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Susan Scruton Jones (View posts)
Posted: 941234356000
Is there any Scrutons out there with family history. Very rare name not many of us around

Family name.

Natalie scruton (View posts)
Posted: 947834046000
Hello there! Sorry this may seem a little late but i have only just come across your message and i agree with you,scruton's are a rare breed.As far as i am aware there are only about a dozen of us here in manchester (uk),and we are not to sure that any more exist in england.I will give you a brief rundown of my family,firstly there was my grandad,Edward scruton(deceased) who married my nana Florence,who then gave birth to my uncle,Clive Edward(deceased) and my dad Edward. When Clive married jenny they had two children(my cousins)Simon Edward and sarah and when my dad married my mum pauline they also had two children,my sister Mandy and myself,Natalie.Simon is now married with three children,luke edward,rose and penny and my sister is also married with two children so she is now a tompson.As you have probably noticed Edward is a scruton family name here.I hope i did not bore you to much with that but i thought you might have been interested to hear about your possible distant relatives, so now for the bit that may interest you more. When my uncle clive was alive he worked for the newspaper which gave him access to some great infomation when he started to research the family name.He found out that it is from norway and arrived here when the vikings invaded england over one thousand years ago,only the name was originally scurfa,and scurfa-ton was the name they gave to the land they claimed,Ton meaning farm,scurfas farm. We also discovered that scurfa himself was quite notorious within the viking world.Over the hundreds of years a number of things have taken there toll and it results in being Scruton today.What we do know is that one or two hundred years ago some scrutons(some probably being nearly all as we are a limited edition)emigrated to canada.You can still visit scruton village(yorkshire)today and it is quite interesting to read the guest book.We looked back on all the old guest books on our visit(which is about one hours drive from manchester)and apart from our signatures we only found two more scrutons which had come from a canadian couple who had visited a few years previous to that,which lead to our investigation into canada.Anyway to wrap it up i would just like to say that as strange as the surname is,we are all very proud to be scrutons with a couple of the female members of the family not willing to give the name up in marriage(myself being one) and since we gained this knowledge which was about 13 years ago we feel it is an honor to carry the name on knowing it is a small but significant piece of history but we are unfortunately fading away.It is also said that,apparently,there are a couple of family traits that still exist within the scruton family today which have come direct to us from the vikings via the blood line.One being red hair (funny because we are all brunettes,although i will admit that in the correct lighting i do appear to have red streaks),the second being a bad and firey temper (well they sure hit the nail on the head with that one).I do hope that this has been some help and of interest to you and i would love to hear from you,that would be great,so if you have anymore questions you now know where to find the answers. See-ya ,Natalie Scruton.

Susan Scruton Jones

Pauline E P Scruton (View posts)
Posted: 951238369000
I am not sure just where you are located. Are you by chance the girl who has contacted me from East Rochester N.H.
I am waiting to hear as we expect to have a new copy of the Scruton History for the year 2000

SCRUTON history

Posted: 952430925000
Edited: 996167143000
I would be interested in the Scruton History you were expecting to receive in 2000. I have SCRUTON family members in my ancestry - Yorkshire, England, back to 1780.
Best Wishes, Sue Bruce


Pauline Scruton (View posts)
Posted: 954333405000
The history I mentioned is for the family of Michael William Scruton who came to Portsmouth N.H. in 1753. A history was printed in 1965 written by Alice scruton Berube.
we have never been able to trace it back to Yorkshire. Pauline


Pauline Scruton (View posts)
Posted: 954333418000
The history I mentioned is for the family of Michael William Scruton who came to Portsmouth N.H. in 1753. A history was printed in 1965 written by Alice scruton Berube.
we have never been able to trace it back to Yorkshire. Pauline

In response to Natalie Scruton

Tony Scruton (View posts)
Posted: 960617956000
We were very pleased to have heard from a fellow Scruton in the United Kingdom. But don't worry you are not alone, We are a thriving family growing all the time. My grand Father Fredrick William Scruton (deceased)was one of four brothers in the city of York the eldest being a freeman of the city of York. The family name includes Scruton and Harvey's (the manufacturers of Nurse Harvey's Gripe Water) and Dr Roger Scruton of Cambridge (Author, lecturer and economist), My father is Fredrick's only child Peter Scruton, He married my mother Betty Harrison in York 1954. I am the third of four brothers with 8 nephews and 3 nieces and 2 great nephews.

In the York phone directory you will find 20 Scruton's. While in the Bradford phone directory their are 5 Scruton's listed.

In response to tony.

Natalie scruton. (View posts)
Posted: 960908366000
Thank you for responding,it was good to hear from someone. Where are you from tony,only it would be interesting to now how far spread scrutons are.Is'nt it funny to think of the kind of things that give people from all over the world something in common,for instance we were already aware of our connection with Dr roger scruton and also our connection with clive scruton (not my deceased uncle)who was an author and possibly an illustrator.I also remember when a few years ago my family found a link with a royal photographer,i can't remember his name at the moment but i will try and find out for next time.Just in case your collecting info on phone directory listing you may be interested to know that there are only about 3 enteries in greater manchester.Recently i made a freakish discovery that there is a steve scruton living in chelsea that worked for radio london.Belive it or not i had phoned a local radio station about 2 week's ago to enter a competition,and when i gave my name,the DJ responded by saying(in a very excitable tone of voice)"are you related to steve scruton?".So i told him that i probably am somewhere along the line,but not that we actively know of.This is when the DJ began telling me about the fact that he use to work with him on radio london and what a coincidence it is to come across another scruton about 350 miles up north in manchester when he said he thought it was a name he would never come across again in his life.I think he was as pleasantly suprised as i was.I hope you find my contribution's to the family name useful and would love to hear from you very soon!

George-Herbert E.-Nellie Frances Scruton - Strafford, NH

Jack (View posts)
Posted: 962566766000
Pauline - I am the GGG grandson of George Scruton who was born @1842 in Dover, Strafford, NH and died in Dover on 11 March 1902. His wife was Sarah Frances BENNETT of Northwood, NH. George's son was Herbert E. Scruton of Northwood, NH (born 11 June 1862) who married Eliza Blaine DAVIS of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Daughter of Herbert and Eliza Blaine Davis SCRUTON was Nellie Frances SCRUTON of Beverly, Mass who married John Arthur Hurley, my GG Grandfather.

I've had great luck researching other lines in the family, but not with the SCRUTONS. The NSDAR library, for instance, has next to nothing on the SCRUTON family. Family "legend" has it for, instance, that there is a native American connection in either our SCRUTON, WIGGIN or BENNETT ancestry. All three families originally settled in NH, but I've been able to go a lot further back with the WIGGIN and BENNETT lines.

If we ARE from the same line of SCRUTONS, do you know of George SCRUTON's parentage of if there is an Indian connection in the SCRUTON family? Thanks for any information you may have. Best regards. Jack Hurley, Ottawa, Canada


Pauline Scruton (View posts)
Posted: 962720867000
I feel quite sure that your ggg grandfather George H son of Joseph (4) mICHAEL (3) tHOMAS (2) mICHAEL wILLIAM (1) iS IN OUR HISTORY BOOK WRITTEN 1965 BY aLICE bERUBE
There are some facts not exactly llike you state.
He was in the battle of the rebellion in the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment Co D. He was wounded 8/29/1862 at Bull Run. and discharged as disable 1/17/1863.
The only other information in this book is their son Herbert Eugene bo 1864 in Northwood N.H.
We are trying to get more information for a year 2000 history.
I could get you more on the back relatives but I know not about the Tie to american natives.
Feel free to write again. Pauline
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