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I'm interested in researching my Bosnian ancestry. My grandfather's (and now my own) surname is Habul. Does anyone know of any websites I could use to get started?
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I find 5 US immigration records at Ellis Island for HABUL all from Hercegovina, they are Ibro, Alja, Najul and 2 apparently different men first name Omer. They would appear to be Muslim.

Best place to find original manifests from Ellis Island may be found at

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland Ohio

Re: Habul

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Surnames: Habul

We share the same last name, and the story goes that the Habul Family resided in Herzegovina, was very wealthy, however due to circumstances there were forced to flee the area. The origin of the last name may be Morrocan

Re: Habul

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I assume you are a descendant of one of Habuls who came at the beginning of 20th century from the surroundings of Trebinje in Herzegovina.

Look at the document here - it shows full information of 4 Habuls who came to USA (Chicago) about 100 years ago:
- Habul Najil, line 55,
- Habul Alija, line 96,
- Habul Omer, line 275, and
- Habul Ibro "Adam", line 278.

Family Habul is from villages Hrupjela and Zasad near Trebinje and Habuli near Gacko, all in the region of HErzegogvina.

It would appear that family Habul came to Herzegovina from Boka Kotorska after 1687 (Austro-Turkish wars), which is to the southeast of Trebinje, present-day Montengro.

As far as their origins before Boka Kotorska, I can´t find anything in the information I have.

Good luck!


Re: Habul

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Dear Sir/Mam,

Im reading some blogs, about the habul famly.

My granfather was Abid Habul from Trebinje, died in 1956.
He worked in Chicago around 1905-1910 roughly,

How could I find more info,

Much appreciated
Kenny Habul

Re: Habul

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What other info are you looking for?

Trebinje was occupied by Serbian forces in 1992, and all Bosnians were either killed or expelled. Your Habul relatives would be living today in "free" territoris of Bosnia such as Mostar, Sarajevo, and many of them are abroad, mostly in Scandinavia (refugees).

Re: Habul

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Surnames: Habul
I'm also Habul, there is some investigations done by prof. dr. Sulejmana Resulovića before he suddenly died, he found that Habul and some other surnames from Hercegovina around Trebinje have roots in Spain, they war Muslims and they ware forced to leave Spain by that time (around 1500). They came to Boka Kotorska and because by that time Ottoman Empire, did welcome both Muslims and Jews from Spain, they moved deeper in Hercegovina. It's long story you can try to google "Porijeklo prezimena trebinjskih muslimana" and translate by google.
It's too bed that dr. Sulejmana Resulovića died before he finished his work.
By the way, i'm born in Banjaluka, as I know there is Habuls in Tuzla, Banjaluka, Sarajevo, Sweden. We all have same roots but in present time you can divide Habuls from Gacko and those from Trebinje and around. In Banjaluka there was both Gacko and Trebinje Habuls and we was not related. My family has roots from Trebinje and I have heard stories from my father that he heard, that one family member has gone to USA long time ago. So somebody of those four guys is my related.
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