. 9-10-1777 Union District, South Carolina
m. Eleanor Burk – daughter of John Burke
m. 2nd wife – Elizabeth Farr Scott b. Antrim, Ireland– around 1743 in Fairfax Co. VA – daughter of William Scott and Martha ?

Children Daniel Trammell and Eleanor Burke

John b. 1743 - d. Abbeville, SC
m. ?

Daniel b. 1745 Fairfax County, VA - d. 11-14-1814, Clarke County, GA
m. ? Moore
m. Sarah Brownfield d. 6-6-1808 Warrior, Jefferson Co. AL - in 1790 GA – daughter of John Brownfield
m. Fanny Boyd b. 1-28-1787 – on 11-24-1808 Clarke Co. GA – daughter of Richard Boyd and Fanny Walden.

Thomas b. 1747 Fairfax County, VA - d. 9-22-1823, Abbeville, SC
m. Mary Turner b. 1757/1759 VA – d. 8-28-1851 Chambers Co. AL -daughter of James Turner on 21 DEC 1775 in Union District, South - Children Leah, John, Eleanor Burke, Thomas, Farr Harris, and Betsey Green Trammell.

Betty b. 1748
m. Jacob Hollingsworth b. 1777 – d. 1816 Union Co. SC

Gerrard b. 1749

Phillip b. 1749 - d. Abt. 1806, Union County, SC

Isaac b. 1754.

William T. b. 1754, Fairfax County, VA - d. 12-17-1843, Macon County, NC
m. Mary Zilphia Lynch b. 1756 Greenville, SC – d. 1836 Macon Co. NC - in 1781 Jonesboro Co. NC
m. Sara Reynolds b. 1800 on 12- 26-1836 in Greenville Co. SC

Benjamin b. South Carolina.
m. Nancy ?

Jesse b. 1763; d. January 10, 1867, Greenville District SC
m. Sarah Forrester b. NC – d. Greeneville District, SC




Sampson b. 10-22-1750, Fairfax County, VA - d. 3-28-1838, Hendricks County, IN
m. Susan Sanders b. 1760 Fairfax Co. VA on 3-18-1798 in Spartanburg SC

Children of Sampson and Susan Sanders:

Daniel b. 1799, Spartanburg County, SC - d. abt. 1806, Spartanburg Co. SC

William b. 1802, Spartanburg County, SC


“Doc” ?


I now believe the Sampsons should be reversed. Case in point is the name Burke. The Sampson from Daniel had a mother Eleanor Burke, with Daniels 2nd wife being from Ireland.

The Sampson from Gerrard had brothers that settled in IN.

I have also found a Sampson line in Tennessee that may be the Sampson (Daniel)


Sampson Trammell
m. Director Smallwood b. 1752 VA – d. 1813

Children of Sampson and Director Trammell
Susannah Pimmet Trammell
m. Abner Cloud b. abt 1772 - d. 1812 – on 2-9-1799

It would be easy to get the two mixed up as they were both born 1750-1753, and I believe the IN Sampson lived in KY for a time, not far from Stewart Co. TN.


Re: Sampson Trammell... Burke, James and more..

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Although the research of another descendant of Elizabeth Pryor Roberts Harry, was accepted for many years that the Betsy Trammell that married William Pryor, was Betsy Green Trammell. I am proving that is FALSE.. Betsy Green Trammel was not old enough to be the wife of William Pryor and mother of Stacy Pryor Barton who was born 1797 unless she gave birth at age 5.

I do believe kinship to Burke and James, son's of Sampson of Stewart Co, TN. Just trying to put together the documents to prove it.

Betty.. aka

Re: Sampson Trammell... Burke, James and more..

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Is your Trammel connected to mine - which is my great, great grandmother Delphia Trammel, b. GA 1810, her father was David Trammel b GA, 1777, I believe.....from there - we have several versions of the ancestors - is there one good place to check out the Trammel lines???? I know my David was in Illinois for awhile, maybe even Missouri - - believe he was a trapper - - HELP
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