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Crawford-South Dakota

Crawford-South Dakota

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Surnames: Crawford, Champlin
Looking for info on William Alonzo Crawford Senior married to Sarah Champlin.

He was born in Ontario, Canada in 1844 and died in South Dakota in 1890.
Children: William Alonzo Crawford Jr.

William Alonzo Crawford Jr. Born in Illinois (1872) and died in Anaheim CA (1949). Married Jessie Jane Picton
Children: Arden Y, Robyn W, Lorraine H, Dave Ml Gene P, Bernice

Re: Crawford-South Dakota

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Surnames: Crawford, Crowfoot, Crofut
Do you have any Y-DNA on your Crawford line? I think I am related to some Crawfords that came into the Dakotas from Canada. They were Crawfords from England. Let's chat.

Re: Crawford-South Dakota

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Classification: Query
Surnames: CRAWFORD
Hello David

I don't have the Y-DNA on the Crawford line.

How are you related?

I am trying to trace the history and this is what I have so far:

William A. Crawford, Sr (b. Canada) married Sarah Champlin
--1800 Census says that dad was born in Mass. and mom was born in Penn. Maybe the name is Thomas and Cynthia (???)
--4 children: Mary, William A Jr, Myrtle, and Pearl

William A Crawford Jr married Jessie Picton. They were in IL and then moved to South Dakota.
--6 children: Arden, Robyn, Loren, David, Gene, and Bernice

I can't find any info on why they were in Canada (looks like a brief stay).

My personal email is

Thanks Laura

Re: Crawford-South Dakota

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Classification: Query
I don't think I got notice of your response 5 years ago, and just now stumbled upon it. What is the ancestry of William Alonzo Crawford?

Re: Crawford-South Dakota

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Crawford, Picton, Champlin
Not sure I understand what you are asking

William Crawford Senior is my father's great-grandfather. I think he was born in Canada and maybe Canadian/Scottish. My aunt thinks that he wasn't around but had 2 brothers Clifford and David that were. I actually wondered if he was adopted.
I know he lived in Whiteside, IL with his wife Sarah Champlin. One of their kids were born in Iowa prior to IL. They later moved to South Dakota. He passed away in South Dakota in 1890.

His son is William Crawford Junior was a weed exterminator. He was married prior to being married to Jessie Picton. This is my grandfater's father.

Re: Crawford-South Dakota

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Classification: Query
Surnames: CRAWFORD
Thank you for such a prompt response. Based on your account, I remain unsure of any connection to my CRAWFORD line over the last 200 years. It might help if you have completed any DNA testing. Let us know.

Re: Crawford-South Dakota

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Classification: Query
Sorry not any lineage of yours I do have William Crawford in my lineage but not yours. However I would like I would like to see if there is any connection between your lineage and mine. whenever you have more of your ancestory
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Re: Crawford-South Dakota

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Classification: Query
Surnames: CRAWFORD

Thank you for your response. The CRAWFORD surname is quite widespread, so it is important to know where there is not a connection.

Did you see my tree, *DAVID BENN CRAWFORD, MD? My CRAWFORD line is pretty well developed there, going back from NY, back to colonial CT, thense back to MA, thence on back Tarvin, Cheshire, England. There are other spellings of CRAWFORD. My line developed mostly from the early spelling CROWFOOT, CROFOOT, CROFUT, etc.

Re: Crawford-South Dakota

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Not yet I will take a look. communicate with you later

Re: Crawford-South Dakota

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Surnames: Crawford
Okay. Thanks.
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