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PIGGOTT - Middlesex/Kent, England

PIGGOTT - Middlesex/Kent, England

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I'm looking for ancestors and descendents of John Drew PIGGOTT / Harriet BUDD of Middlesex, born in 1839. Most of the surviving descendents settled in Kent. John and Harriet died in Thanet in 1901 and 1910 respectively.

Regards, Joe


Patrick Lovegren (View posts)
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I am in the U.S. and have ancestors of Fredrick Piggott-Born:1865 in London, England.
John Piggott-Born: Approx. 1820-1830 in England (location unknown)
Fanny Piggott(maiden name unknown)-Born: Approx. 1820-1830 in England (location unknown).
I also am looking for information regarding the surname "PIGGOTT" anything will be helpful. PLUS PLUS Looking for Family Coat of Arms for Piggott

Piggott Surname

Renee (View posts)
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My mother is a Piggott and I just began searching but have not been able to connect any Piggott's in Alabama or Missouri to those in New England. Do you have any information that you would share?

John Drew Piggott and Harriet Budd Piggott

Linda Harris Squire (View posts)
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Dear Joe Bissett:
My mother, Kathalyn Bostock Harris, is cousin to Marjorie Bissett, daughter of Fred Piggott. My mother's mother was Martha Piggott Bostock, daughter of John and Harriet Piggott. I would love to share information with you. My mother is living in Massachusetts, is of good health, sharp memory, and has much to offer. Please reply to my e-mail address. Thank you!

Piggott - London/Kent

Yvonne Lynn (View posts)
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I'm looking for any information on Edward Piggott. I have been told he was a Master/Captain on a ship he went to Spain and brought back a woman who became his wife. They had a daughter Rachel (my great grandmother) who (I've been told)was born on The Old Kent Road, London in about 1873. I have traced the family to Dartford, Kent in 1891.


Linda Squire (View posts)
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My grandmother was Martha Piggott who was born in Margate, England - married Arthur Bostock of Kent, England - and came to America. I don't have any info re: an Edward Piggott, but do have a fairly good accounting of my grandmother's family who lived in England, Wales, and France. Let me know if you are interested.

Edward Piggott

Yvonne Lynn (View posts)
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Thanks for that information Linda. I would be very interested in hearing about your ancestors in Kent. I don't think Piggott is a very common surname. Do you know where the surname originates? I've been told that my great-grandfather, Edward Piggott was Irish and that Piggott is an Irish surname. Do you have any info on that? Please contact me via this message board or E-mail


Martha Piggott/Arthur Bostock

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Hello LINDA!!!

I'm SO sorry that I did NOT see your posting until 5 minutes ago. For some reason I never received notification when you left your message. I have a TON of information on the PIGGOTT line, and have extracted basic BOSTOCK information from the SSDI. I visited Leicester with my mother, father and younger sister in 1953 after the Worcester tornado. I have fond memories of the Bostock family, and a short fishing trip in a small pond. Your e-mail address does not show up in Ancestry, so I can't e-mail you directly. I'm going to do a phone book search for you, but I have no idea what state you live in. Please feel free to call me COLLECT at 830 429-3768 so that we can make direct contact.

Excitedly yours, Joe


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Hi Yvonne,

I am of the same PIGGOTT line from Kent as is Linda Squire. I have extensive information on my family. PIGGOTT is not really a rare name, and there were many PIGGOTTs in Ireland. PIGGOTTs emigrated to the US, and in fact, there is a PIGGOTT, Arkansas replete with many namesakes. I'm sorry that I can't help you directly with your Irish PIGGOTT line.

Regards, Joe

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