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Two Questions: Disputed Dates and Listing a Remarriage

Two Questions: Disputed Dates and Listing a Remarriage

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I have recently taken over updating our family tree, dating back to my great-grandparents.

First question: Family members dispute the date of marriage between a great-aunt and her husband. Their son claims one year, but other family members believe his parents never told him the true year, which was several year later. That would mean that he was alrady born when they married.
I don't really want to get involved in this dispute, but should I correct the date?
I looked @, but can't find marriage records.

Second: Some relatives remarried following the death of their spouse. The person who began the family tree used "Family Tree Maker" which didn't allow her to list multiple spouses, so she used the current spouse. That mean some children's parents weren't listed because mom had remarried.
How will I list/include the first spouse? Is there a correct term for additional spouses besides 2nd husband?


Re: Two Questions: Disputed Dates and Listing a Remarriage

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- sorry for the mis-spellings. It's WAY past my bedtime!

Re: Two Questions: Disputed Dates and Listing a Remarriage

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First question - Don't know. Nothing worse than a family dispute. You might try putting it in the Notes section, but that can still cause some friction if the wrong person sees it.

Second question - I use Family Tree Maker 2006. Don't know about ALL earlier versions, but the ones I'm familiar with easily allowed multiple spouses. Some people of my acquaintance have made a cottage industry of marrying/divorcing/remarrying, so the "multiple spouse" feature comes in handy.

Re: Two Questions: Disputed Dates and Listing a Remarriage

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What version of Family Tree Maker are you using? (Help,About will tell you)

Family Tree Maker ALLOWs for multiple marriages. I should say multiple relationships.

The key to so attach children to the correct parents. The way they are presented in Charts and Reports will be correct.

If you have a Father and Mother, they had a child, the mother dies, the father remarries, and that relationship had a child, you record the information that way.

If, for example, you look at a Family Group Sheet, You would see the Father and 1st wife and child, you would see that the father had a second spouse, but that second child would NOT appear on that Family Group Sheet, based on the relationship.

Going to the father and 2nd wife, you would see that he had married twice, but you would see the 2nd child.

But, going to a Genealogy Report, you would see everyone, with the correct relationships.

Now, if the 2nd wife adopted the 1 child, you can make that connection within Family Tree Maker. You do NOT enter that 2nd child twice, but you attach that 1st child to the second wife.

As to the family dispute.

Suggestion: Record the information that you are given and WHERE you received the information from. Right or Wrong, but record, in your case, BOTH pieces of information.

But, don't stop there. Find the records. isn't the only place to look. State, County, Local records, Church records, Archives, are a few places to look, but find those records. Watch our for Family Bibles.

Record your findings, make a Source-Citation, in Family Tree Maker, for each finding, then Evaluate your findings. Let the records help resolve the dispute.

Hope that helps,


Re: Two Questions: Disputed Dates and Listing a Remarriage

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Concerning your situation where there are two marriages for the same couple, I had a similar situation where two people married, assumed to have divorced and then later remarried. FTM does not readily support such a situation, or as in yours, there are two dates in dispute.

Since you want to post both marriage dates and presumably have them appear in reports, etc (and I had to, as both dates are valid in my case), here is my suggestion:

Create a custom fact, title it "Marriage2" or whatever suits you and make it shared. Since it is an alternate marriage date, you will probably want to have the fact elements to include Date/Place/Description. The description area will allow you to annotate this fact as an alternate marriage date for the couple.

Re: Two Questions: Disputed Dates and Listing a Remarriage

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FTM2010 at least lets you put in two marriages, and two divorces. My grandparents married and divorced twice. All you have to do is just add another Marriage fact for them.

You can do the same for the OP as well, just put in two marriage facts and note where you got them from. I do it all the time with all sorts of facts including birth, death, marriage, burial or whatever else I might find.

Re: Two Questions: Disputed Dates and Listing a Remarriage

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You can indeed add multiple marriages and any other fact as well in pretty much any version of FTM that I've used (since version 4). However, one becomes the preferred fact that is defaulted to when printing reports, etc.

Unless you print ALL alternate facts within your entire tree/selected generations during report printing, etc, a custom fact is the only way to get around that.
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