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Peacock family

Peacock family

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Surnames: Peacock, Sims, Corbett, Dykes
Can you add to the Peacock family of Jackson Countyshown below?

Descendants of William Peacock
Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM PEACOCK was born Abt. 1642 in England, and died Abt. 1722. He married UNKNOWN ANDREWS Abt. 1664.


i. ABRAHAM PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1665.

ii. WILLIAM PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1666; m. MARY TAYLOR.
2. iii. SAMUEL PEACOCK, SR., b. Abt. 1668, Surry County, Virginia; d. 1740, Northampton County, North Carolina.

Generation No. 2

2. SAMUEL PEACOCK, SR. was born Abt. 1668 in Surry County, Virginia, and died 1740 in Northampton County, North Carolina. He married MARY STRINGFELLOW Abt. 1705 in North Carolina, daughter of JAMES STRINGFELLOW and UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1675.

Samuel's first homestead in North Carolina was on the Maherrin River near the Virginia line.
Tax lists from 1721 show him owning 400 acres of land.
It is not known how he acquired this land since there are no colonial land grants showing any Peacocks before 1730.
On April 17, 1730, Samuel did receive a 320 acre colonial land grant.
On July 10 of the same year, he sold part of the grant, amounting to 150 acres, and in 1736 he deeded 100 acres to his son John.

3. i. SAMUEL PEACOCK, JR., b. Abt. 1705, Johnston County, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1793, Johnston County, North Carolina.

ii. ABRAHAM PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1689.

iii. ANDREW PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1692; m. ANN HUMPHREYS VINES; b. Abt. 1699.

iv. JOHN PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1716, Surry County, Virginia.

Generation No. 3

3. SAMUEL PEACOCK, JR. was born Abt. 1705 in Johnston County, North Carolina, and died Abt. 1793 in Johnston County, North Carolina. He married MATILDA TILSEY. She was born Abt. 1709.

The Peacocks were prominent citizens of early Johnston, Dobbs and Wayne counties in North Carolina. Samuel built a toll bridge across Great Contentnea Creek about 1751; he sold it shortely thereafter, it was still known as Peacock's Bridge for many years and was the site of a Revolutionary war skirmish May 4, 1781.
Samuel owned between 833 and 1300 acres on the south side of Great Contentnea Creek in Edgecome County, North Carolina near the present town on Stantonsburg.
At the time of Samuel's death, he owned eight slaves and around 1200 acres of land.


i. SAMUEL PEACOCK III, b. Abt. 1730, Bertie County, North Carolina.
4. ii. ABRAHAM PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1732, Bertie County, North Carolina; d. 1808, Barnwell County, South Carolina.

iii. ISHAM PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1742, Dobbs County, North Carolina.

iv. JOHN PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1744.

Generation No. 4

4. ABRAHAM PEACOCK was born Abt. 1732 in Bertie County, North Carolina, and died 1808 in Barnwell County, South Carolina. He married MARY UNKNOWN.


i. JOSIAH PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1755.

ii. LEVI PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1757; d. Abt. 1832; m. MARY LEE.
5. iii. SAMUEL PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1760, Duplin County, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1819, Bulloch County, Georgia.

iv. NANCY ANN PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1768; d. Abt. 1830; m. ZADOCK WOOLEY; b. Abt. 1750; d. 1809.

v. SILAS PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1770; d. Abt. 1799.

vi. BRYANT PEACOCK, b. 1779; d. 1858.

vii. JOSEPH PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1780; d. 1835; m. DRUCILLA SHELLY; b. Abt. 1795; d. 1835.

viii. MARTHA MARY PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1785; d. Abt. 1840; m. BENJAMIN GRUBBS.

Generation No. 5

5. SAMUEL PEACOCK was born Abt. 1760 in Duplin County, North Carolina, and died Abt. 1819 in Bulloch County, Georgia. He married ELIZABETH FUTCH Abt. 1788 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina. She was born Abt. 1762 in , South Carolina, and died July 04, 1836 in Georgia.

He is shown as a Loyalist Militiaman in 1780.
Moved to Bullock County, Georgia about 1792

6. i. JOHN PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1793, Bulloch County, Georgia; d. Abt. 1870, Jackson County, Florida.

ii. LYDIA PEACOCK, b. 1797, Bulloch County, Georgia; d. Bet. 1842 - 1849, Lee County, Georgia; m. WILLIAM SULLIVAN, JR., March 23, 1813, Bulloch County, Georgia; b. 1785, Georgia; d. Bet. 1842 - 1849, Florida.

The earliest record found of William (1790-1857) is dated July 1812 where William Sullivant, Sr. and William Sullivant are listed on the Direct Tax Digest of Montgomery County, Georgia as listed in the "Republican and Savannah Evening Ledger" of 14 July and 28 July 1812.
On 23 March 1813 a licence was granted to William Sillavant to be married to Lidda Peacock by Stephen McCoy, C.C.O..
This record is recorded on page 174 in Bullock County, Georgia Marriage Record Book 1A.
As was the case with most of the other marriage licences recorded in this book, there was no return or other indication to show that the marriage took place or the date that it took place.
William and his family could not be clearly identified in the 1820 Census of Georgia.
There are two William Sullivan's listed as Heads of Household in 1820.
One William in Montgomery County is undoubtedly the family of William (c1755-c1840).
The other is a William age 26-45 listed in Emanuel County.
This could be William (1790-1857) although there are no females of Lydia's age listed in this record. Emanuel County was formed out of Montgomery County in 1812 with its border with Montgomery County along Pendelton Creek where the Sullivan families lived.
Thus these families are likely related.
Also William (1790-1857) continues to appear in the records of Montgomery County after 1820 suggesting that he and his family were possibly enumerated with his father in 1820.
A William Sulivan Jr. from Montgomery County won Lot 128-9 in Monroe County, Georgia in the 1821 Land Lottery.
What happened to this land has not been traced to determine if William Jr. ever moved onto it.
By 1830, William Sullivan Jr and Sr are listed as head of family in the Lee County, Georgia Census.
In 1840, William Sullivan, age 50-60, is listed as head of household in Lee County, Georgia.
In 1850, William Sylovint, age 60, born Georgia is listed with the family of his son, Wm. Sylovint age 22 in the Irwin Co. Georgia Census
Prior to residing in Irwin County in 1850, William likely lived in Florida.
This is borne out by the following notes taken by Judge Guy McClain of Lafayette County, Florida on 10 Jan 1953.
"I visited John Sullivan, aged and blind at Alton, Fla.
He said his father was John Sullivan and his grandfather William Sullivan.
They came from southern part of Georgia and drove a herd of cattle first to Payne's Prairie south of Gainesville, lost most of the cattle.
Stayed there about 2 years.
They then came to Lafayette Co., then Madison or Jefferson County about 1847 and settled on place now owned by Harry Putnal..."
This is further supported by the marriage record of William Manning Sullivan (1828-1883) to Rebecca Shiver in Alachua County, Florida in 1847 and the fact that William Sullivan (1790-1850) is found living with his sons, William Manning Sullivan family in 1850 in Irwin County, Georgia.
An extraction of the Albany Patriot Newspaper of 19 November 1857 contained the following legal notice:
"William Sullivan makes application to this court for letters of guardianship on the person and property of Solomon, Clemont T. and Elminia Sullivan, minors of William Sullivan, deceased."
This is the last public record of William (1790-1857) found.
It is thus assumed that William died about 1857 in Worth County, Georgia. " [Evans, Tad, Albany, Georgia, Newspaper Clippings, Vol. II 1853-1860 ]

iii. WILLIAM PEACOCK, b. 1795, Hancock County, Georgia; d. 1857, Calhoun County, Florida; m. (1) MARTHA PATTERSON, November 17, 1814, Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia; b. 1790, Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia; d. Bet. 1840 - 1850, Calhoun County, Florida; m. (2) ELIZABETH SMITH TRAYLOR, Abt. 1853; b. 1810; d. 1895.

Burial: 1857

iv. TIMOTHY PEACOCK, b. August 15, 1806, Washington County, Georgia; d. 1865, Jackson County, Florida; m. NANCY BRITT, Abt. 1832, Jackson County, Florida; b. 1808; d. May 1896, Houston County, Alabama.

v. SARAH PEACOCK, b. January 20, 1804, Bulloch County, Georgia; d. January 11, 1879, Cork, Hillsborough County, Florida; m. RYAN FRIER, October 19, 1819, Bulloch County, Georgia; b. February 02, 1800, Bulloch County, Georgia; d. January 26, 1879, Cork, Hillsborough County, Florida.

Generation No. 6

6. JOHN PEACOCK was born Abt. 1793 in Bulloch County, Georgia, and died Abt. 1870 in Jackson County, Florida. He married (1) DRUCILLA SULLIVANT November 10, 1813 in Bulloch County, Georgia. She was born 1795 in Bulloch County, Georgia, and died in Jackson County, Florida. He married (2) MARY EMANUEL January 05, 1862 in Jackson County, Florida.

1850 Jackson County, Florida Census:

John Peacock 58 Georgia
Lucilly 46 Geortgia
Patsey 9 Georgia
Sarah 14 Georgia

7. i. ABRAHAM PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1814, Georgia; d. August 24, 1864, Richmond, Virginia.

ii. ELIZABETH PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1819, Alabama; d. December 17, 1860, Alliance, Jackson Copunty, Florida; m. WILLIAM DANIEL DAVID HOWARD; b. 1820, Georgia; d. April 01, 1860, Alliance, Jackson County, Florida.

Burial: December 18, 1860, Mt. Olive Cemetery, Calhoun County, Florida

Burial: April 02, 1860, Mt. Olive Cemetery, Calhoun County, Florida

iii. SARAH PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1836, Georgia; m. JORDAN C. WILLIFORD, Abt. 1853.

iv. PATSEY PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1841, Georgia; d. 1860.

Generation No. 7

7. ABRAHAM PEACOCK was born Abt. 1814 in Georgia, and died August 24, 1864 in Richmond, Virginia. He married (1) MARTHA MITCHELL Bef. 1838. She was born May 02, 1815 in Georgia, and died May 15, 1860 in Jackson County, Florida. He married (2) SARAH JANE MCCLELLAN Aft. 1860. She was born 1822.

Abraham Peacock is in Lee County, Georgia prior to 1840 and is in the Jackson County , Florida Census in 1850 and 1860.
In May of 1862 Abraham joined Company E, 6th Florida Infantry and in February 1863 is in Company G of the 11th Florida Infrantry.
He died at Richmond Hospital, 24 August, 1864

1850 Jackson County Florida Census:
Abraham Peacock 36 Georgia
Martha 34 Georgia
Civility 13 Georgia
Mitchell 10 Georgia
John 8 Georgia
Beshgaba 5 Georgia
Druecilla 3 Georgia

1860 Jackson County Florida Census:
Abraham Peacock 44 Georgia
Martha 43 Georgia
Basheby 14 Georgia
Drucilla 12 Georgia
Elizabeth 10 Florida
James 7 Florida
Martha 5 Florida
NANCY 2 Florida

Martha is buried in Waikeen Cemetery, aka Sullivan Cemetery, north of Sink Creek, Jackson County, Florida


i. CIVILITY PEACOCK, b. February 16, 1838; d. December 18, 1902; m. (1) WALKER BENTOZA; m. (2) MANNING A. WEBB, June 12, 1855, Jackson County, Florida.

Burial in Waikeen Cemetery, aka Sullivan Cemetery, north of Sink Creek, Jackson County, Florida

1860 Census - Jackson County, Florida
Manning A. Webb 26 M Farmer Georgia
Civility 23 F Georgia
John T. 2 M Florida

ii. GEORGE MITCHELL PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1840; d. 1863.

Killed in Civil War

iii. JOHN PEACOCK, b. March 15, 1841; m. MARY EMANUEL, January 05, 1862, Jackson County, Florida.

iv. BERSHEBA PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1846; m. JONATHAN FOLSOM, March 21, 1876, Jackson County, Florida.

v. DRUCILLA PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1848; m. GILBERRY SCOTT, January 17, 1867, Jackson County, Florida.

vi. ELIZABETH PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1849; d. 1948; m. ALFRED CALHOUN HERRING, December 24, 1865, Jackson County, Florida; d. January 1917.

Burial in Waikeen Cemetery, aka Sullivan Cemetery, north of Sink Creek, Jackson County, Florida. His wife Elizabeth is buried beside him in an unmarked grave.

8. vii. JAMES PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1853; d. Abt. 1879.

viii. MARTHA PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1855.

ix. NANCY PEACOCK, b. Abt. 1858; m. MCGILBERRY SCOTT, December 14, 1879, Jackson County, Florida.

x. LYDIA8 PEACOCK, b. June 1861; d. Bet. 1900 - 1909.

Generation No. 8

8. JAMES PEACOCK was born Abt. 1853, and died Abt. 1879. He married SUSAN ELLEN Corbett January 28, 1876 in Jackson County, Florida. She was born Abt. 1862 in Jackson County, Florida, and died 1936. She was the daughter of Charles Sims and Rebecca unknown.

Said to have been killed in a storm ca 1879

Burial: Gallilee Cemetery, Levy County, Florida
See Sims Family File for Parents

Children of JAMES PEACOCK and SUSAN SIMS are:
9. i. JAMES MITCHELL PEACOCK, b. December 26, 1876, Jackson County, Florida; d. November 11, 1918, Otter Creek, Levy County, Florida.
10. ii. WALTER HEZIKIAH PEACOCK, b. 1879, Jackson County, Florida; d. 1918, Levy County, Florida.

Generation No. 9

9. JAMES MITCHELL PEACOCK was born December 26, 1876 in Jackson County, Florida, and died November 11, 1918 in Otter Creek, Levy County, Florida. He married LULA MARY CREECH July 20, 1895 in Levy County, Florida. She was born April 03, 1880 in Levy County, Florida, and died March 22, 1963 in Levy County, Florida.

ames Mitchell Peacock was born in Jackson County, Florida, 26 December, 1876, one of two sons born to James Peacock and his wife Susan Ellen Corbett

HIs mother left Jackson County and is in the 1880 census of Levy County married to 64 year old Joseph Phelps. Why, when, and with who did his mother leave Jackosn County with the two small children is not known. It is said that her husband was killed in a storm, but no evidence of this exists.

When those who were in Europe during WW I, returned, the flu epidemic that killed hundreds of thousands in Europe was brought to America, resulting in the loss of many thousands here.

When James was informed that his brother Walter had the flu, he was told to stay away, but did not, and within a two week period, James and Walter were dead as a result of the deadly Flu.

Buried at Galliee Cemetery, Levy County

See Creech Family File for parents

Children of JAMES PEACOCK and LULA CREECH are:

i ROSSIE L. PEACOCK, b. May 05, 1896, Levy County, Florida; d. May 01, 1973, Levy County, Florida. She married CARLISLE "CARL" HUDSON. He was born September 20, 1882 in Chiefland, Levy County, Florida, and died March 20, 1954 in Levy County, Florida.

ii. JAMES HEZEKIAH PEACOCK, b. August 30, 1897, Levy County, Florida; d. November 22, 1959.

iii. BENJAMIN F. PEACOCK, b. November 01, 1910.

iv. SUSAN AGNES PEACOCK, b. March 09, 1913; m. JAMES CREWS.

v.VERNIE PEARL PEACOCK, b. December 14, 1915, Levy County, Florida; d. May 24, 1989, Chiefland Cemetery. She married (1) CECIL LUTHER BEAUCHAMP. He was born December 19, 1911, and died April 10, 1965. She married (2) unknown DORTCH.

vi. GLADYS RUTH PEACOCK, b. April 16, 1917, Levy County, Florida; d. February 14, 1995, Levy County, Florida. She married JASON HUDSON September 29, 1935 in Trenton, Gilcrest County, Florida. He was born January 12, 1911, and died January 0 03,1999.

vii. LINA ELLEN PEACOCK, b. June 24, 1900, Otter Creek, Levy County, Florida; d. June 27, 1970, Dade County, Florida. She married JOHN ALEXANDER BYRD, SR. March 29, 1924 in Otter Creek, Levy County, Florida, son of ALEXANDER BYRD and NANCY REDD. He was born June 08, 1886 in Madison County, Florida, and died April 30, 1952 in Jefferson County, Florida.


Buried White Church, Woodville, Leon Country, Florida

See Byrd Family File For children of this marriage

10. WALTER HEZIKIAH PEACOCK was born 1879 in Jackson County, Florida, and died 1918 in Levy County, Florida. He married ELIZABETH A. ALLEN December 06, 1900. She was born 1884, and died 1928.

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Surnames: Byrd, Peacock
Who are you descended from in the Byrd family? Is there any connection to John William Byrd,b.December 22, 1864,son of John Andrew Byrd,Jr.,b.1822,d.1865 and Laura Lavinia Martin,b.1830,d.1910.John William Byrd,married Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Fulgham. They had four sons,Albert W.,Martin P.,Rufus and William Henry Byrd. I have pictures of John A. Byrd,John William and Lizzie,and John and Lizzie's children. Also am descended from the Peaococks you listed,and have some pictures and other information on them. I am descended from John Justice Peacock and Matild Caroline(Tildy) Stephens. Their son,Jefferson D. Peacock and Jeff's wife Sarah Jane Fulgham,Jeff and Sarah's daughter Lola Ethel Peacock married Owen Lambert Pippen,they were my great-grandparents. Lizzie Fulgham who married John William Byrd was the sister to Sarah Jane Fulgham. Jeff Peacock's brother Jacob,married Sarah and Lizzie's sister,Catherine Dean(Katie)Peacock. Look forward to hearing from you.


Jack Butler (View posts)
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Surnames: Butler, Porter, Mayo, Padgett, Pippen, Worthington, Witherington
We share some common ancestors. I descend from Samuel Peacock 1, 2 and 3 - you branch at number three with Samuel III's brother, Abraham Peacock.

I did not have anybody earlier than Samuel Sr, and I did not have Samuel #2's wife. Do you mind me asking where you found the info on Matilda Tilsey - and on the early generations?

Any help is appreciated.

Matilda Tilsey

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Surnames: Tilsey
Jack, I have typed the name Matilda Tilsey into several genealogy web sites and foubd her as being the wife of Samuel.Jr.
Three of the volumes of Family Tree Maker also have her as his wife.

Re: Peacock family

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Williams wife was named Catherine Andrews,,
I am a descendant by way of
Samuel Peacock the 3rd
John Peacock
Washington Hamilton peacock
Richmond Peacock
John Richmond Peacock
Henry Grady Peacock,my grandfather
John Ellis(Bud)Peacock

Richmond lived in Malvern,Alabama (Geneva County )
as did his son, and my grandfather Henry and my father was born there, I have more info, dates. spouses,etc. if you would like to email me.
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