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Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Posted: 1247441170000
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Been using FTM for years and now I've got a problem. I do have an older backup that has hundreds of folks not in my most current database. Like a fool, I depended on FTM backup utility to take care of my backups. Now, backups as well as master gives message that file is corrupt, revert to backup. I have run the included utility program to fix corrupted files without any luck. I've tried splitting my tree up into four parts (four earliest known siblings) and each and every one of them gives me the same message. Gedcom? Tried it. Can't export due to corrupt files. I've emailed two different online services that claim that they can fix this problem. I have yet to hear from either of them despite multiple emails. I know it's not going to be free but I am running out of options.

Re: Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Posted: 1247442511000
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What version of Family Tree Maker are you using?

Are the "Back Up's" that you have, from the File, Back Up command or are you talking about the Automatic Back Up?


Re: Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Posted: 1247449342000
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FTM 16. Unfortunately, it's the automatic backup.

Re: Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Posted: 1247450855000
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As I am reading this bvarneyrn has not got any backups outside the so called "automatic back" up which as we all know offers very little protection. I am just staggered that anyone would not have some external backups but there you go.

My thought is maybe the much more robust database in FTM 2009 can import a GEDCOM or FTM 16 file and fix the corruption?

It could then be exported as a GEDCOM and loaded back into the program.

What do you think?

I am happy to give it a try.

The other alternative is our friends in Provo?

So bvarneyrn send me your best GEDCOM to

John D

Re: Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Posted: 1247482153000
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The "automatic backup" is a COPY of the FTW file.

Please go to any Family Page and run these two Utilities:

CTRL+ALT+C = FileCompression

CTRL+ALT+SHFT+UpArrow = FileChecker

Are there any Errors?


Re: Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Posted: 1251950741000
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I've tried it with FTM 2010, and no good.

In my case, attaching s Census record from the Web ended up creating an error in the attached file linkage. The FileTest tells me where it is, but it doesn't tell me which one it it is. Totally useless.

Regardless of the comments about backups, no company should create a prorietary database without providing robust manipulation tools or at least a recovery service. Period.

Additionally, the Automated Backup is worse than having none. Any automated system that over writes production backups should have a more robust versioning or generations capability. Period.

Ancestry really needs to put more focus on professionalism in their product and consumer focus.

Re: Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Posted: 1251952719000
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I have FTM v16 thru the current release as well as other genealogy software including one that will read native FTM file formats up to FTM 2009.

Like the other person mentioned, I don't mind trying to see if I can read and/or convert it to either FTM 16 or GEDCOM file at no charge. I have no interest in the data contained in your file, but only to see if there is a solution. I hate to see someone lose all their data.

If interested, send to:

Re: Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Posted: 1251957652000
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Have you tried the File, Back Up command? It does NOT overwrite any back up. It will ask you what to call the back up and will suggest the back up filename that includes the date.

There is a Tool to compact and reindex your file in the Tools menu. Pretty good file maintenance tool.

So, you did a Web Merge, AND included an Image.

What is the Error Message that you are seeing?


Re: Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Posted: 1251990290000
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I'll post a reply about the error message specifics later when I have the most current version of the file in front of me.

In my case the file is mostly usable, but some functions will not work and I cannot move my file into a new version with the attachments.
Exporting to GEDCOM is OK, and if I want to lose all my Census, military, etc images I'd be OK.
My communication with Customer Service indicated that in Version 16 they added the ability to attach files (great), but they were imbedded in the database. After Version 16, they took them out of the database, and put them in separate directories. That would imply an issue both with file size and problems with imbedded objects.

My criticism comes from the perspective as a 30+ year IT professional.

The repair tools they provide work mostly for common errors. The problem is when there are uncommon problems.
Every database I have ever worked with has tools that let you fix broken links, delete individual records, or at least point to the record causing the problem.
I can understand not providing them to the general population, but for them to not even have them available as a service or by service personel is unprofessional.
They (and customers) would be better served if the database was built on some standard database that has tools. Even the old dBase or FoxPro would be better than the current situation.

I have backups taken at various times, but in my case I will lose about a years worth of work going that route. The issue I take is that the 'automated' backup they provide gives a false sense of security by allowing people to think they are getting backups.
Additionally FTW16 Backup provides no options except saying where you want the backup to go. Automated backups will then put all backups in the same location - overwriting the old version. The manual backup only asks if you want to overwrite the existing file.
Maybe that is fixed after FTW16. As it is designed in FTW16, everytime the family file is closed, it writes a Backup in the last location a Backup was made. If the old Backup is still there, it will be overwritten (in spite of what their documentation says).
I will take ownership of the issue as far as not being as diligent as I should have been saving copies of the file - separate from the regular backups FTW takes. I knew it was flawed, took a chance, and lost.

Re: Anyone out there that can fix corrupted file?

Posted: 1251996293000
Classification: Query

Will work on any error messages when you provide them, using the CAS+UpArrow Utility in Versoin 16.

What Functions do not work?

Not sure what you mean by "cannot move my file into a new version with attachments.

Version 16, and earlier, there is only ONE file. It contains everything. The only exception might be, if you did NOT import from file and image.

As you suggest, when the Version 16 file is brought into Version 2008, 2009, or 2010, the Images (Scrapbook items) are extracted from the Version 16 file and those images are put into the < filename > Media folder (Directory). There are links established between those images in that folder with the individual or Source-Citation that the images / media belongs to.

So, what do you mean by "attachment". --- Thank you.

You are correct, a GEDCOM file will NOT include the census mages.

My understanding for the separation of Data from Images was the filesize issue that you talked about. (separate files vs embedded)

Like most database programs, at least the ones I have used, usually include a Re-Indexing tool, right? That is what the CA+C does. Like other data bases, when you delete a record the filesize doesn't change until you run the Re-Index utility. (now maybe most recent database programs have fixed that, I dont know). The only point I am trying to make, is that the CA+C is the Reindexing for Family Tree Maker Version 16 and earlier. In 2008, 2009, and 2010, that utility is in the Tools, Compact file utility.

There are some other utilities for file maintenance in Version 16 and earlier. They report Errors. The issue here is, that those utilities don't point specifically to the cause of the problem. You can, with a little work find it, but its not easy.

In my experience using the Family Tree Maker and attempting to help other users, is that we (all of us) don't maintain our Family Files very well. (or haven't in the past).

I agree with you that the "Automatic Backup" is not a good label for what it is actually doing and lets Users Overlook the File Back Up command. I can not tell you how many times I have tried to explain that on the various message boards. Its like a question you might ask, "is the on / off switch in the on position".

As for "standard" database. Actually the Re-write of Family Tree Maker after Version 16 did in fact do that. If you look, you will see .NET and other Microsoft applications that are turned into the Family Tree Maker program that we see. So, they HAVE done exactly what you suggested. The old version (16 and earlier) was based on DOS and was updated over the years. Then the re-design. That is the reason why Version 2008, when it first came out, was "missing" a lot of features that were in Version 16. However, there have been a number of "patches" / SP's for 2008, 2009, and now 2010 (no patches / SP, yet). But, at least from what I can tell, they are listening to us, Users, using the Feedback website. I am also sure that the developers are listing to the Customer Service representatives.

Back to your Back Up comments: The Manual Back Up does NOT over-write a previous Back Up. Yes, the "automatic back up" will. Again, I don't like that term "automatic back up", but I am only a user.

How do you back up your own data? I don't know about you, but I do NOT rely on any automatic back up. I make sure that is done, I remove the Back Ups somewhere else, 'just in case'. BUT there is one other step that I do, do a Restore from Back Up. But, I may have learned that from my 30 years in data communications.

Again, I am willing to work with you to resolve the issue of getting your Version 16 file, into a newer version. AND, if you don't have Version 2010, I would sugggest that you go that route. I had a file from another user that would NOT open in 2008 or 2009, with all the SP's, but opened in a matter of minutes with 2010. I am NOT tring to sell anything, only to let you know that 2010 has opened some troublesome files.

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