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Mackenzie Ross&Cromarty or Sutherland

Mackenzie Ross&Cromarty or Sutherland

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Surnames: Mackenzie

I am a Mackenzie family researcher, and along with my cousin Maggie Mackenzie-Goodman, we can trace our family back to William Mackenzie 1778 of Cromarty and although I can make some guesses and assumptions about prior generations I have no paper trail earlier than that.

I recently had my brother participate in the Mackenzie DNA project and through that process I found a fellow Mackenzie with an exact 37-marker Y-DNA match. He could trace his family back to Tain which is on the border of Rossshire and Sutherlandshire. We have also connected with other Mackenzie researchers who claim no ties to the main Mackenzie lines and whose research ends about the same era.

I have through the DNA project been working with a researcher who poses an idea that my family may be descended from a Murdo Riach, Riach being an alias used by a number of ancestors in my family. Murdo Riach Mackenzie (aka Rioch or Riabhach, meaning brindled) was said to be a descendant of Kenneth III of Kintail (some say Murdoch IV of Kintail) . This Murdo Riach was thought to have lived in Eddrachillis in Sutherland during the second half of the fourteenth century. In the late 1800s Alexander Mackenzie, author of The History of the Mackenzies, stated that descendants of this Murdo Riach were still in existance and well known in Sutherland as clan Mhuirich, with desendants of the name Mackenzie through many generations including Capt. Bernard Mackenzie, killed at the Battle of Auldearn in 1645 and his descendant, the Rev Bernard Mackenzie , Minister of Cromarty.

Our thought is that those Mackenzie families of the Tain and Black Isle regions who are unable to trace their descendants back further than say 1700 may in fact be descendants of this line.

If you don't mind, that leads me to a few questions regarding your Mackenzie ancestors and your research.

1. What details do you have regarding your most distant Mackenzie male ancestor - both facts and assumptions are valuable, in particular location, dates, occupation, naming patterns of siblings etc are of interest?
2. Have you heard or noted the name Riach, Rioch , Riabhach - or Mhuirich used in regard to your Mackenzie Ancestors?
3. Have any male Mackenzies in your line participated in DNA testing?
4. Are you aware of any link between your Mackenzie ancestors and other Mackenzies of Sutherland /Ross and Cromarty area?

Any information would be most welcome. I would be happy to share what information that I have with interested researchers.

Lisa McMurray (Mackenzie)

Re: Mackenzie Ross&Cromarty or Sutherland

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Classification: Query
Surnames: MacKenzie
It has been a year and I wonder if you have had any responses to your questions.
Do a Google search for The MacKenzies of Achiltibuie

This family line has Murdock as an ancestor.

Re: Mackenzie Ross&Cromarty or Sutherland

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Classification: Query
Just came across your query Lisa.
My husband's family came from the Highlands,my husbands father Donald Ross Mackenzie was born out of wedlock in Dingwall R&C. His mother's name was Mary Mackenzie which as far as we know was known as Johan.
Going back,
Her parents were Donald Mckenzie and Marjory Campbell
Donald was born at Kiltarlity 15 July 1825 and was married to a Margaret Mckenzie no dates.
Donald & Marjory married November 1850 at Kilmorack Inverness-shire & had 4 children
John b about 1852 at Dingwall
Johan b 1 January 1954 Kiltern nr. Evanton R&C
Murdoch (Murdo)b December 1956
Ann b January 1863 both b Fanellan, Kiltarlity,

I don't know what happened to John but I believe Murdo had a business in Inverness.
Ann married John McAskill and lived at Kiltarlity
Johan had Donald Ross Mackenzie b Dingwall 1874, she later married Donald Macbean and they had a seperate family.
Donald Ross was my husband William's father and we had 4 sons. My husband was born at Red Houses Ackergill, Nr.Wick,

Ian our eldest son b 1947 in Inverness had a DNA done 2 or 3 years ago.
I don't know any of the names other than these I have mentioned as I have never researched the Mackenzie's going back further.
Don't know if this will be of any use to you Lisa, but thought I would send it anyway.

best wishes Jill Mackenzie B.C. Canada

Re: Mackenzie Ross&Cromarty or Sutherland

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Have you come across across any Reids married into this MacKenzie family that descend from Bernard Reid the Episcopal minister in Cromarty? Or even a Reid connection further back. Of course you will also want to know if she has any genealogy which proves your Williamsons descend from his sister Jean . I know a guy Williamson who has a garage in Dingwall – any connection? My genealogist says these Black Isle Williamsons are connected to the Urquharts I don’t know if you have heard of that, I’m sure it will be away back in history.

Of course although I am looking for a Reid - Mackenzie Marriage, because you women change your name, when you get married it could be a Reid - Williamson marriage or the other names which married the MacKenzie women & these are Forrester, Bayne, Ross, Baillie ,Smith, White or Davidson. So if you can just ask if they know of a connection with Reids in the families they have been researching.

It would also be interesting to know where Sir Compton MacKenzie comes in to all this!

Hope you can help with this query.


Re: Mackenzie Ross&Cromarty or Sutherland

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Rioch

My dad say's his name is Cathel rioch and was born in 1916, to an also Cathel Rioch from Dingwall, he was married to a Frances Mackay from durness, they moved to melness and had a croft, my dad is now 96 and is known by Charles Munro, but I have always been fascinated with his past, but he doesn't give much away.

The Rioch name is also quite hard to trace..

Re: Mackenzie Ross&Cromarty or Sutherland

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Hi Lisa,
Just curious when you say your William Mackenzie if from Cromarty, do you mean from the town Cromarty or the region of Cromarty? I have relatives from Cromarty (the town) and also Tain. My GGG grand father William MacKenzie was from Tain (not sure if he was born there),he married Isabella Ross and his daughter also Isabella was born in Tain and married William Sutherland who is from the town of Cromarty.
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