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batten family

batten family

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hi everyone, was looking for any info on a John Henry Batten, wilmington NC. I'm the late john henry's son johnny wayne Batten, i was raised in a foster home away from my real father and mother. I do remember my grandfathers house in Wilmington back when i was very small, but don't remember his name, i know he lived somewhere around Dock street, wilmington NC area, and i believe my father was born in tabor city, but not sure, any info appreciated...ty

Re: batten family

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Can you supply some dates to go with these? Batten was not an extremely common name, with there being only 3,063 indexed for the 1930 census (clearly there could be errors, but that still isn't a lot for an entire country). I have some Battens who went into Michigan from Canada in the 1860's, and I know they spread out. There were a few boys, so they could have you somewhere down the line.

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First Thanks very much for your reply, as stated i was raised in a foster home not with my real parents so don't have much to go on. My father: John Henry Batten was born Sept.25, 1937, died: jan.14, 2003. My mother born: june 29, 1930, died: jan. 4, 2010. I know my father had two sisters that i know of: Frances Alean Batten Robbins, and Alice Faye Batten Williams. I don't have alot of info on my grand parents on either side, i know my grandmothers first name was Nancy, don't know my grandfathers names, i do know they stayed in wilmington NC on Dock street at one time, i remember living with them when i was about 4-5-6 yrs old. I do know my mother was a Reynolds before she became a Batten, i have a half brother Clyde Wayne Reynolds(deceased), I've never been able to find any info on my mother at all other than i think she was a Norris(maiden) i think, Idella Norris Batten. My mother spent most(time that i remember)in care homes, never was able to get much info from her, my father he remarried, had a whole nother family, which doesn't associate with me or my side of the family, so no info there either, anyway, thanks for your time, and i'll post anymore info i can find...J.W.Batten

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Have you tried to order your father's social security information (I know it sounds wacky, it's possible there is some info no one knew).
Are you able to contact the family of his two sisters? Are/were they older or younger than he was?

On 16 August 1946 an Alice Faye BATTEN is listed as being born to a Charles Edward in Thomasville, Davidson County.

There is also one listed as born 1946 (no specific date) to a Thurman Odell Batten, Wayne, Davidson County.

A man I believe to be that same Charles E also had a daughter, Patricia Ann 12 Jun 1944 Thomasville, Davidson County.

I don't see anyone jumping out as your dad or Frances.

Was Clyde Wayne born 1955ish? Was he the only child?

Are you able to get marriage records for Frances and Alice?

Have you requested your birth certificate?

Both of your parents have Social Security listings, and there may be a large amount of information on them. You might want to try there. If you can find your own birth record, it should give the names of your parents. Not only that, it will prove your parentage to request death information and SS paperwork. Death records may give the names of parents of both people. This will help with your mother if you don't know who reported her death (aside from a Dr). The marriage record for your parents (if they were married) should give Idella's maiden name and her parent's names.
Did Idella leave any paperwork behind? Her name may have been spelled differently - Adella/Adele/Idele/Idell etc.

Woah, I think I just found your mother's birth record!

Idell NORRIS d/o Vance born 30 June 1930 book 16 page 861 in Williams Township, Columbus County, North Carolina.

In 1930 Vance was married to Jane (indexed "Jone") in Williams Twp. It looks like Jane was married previously, as there is a 10 year old child there and they had only been married 6 years. Jane is 26 and Vance is 24. They have two children together at this point - Carson and Gladys. There is another Norris a family up, who may be Vance's brother - a "Varley" age 28. In 1920 Vance has a brother named "Elmo" who is 23.

This may be him in the SSDI
Vance Norris; SSN: 250-20-5969; Last Residence:29169 West Columbia, Lexington, South Carolina, United States of America; Born: 2 Nov 1902; Died:30 Jul 1988; issued:South Carolina (1952).

In 1920 Vance appears to be the son of William and Lucy, he is "17" and lives in Williams, Columbus Cty. There are other NORRIS families around them who are very likely closely related. Vance appears to have a brother with the unfortunate name of "Pink" - Pinkerton, maybe? Ah, no, it's Pinkney - Carson Pinkney. There are quite a few children listed who could be the children of your Vance.

I'm not so cure our BATTEN families line up, but I'd need to go forward several generations to find out for sure.


PS, you can also message me at genesaplenty at gmail dot com (only put together properly - this is my bot stopper).

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Good morning!
I am also tracking Batten information, but from what you have indicated, I don't see a connection. My father was James Robert Batten (born in Johnston Co. NC, and grew up in Wilson Co.) He had 3 brothers and 3 sisters, and spent most of his adult life in Rocky Mount, NC. His father was Walter Greene Batten (1876-1940). Walter Greene Batten had six siblings: Amos Batten; Charlie Batten; Stephen Batten; Joseph Batten; Willie Ann Batten; Molly Batten Cockrell; Winnie Batten Edwards. The father of Walter Greene Batten (and his 7 siblings) was Harrison Batten (married to Margaret Hatcher). They are MY great-grandparents. Harrison's father was Robert Batten (4 children: Harrison (my great grand father); John Bunyan Batten; Della Batten Creech; Stella Batten Whitley) The earliest Batten name that I am connected with is Benjamin Batten who came from England to Mass. in the 1600's.

Not sure that any of this will connect for you...but I am guessing that you may be a cousin from one of the lines above my father's immediate family.

Good luck with your search! While learning family history is interesting...What you are and do today is all that you can control! Best wishes for making good choices for that.

Kathryn Batten Burnes - Richmond, VA

Re: batten family

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Surnames: Batten
hi, in searching my lines from what i can tell both our lines come from John Batten and Martha Harris(1736) they had 6 kids, your line comes from John jr. b.1746, and my line from Nathan b.1737, they had 4 other kids, Sarah, Frances, Joshua, and Isom. And Ashwell Batten 1632 seems as far back as i can find with our batten line. In my line, my grandfather was Thurman Odell batten(1915-1969),his dad, my great-grandfather was (Tommie)James Thomas Batten(1883-1946), his dad my gggrandfather was Henry James Batten(1846-??), his dad my ggggrandfather was John Thomas Batten(1821-1862?),then James H.Batten, then John Nathan Batten, then Nathan Batten, then John Batten, i think thats where we both end up, if you found different please let me know...thanks jwbatten

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Kathryn ~ It appears that we might be cousins. My great great grandfather was John Bunyan Batten. His daughter, Minnie Francis Batten, was my great grandmother, and her daughter, Beulah Mavis Corbett, was my paternal grandmother. I'd be interested in sharing some info if you'd like. You can reply here or email me at cookie jar princess at hotmail no spaces. I look forward to hearing from you. ~ Cindy Pierce, Chester, VA

Re: batten family

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Surnames: Batten
Hi, always great to hear from other Batten members here, some great info. In reading your post i'm not sure of the connection, possible maybe, i've not been able to find a "John Bunyan Batten" in my line, maybe a brother or other family member of the ones that i do know. My father was John Henry Batten, grandfather was Thurman Odell Batten, great grandfather was James (Tommie) Thomas Batten, gggrandfather was Henry James Batten, from the few records i have, most grew up around Johnston County NC. There are sons and daughters and brothers and sisters of my grand parents that i haven't been able to trace yet, so there still may be a connection. In this same Thread there was a response from a "GKBARLOW", they mentioned a John Bunyan Batten, check it out and see if theres a connection there, anyway, sorry for the long response, always looking for new info(we all are i guess), if i can be of any help let me know...thanks, J.W.Batten
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