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Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

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Surnames: Sharp, Sharpe, McClelland, King
I am trying to connect Edward Sharp of Botetourt b. abt 1740 d. 1770 TN to my ancestor John Sharp Sr b. 1720 Scotland d aft 1798 TN (married to Jane Hamilton). They seem to be closely aligned:

In 1756 Edward is listed in Paxtang, Dauphin, PA. My John is listed in East Hanover, Dauphin, PA. John Sharp's Uncle Thomas King lived in Paxtang as well.

On the 1770 list of tithables from the head of Reed(y) Creek to Stolnacker/Stalnacker's (Botetourt), Edward Sharp is listed next to my John Sharp. I assume this list was taken before Edward was killed. My John Sharp is listed as well as several of his sons in law.

In 1778, it was ordered that John Sharp be summoned to next court to render an account of his administration of Edward Sharpes estate - I don't think it would be his son given his young age at the time and I believe this is my John Sharp again.

Edward was killed by Indians while building a Mill in Tennessee. My John Sharp owned the first Mill in Sullivan TN.

My John Sharp's mother is supposed to be Mary McClelland (his father Thomas' first wife - not proven) and Edward Sharp's wife was Jane McClelland. I am wondering if Jane's father John was a brother to Mary?

I also think that Edward may be related to Anthony Sharp 1643-1707 the Quaker given the names of Edward's children Anthony, John, Annis - are all names in the Anthony Sharp line. More work to be done here. Also note some of Anthony the Quaker's descendants went to North Carolina.


Re: Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

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What documents provide a picture of the McClelland family? Records in PA, in Augusta Co., VA, in Bedford Co., VA?

Edward's will (dated 8 May 1770; and proved 12 Jun 1770) named John McClelland ["McClellon"] as his wife's father and William McClelland as her brother. Abraham McClelland was a security on the Executor's Bond posted by John and William. [WB 1, p 2]

The terms of the will do not lend support to the notion that this Edward Sharp was killed by Indians while building a mill in present day Sullivan County. Edward made his will describing himself as "weake in Body" in the presence of Samuel Walker, William Latherdall [Leatherdall] and John Kerr, indicating that the writing and signing took place in present day Botetourt. It was proved 35 days later in Fincastle. How long would it take to travel by horse (his inventory shows he had a sorrell mare and a bay horse) from Looney's Creek to present day Sullivan (at least 180 miles by what passed for road at the time)? It seems unlikely that a person so weak that he contemplates death would then journey to Holston and then be killed and word of his death brought back in time to probate the will all within five weeks. It seems also unlikely that a person who sustained mortal wounds on the Holston would, in that condition, travel all the way to Fincastle to make his will at home.

Consider the possible presence of another Edward Sharp.

In 1771, who is the Edward Sharp listed on Crockett's list along with William King, John King and James King (each 1 tithable)?

On 13 Aug 1771 (a year after Edward's death), who was the Edward Sharp who witnessed deeds of lease and release from John and Jenet Allison to Charles Allison? [Botetourt DB 1, p 259]

What evidence establishes that the Edward Sharp who received a patent for 335 acres on Cedar Creek [near Natural Bridge] dated 15 Jul 1760, and who sold the same on 8 Mar 1768 to Robert Whitley, was the same Edward Sharp who acquired 60 acres at the head of Looneys Creek from John McClelan on 11-12 Oct 1765 (both of Augusta)? John McClanan was of Bedford county, Virginia when he acquired the land in 1761. And another 84 acres at the big Meadow on the same days?

Was another Edward Sharp killed by Indians?

The above information taken from material published some years ago in the newsletter SHARPE IN VIRGINIA

Re: Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

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Classification: Biography
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Surnames: Sharp, McClellan, McClelland, Looney, Kerr
I have been attempting to unravel the mystery that is Edward Sharp (b. abt 1740, d. 1770) as well. Thus far, I have been unable to connect him to any other known Sharp family, including the Paxtang, Dauphin, PA family line that you have mentioned.

Edward Sharp does appear to have had a brother named John, who repeatedly appears in court records concerning Edward's estate and the care of his children. I would be _very_ curious to know more about your John Sharp, to see how these connections line up. The little bit I've seen on the John Sharp/Jane Hamilton family does not include an Edward.

I know of three Edward Sharps that resided in Paxton Township, PA. None of them appear to match up with Edward Sharp of Fincastle, Botetourt, VA, and I have not seen mention of a John Sharp. Is your John Sharp tied into this family somehow?

1. (Father) Edward Sharp, Sr. (b. abt. 1700 in Lygawery, County Ireland; d. abt 1760 in Paxton Township); married to Sarah McNeely.

2. (Son) Edward Sharp, Jr. (b. abt 1740, Paxton Township; d. 1789, Randolph County, NC); brother Henry Sharp; sister Helener Sharp.

3. (Son of Henry) Edward Sharp (b. 6/15/1745 in Paxton Township; d. 3/12/1812) in South Carolina.

I don't know how accurate it is, but see this webpage for more information on the Paxton family:

I have seen this Paxton Township family line documented elsewhere, too (including gravesites, confirming the all important death dates) and have not found a connection to my Edward Sharp. The Edward Sharp of Mecklenburg County, North Caroline of the same period also appears to be yet another (different) individual with this name.

Stemmati raises several valid questions concerning some of your conclusions. However, I think I might be able to shed some more light on the subject.

The best source of information I have found on Edward Sharp and his family line is the 1986 self-published family history by Jo Ann Pulizos and Barbara Braner, "The Sharp Family History." It represents what I considered a pretty thorough compilation and analysis of Edward's 1770 will and the many other existing land records and court documents that mention him, his wife Jane McClellan Sharp, John Sharp, or Edward's children: Anthony, John, and Annis. It is a must read for anyone conducting research on this family.

In summary, Edward married Jane McClellan and had three children. He operated a mill and owned property in the vicinity of the Roanoke Valley, including Fincastle, Buchanan, and Natural Bridge, VA; and was an officer of the Sinking Springs Presbyterian Church (now Fincastle Presbyterian Church).

Soon after his death in 1770, it appears Jane married John Kerr (1771), took over operation of the Edward's mill (which is later referenced as Kerr's Mill), and eventually moved to the Holston Valley, along with her father (John McClellan), her sister Mary (McClellan) wife of David Looney, and Alexander Brackenridge. This area is now Sullivan County, Tennessee (formerly Washington County, Virginia/Sullivan County, North Carolina--all part of Botetourt County at the time of the move). Based on Edward's will and later court records, Pulizos and Braner speculate that land was purchased in the Holston Valley for his sons Anthony and John, per their father's will. I am a descendant of Anthony Sharp, who did eventually settle this area. It is also interesting to note that the (well-documented) Looney family, to whom the Sharps/McClellans appear closely tied, made this same move.

I have not seen any solid documentation of how Edward Sharp died, or where. Do you have more information about him being killed by Indians? What I have seen is merely anecdotal and I'm not sure where this information originates.

I do not have information on John McClellan's (father of Jane) siblings or parents, and would be interested in learning what information you might have about this. I do have a pretty good accounting of John McClellan's descendants, from his children Jane, William, Mary, Abraham, John Jr., Sarah, and Alexander.

Also, I have not been able to find a connection to Anthony Sharp (the Quaker) family. His family appears to be fairly well documented. Among other sources, there is a published book on Anthony's life by Richard L. Greaves, "Dublin's Merchant-Quaker."

I hope this helps, and I would love an opportunity to discuss this further with you or anyone else that might have more information.

Re: Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Sharp, Sharpe, McClelland, Looney, Galbraith
Thank you Chris and stemmatis both for your replys. I agree with Stemmatis that the Edward Sharp supposedly killed by Indians must be a different one than the one I am looking at that was listed on Stalnakers's tax list next to my John Sharp Sr.

Chris, what is interesting about what you wrote is that my John Sharp Sr, as well as his daughter Mary and son-in-law Arthur Galbraith (my 4th great grandparents) lived in the same locations you mention above. They are in the records of Boteoturt /Fincastle /Montgomery /Washington County, VA & State of Franklin, NC before Sullivan County, TN and eventually Hawkins County, TN.

Arthur Galbraith and Mary nee Sharp Galbraith's daughter Mary "Polly" Galbraith in fact married a Looney - Benjamin Looney Jr 1776-1860 who had a son named David. I believe there were other Looney/Galbraith marriages down the line so the families were closely connected. Was the David Looney you mentioned a son of Robert Looney 1715- and a brother to Benjamin Looney Sr? I have a lot of autosomal matches with the Looney line but researchers and I have been unable to find the connection from the Mary/Benjamin Jr line so maybe the link was from another earlier marriage ( although that is less likely due to how many years autosomal really pans out for).

As far as John McClellands' children go, have you ever seen a Martha McClelland 1740-1795 associated with him? She was born in PA and married to a James Galbraith. I have not studied the McClellands in detail yet.

BTW - Arthur and Mary Galbraith had a son named Aeneas Sharp which was often spelled Ennis in records.

Re: Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Sharp, Sharpe, McClellan, Looney, Galbraith, Matthew, King, Duncan, Laughlin, Berry, Hamilton, Buchanan, Breckinridge, Campbell
Chris- I neglected to tell you more about my John Sharp Sr and his family.

John Sharp Sr was born about 1720 and according to DAR records, he was born in Scotland.

He is often listed as being born at Bruce Castle in Scotland; but Bruce Castle is in England (Where Anthony Sharp was from originally), unless people are referring to the House of Bruce's castle in Scotland. I have been unable to confirm that he was born in Scotland or at Bruce Castle as of yet. There is a Sharp Family bible out there of his family that provides documentation for many of the dates and is listed as documentation for DAR records. I have yet to get my hands on a copy of the bible records.

He was married to Jane Hamilton about 1840 according to the bible records. My suspicion is that Jane was a descendant of William Hamilton Esquire, originally of Ireland who lived in Chester County, PA and/or related to Hance Hamilton who was involved in the settlement of Menallen/Marsh Creek and was the head of a party of 140 sent for by the Penn's to settle in Lancaster Co. to control the Maryland encroachment and control the Indians. As you may know Anthony Sharp the quaker was also associated with Penn and purchased the land in East NJ (across the river from Chester County, PA) for a Quaker settlement.

John was an Indian Trader in the earlier days and operated a Mill in Sullivan, TN.

John and Jane had the following children:

Eleanor Nelly Sharp 1740-1816 married Captain John Thomas Duncan/Dunkin in 1761 in Hanover, PA and was married by Johan Casper Stoever according to Records of Baptisms and Marriages by Rev. Johan Stoever Jr for York County, Pennsylvania, 1730-1779. The Duncan's were from Chester County, PA.

Captain Thomas Sharp 1742-1813 married Jean Maxwell (a relation of Jesse Maxwell, esq) in 1775 in Virginia.

John Sharp Jr 1745-1823 married Elizabeth Laughlin in 1771 in Hanover, PA by Johan Casper Stoever. The Laughlins were from Northern Ireland then Philadelphia then Chester then Dauphin.

Mary Martin Sharp 1747-1818 married Arthur Galbraith in 1768 in PA. Married by Reverend Thomas Barton, an Anglican minister. Although the marriage register of St James Episcopal lists their marriage, it is unclear whether they were actually married there in Lancaster, PA as Reverend Barton was a traveling minister that also conducted services in York County, PA. Mary and Arthur later joined the Presbyterian Church in VA/TN. FYI - I do not have a good source record for Mary's middle name.

Anne Sharp 1751-1834 married Alexander Duncan Laughlin in 1769 in Hanover, PA by Johan Casper Stoever.

Elizabeth Sharp 1749-1829 married William King about 1775 in Washington County, VA. William's grandfather Thomas was from Northern Ireland and he was married to a Jane Sharpe. The Kings lived in Chester County before Dauphin County, PA and then VA and Sullivan, TN.

Sarah Sally Sharp 1754-1834 married Francis "Frank" Berry Jr about 1775 in Washington County, VA. The Berry's were from Ireland then Augusta County, VA.

Susan Ann Sharp 1756-1822 married Thomas King Sr in 1783 in Sullivan County, TN. Thomas was a brother to William King mentioned above.

Major Benjamin Sharp 1762-1844 married Hannah DeBaugh Fulkerson in 1786 Washington County, VA

John Sharp's father is reported to be Thomas Sharp 1695-1758; although, Thomas had a son named John, I have no proof that this is my same John. This Thomas Sharp was believed to have 3 wives: Mary McClellan 1700-1726, Cynthia Willoughby 1698-, and a Ketrine. In the East Hanover, Dauphin County, PA map from, there is a Thomas Sharp and John Sharp listed living next to each other with property surveyed in 1734. (This would be too young for my John Sharp so perhaps these Thomas and John were brothers.)

Thomas Sharp of Lancaster's will dated 24 Oct 1757 lists SHARP, THOMAS Twp. omitted. probate February 5, 1758 Wife: Ketrine Sharp. Children: John, Ann, Sarah, Thomas and Mary. Ex.: Philip Robinson and John Sharp. Notice there is no Edward mentioned. It could be that Edward (or my John for that matter) is a son of John Sharp, a potential brother of Thomas. ...or that your Edward and my John were 1st cousins. However, It does seem likely that my John was a son of Thomas and Mary McClellan given his first born son was named Thomas; but again no proof plus see wrinkle below at the end.

It is written that my John Sharp's family was in Chester County, PA first (like the Hamilton's and other associated families) before moving to portions of Lancaster County, PA that eventually became Dauphin/Lebanon Counties. Descendants of Anthony Sharp the Quaker lived in Chester County as well as New Castle, Delaware and Salem, NJ (3 states but all close to each other).

1745 York County "Upon receiving two petitions signed by many citizens from the Marsh Creek settlement (Gettysburg) and vicinity, Wm Ruddock, Richd Proctor, John Sharp, Benjamin Chambers & James Ruddock were appointed to view & lay out a road to York and Lancaster" from the History of York County.

1756 East Hanover, Dauphin, PA (now Lebanon) from Commemorative biographical encyclopedia of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

1759 Dauphin County, PA - Capt Boyd's Regiment

1760-1769 Hanover, PA - Several children married here; it is written that he and a Henderson (can't recall which one at the moment and need to find my reference) went in advance of their families to VA before returning to get them.

1770 Botetourt County, VA - on list of the tithables from the head of Reed(y) Creek to Stolnacker/Stalnacker's; Motion of John Sharp certificate is granted him for obtaining administration on the Estate of Edward Sharp deceased giving Security. He together with David Loony and Abraham McClelan, his securities entered into and ack. their bond

1771 Botetourt County, VA - on list of tithables of Capt Campbell's company. Also on list of tithables on Clinch River

1772 Washington County, VA from Annals of Southwest Virginia - Sinking Spring Church reference pg 141

1773 Wallace, Washington, VA - 676 acres of land situated on Beaver Creek, alias Shallow Creek, same land surveyed by John Buchanan for Edmund Pendleton on Apr 2, 1750. Southwest of Abingdon, VA

1774 Elk Garden, Russell, VA - Scout for Dunmore's War.

1776 Abingdon, VA - Several days after the slaughter of Indians at Black's Fort, three companies prepared to go out from the fort to visit their plantations etc. The first company to leave the fort was composed of John Sharp, his 2 sons & 2 son in laws. From Letter Written by (son) Benjamin Sharp to the editor of "The American Pioneer"

1778 Washington County, VA - Ordered that John Sharp be summoned to next court to render an account of his administration of Edward Sharpe's estate

1779 Washington County, VA - John Sharp listed on grand jury with George Adams foreman, William Wallace, John Sharp, Robert Campbell, Samuel Buchanan, Daniel Reamy, Andrew Buchanan, Alex. Breckinridge, etc. Same day as Arthur Galbreath sworn to appraise Samuel Loony estate

1780 Sullivan County, TN - One of first settlers of Sullivan County from Virginia and Virginians: Eminent Virginians, 1606-1888 : Executives of the Colony of Virginia

1782-1797 Sullivan County, TN listed on several land records

1792 Sullivan County, TN - Power of Attorney given to son John Jr and Son in Law William King

I have not listed everything here but this should be a good start to compare notes. Fortunately, several Sharp family members were writers and/or involved in historic events so there are some good first hand accounts of this family:

1. John Sr's son Benjamin Sharp's letter to the editor of the American Pioneer - see

2. John Sr's great grandson's "A Diary of Public Events and Notices of my Life and Family and of my Private Transactions" by Samuel Hervey Laughlin (very long) -

Two of John Sharp Sr's daughters and their families were also captured at Martin's Station while living in Kentucky and marched to Montreal, Canada as Prisoners in 1781 (Captain John Thomas and Eleanor Duncan as well as Francis "Frank" and Sarah Berry).

Something more to think about:

My Arthur Galbraith's YDNA matches over 17 King's YDNA (including 1 step mutations). At one time, they were from the same family.

New wrinkle: A German Sharp descendant - Conrad Caswell Sharp b. 1767 North Carolina-d 1831 TN has engraved on his headstone the following: Conrad Sharp Born in N. C. 1767 son of WM born in Germany and grandson of Benj. Sharp Born in Ireland and nephew of Maj. Benj. Sharp who under COL. Seiver fought in the Bat. of Kings Mt & Boyds Cr. Conrad Sharp died 1831. This is on Findagrave - Burial: Lost Creek Cemetery Union County Tennessee, USA and the reference to the nephew Major Benjamin Sharp, is John Sharp Sr.'s son Benjamin. I have an autosomal match with a descendant from Conrad's line.

Re: Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

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Thank you for sharing all of this information! Unfortunately, I don't see any obvious overlaps between your Sharp family line and mine. I'm sure they exist, but it'll take a bit more digging.

Several of the events you have listed for John Sharp, I think can be attributed to a couple different people. So no doubt this confuses matters.

There does seem to be some sort of relation there, based simply on the proximity of these many families across time and geography. My suspicion is that the families tie together farther back than our current information goes, or circumstance has resulted in missing records. The migration from across Appalachia from Pennsylvania, Virginia, to Tennessee...and Kentucky and Missouri beyond a common theme among the Scot-Irish.

I was very interested in what you have found concerning John Sharp Sr's parents and siblings. I do not have an apparent record of a Thomas or William Sharp in my line that far back. Nor connection with the Galbraiths or Kings...although, the Kings appear to be yet another family with a similar/related migration pattern.

It is circumstantial at best, but some of the information I've compiled from other family trees is that Edward Sharp's (b. abt 1740; d. 1770) father was possibly Henry Sharp (b. 1704??). Unfortunately, I do not know where this information originates, or if it is true. I've read that Henry Sharp's children were:

John Sharp
Abraham Sharp (b. abt 1730)
Jeremiah Sharp (b. 1732)
Edward Sharp (b. 1740; d 1770)
Anthony Sharp (b. 1746; d. 6/9/1812 in Williamson, TN); married to Margaret "Peggy" Nelson (b 1773, Maryland; d. 2/28/1843, Madison Co., MO)
Jane Sharp (b. 1752, d. 1812); married to David Whitley (b. abt 1775; d. bf 1844)

I suspect this information mixes up several different family lines. However, it would be great to find out different.

Re: the McClellan/McClelland family, I'm not aware of a Martha McClelland (1740-1795). However, I haven't spent much time researching this family line either. Although I have found un-cited references to John McClellan's wife as being a Martha (b. before 1718). I'm also a little concerned that the McClellan's and the McClelland's might actually be two different families. For example, the history outlined on the following webpage, seems to be the same family as my Jane (wife of Edward Sharp)...but at the same time would appear to skip some of the events we know about in the Fincastle/Buchanan, VA areas. So not knowing the sources of this information, I'm more than a little suspect.

The David Looney I mentioned is in fact a son of Robert Looney. This family line is well documented. If you haven't already, be sure to see Tilton's history as a start:

Re: Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

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Surnames: Sharp, Sharpe, Graves
Interesting. Although Conrad's headstone says his father was W M Sharp and his grandfather was Benjamin' most trees have Conrad listed as a son of a Henry Honas Sharpe and Barbara Graves. There are either two Conrads or the headstone was wrong (doubtful) unless it was put there by researchers with bad information. I have yet to untangle this mess but maybe the Henry Sharp name is the tie-in. Obviously a lot more work to do!

Re: Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

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This account is fascinating. I am a descendent of Major Benjamin Sharp and the family that moved to Montgomery Co, MO. If anyone finds more about Bruce Castle, I am headed to Scotland in June and would like to know more. John

Re: Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

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This might be a stretch, but I have a couple Sharp's in my family history. I don't know much about them, though they are from the same era (mid 1700s), and there was Adam Sharp (b. c. 1738), his son John Sharp b. 1765 (who married Magdelena Shaffer. They had a daughter named Catherine. Do any of these names match anything you have?

Re: Connecting Edward Sharp Botetourt to John Sharp Sr b 1720 and possibly to Anthony Sharp?

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Help me! I have Charles Sharp b. 1780 in VA. Married in 1803 in Clark Co KY. Bond by George Sharp and John Sharp. He traveled to MO with Duncan's and daughter Nancy married Hiram Duncan. Some of the family also m. with Bledsoes in MO. TOTAL BRICK WALL for me. He is not(I believe) Charles b.1777 son of John and Frances Walthall Sharp. Barbara Sharp Proffitt
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