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1882-1893 Holt County news from Atchinson Graphic

1882-1893 Holt County news from Atchinson Graphic

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September 28,1882 Atkinson Graphic
John Wosterchill is opening a blacksmith shop on his farm, 3 ½ miles north east of Atkinson on Greeley Road.
Attorney Barger is erecting a dwelling on his claim north of town, Atlas Middleton was doing the carpentry work.
Frank Lovell is adding on to his hotel
Get a good farm for $14.00
Del Aiken married Fanny Scott
S J Arnett and family is going to Iowa to find a good location for a drug store.

Feb 15,1883 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs Bigelow has a new hotel at Stuart.
Annice Price will take charge of the Saratoga School
J B Sturdevant has arrived from Wahoo to carry on the photograph business
Joseph Sturdevant of Mead, bought an interest in Crossman and Sturdevant, and becomes the Crossman and Sturdevant Brothers.
A Bohemian named Praha was found dead on the prairie, makes the 3rd death by freezing within three weeks.
John Hanrahan died on the 5th, interred in the Catholic Cemetery
Abe Miller of the hardware and agricultural business will bring his family back with him.
Capt Boehme took up contributions of $13.30 for Mrs Malloy, widow of the man froze to death some time ago.

Nov 29,1883 Atkinson Graphic
$13.00 buys a ton of hard coal in Neligh.
Will Smith Vs Martin Devine, land contest case was decided by the courts.
Martin was the first Saunders County man who came to Holt County.
Mrs William Frederick died.
J O Dequasie’s team broke loose at the mill and raced through town, the broken tongue cut a horse hitched to a post.
Hanson found dead between O’Neill and Cache Creek.
School District 74 had a meeting to locate the building and decide how to pay for it.

Aug 18, 1892 Atkinson Graphic
Daniel W Knight married Mrs Helen Manny
The speed ring at Chadron was attended by Ben DeYarmon and others.
Joe Bartley received nonmination for state treasurer at the Republican convention in Lincoln.
Dr A T Blackburn went to Waldo,Wisconsin to purchase a drug store.
Mike Gonderinger wants people to stop shooting his calves.
Jacob Hahn is painting the interior of banker Mathew’s residence.
George H Dexter died at his residence in Atkinson 5th day of Aug 1892, age 64 years.

Sept 15,1892 Atkinson Graphic
Milton Doolittle intented to make final proof of his land claim

Nov 24,1892 Atkinson Graphic
C W Robertson made a 3 acre fish pond on his farm.
A prairie fire near Stuart
On Nov 10,1892 in Grand Forks, ND John McHugh married Mamie E Leefe
There was a rag bee at Maggie McKathnie’s.
Miss O’Mally was the teacher at Kite school District
There was a dance at the Greel Store
A concert at Sunnyview Church raised $6.00 for new seats, Rev Williams was the pastor.
The pontoon bridge will be removed to Dodge’s Ferry
A rag bee at Mrs O E Blake’s.
Married Nov 22,1892 Dr A H Corbett and Mabelle Havena.
Surprise party for Phenile Doolittle.
Auction at the farm of C L Sturdevant.

Dec 1,1892 Atkinson Graphic
Jonas Ecker sold Dixon Index to W H Gibson
Stolen cattle at Doolittle Brothers.
Born to Ed Gallaher’s a boy
Ed Kelley was clerk of Court of Fall River County, SD
Died Mary, 3 year old daughter of Ed McBride.
S H Elwood Livestock deals in Holt County.
Land claims proved up by Effie M Marshal and John B Jonas.

Nov 30,1893 Atkinson Graphic
Proposals that Holt County be divided.
William Liebness killed a completely white goose
Wentz and Burns Comedy Company was at Atkinson opera House
Land claims proved up by Martin L Bundy.

Dec 21,1893 Atkinson Graphic
Died Herbert O Dobbs, 29 years 14 months
Died William Hoxie, 45 years old
Died A P Eart, 85 years old
Died Daniel White
Died lawyer John A Harmon
Fold Spears, lost a horse by throwing itself in the stable.
O J Blakesly will paint the pipe and smoke stack of the water works plant
Third anniversary of the Atkinson Fire Department and Rebecca celebrated with a ball.
Third son born to Evans S Scott
A Wolf hunt at he John Ingles School House

Dec 28,1893 Atkinson Graphic
Military Company Elections held at O’Neill.
Jerry Murphy had a broken leg after it was run over by his run way team and wagon
George W Blake build the cold storage house for Fred Krug Brewing Company.
Elmer Blake in court for missing money at the Butte postoffice.
Henry Davis sold buck deer he shot to Blackmer and Fox
Married Dec 22,1893 Frederick Wyss and Minnie Stolte.

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Jan 4,1894 Atkinson Graphic
From Chas G Chase who was enroute home to Geneva, Nebr, from the Hills, we learn that Mrs J O DeQuaise, a resident of Atkinson for many years, died at her home in Geneva on 28th inst, of la grippe, after a very short illness
The 8 year old daughter of Jacob Geiese, 16 miles south of this place, died New Year’s Day, of diphtheria. Her remains were interred the day following in the Atkinson Cemetery.
Daniel White, born Nov 23,1833 Oxville, Scott Co, Ill, died Dec 21,1893 at Hot Springs, SD. He married 1855 to Eliza D Leach (she died March 1856). He married Nov 11,1857 to Martha E Saw/es. They had 6 children, 2 girls, 4 boys, James and Edward survive, living at Hot Springs.
Frank Rheberg received a telegram last Sunday that his mother was lying dangerously ill at Brunswick,Nebr, immediately started for her bedside overland. A second dispatch received by his partner, Alex McFarland, the day following, conveyed the sad intelligence that Mrs Rheberg was dead.

Jan 11,1894 Atkinson Graphic
George Clark had the happiest New Years of any man in O’Neill. On Monday evening his wife presented him with twins, a boy and a girl.
Thomas Donnelly, an old resident of Holt County, died at Rapid City, SD on the 6th inst, from a tumor in the breast. Mr Donnelly was a highly respected citizen of Atkinson for several years, removing to Rapid City about 5 years since. His daughter, Mrs William Griffin of Atkinson, was summoned by telegram and arrived in time for the funeral on Sunday. Mrs Donnelly and son, William, will return to Atkinson with Mrs Griffin, in a few days, where they will make their future home.

Jan 18,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Marriage license issued to Henry H Myer and Belle W Root.
It is our sad duty to announce that Grandmother Ward died this morning at 1:45 at the residence of her grandson, F P Glasner, where she had lain ill since the death of her husband four weeks ago today. She was 82 years of age. The funeral will occur tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 from the residence of Mr Glasner.
Miss Maude Bonesteel of Kansas City, daughter of Dr Bonesteel, formerly a residence of Creighton, mysteriously disappeared the 11th inst. Detectives have been unable to trace her as yet. She had about $200. worth of jewelry on her person and had started to visit a friend’s house in another part of the city when last seen.

Feb 8,1894 Atkinson Graphic
John Tomshik was brought before Squire Fisher last Monday on complaint of Mrs Coufal who states that she is afraid of John’s doing her great bodily harm. John was held in bonds of $200 to appear before his honor today.

Feb 15,1894 Atkinson Graphic
St Valentine was extremely generous to Harry Davis on the occasion of his 1894 anniversary by blessing his household with the advent of a ten pound boy
Died near Atkinson, Mary Humpal, age 65 years. The deceased was the worthy consort of Jacob Humpal, born in Bohemia 1820, married to Jacob in 1852, and had twelve children, nine boys and three girls, all of whom survive.

Feb 22,1894 Atkinson Graphic
James Brimblecombe of Green Valley, lost a 5 month old baby, which was buried in the Atkinson Cemetery last Monday.
Mrs H S Davis died about 10:30 this morning leaving a disconsonlate husband and 5 innocent and now motherless children, the youngest a babe 8 days old.
The attention of a case of almost total destitution in this village was learned by the Graphic last Tuesday and upon investigation it was found to be practically true. A woman and 3 children were unearthed by our draymen that were most certainly objects of charity. Charitable desposed citizens soon rustled them food and raiment which placed them above want for a time at least.

March 1,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Barnabus Welton, an old and respected citizen of O’Neill, died suddenly today of apoplexy, aged 65 years. Deceased was a native of NewYork. He figured conspicuously in the Indian Warfare in Minn, was in service as a scout and calvaryman during the Rebellion and a pioneer of Northern Holt County. He was also sheriff of this county two years, from 1882 to 1884. (O’Neill Con State Journal Feb 27)

Died at O’Neill, Nebr Feb 25, 1894, Mrs Sarah A Rishel, aged 75 years. The deceased was mother of Mrs William Bowen and grandmother of Mrs W E Scott of Atkinson. Her remains were brought to this place last Monday and interred in the Atkinson Cemetery.
The funeral obsequies held last Sunday over the remains of Mrs Harry S Davis were impressive and largely attended by her many sorrowing friends in this place and vicinity, which attested the high regard entertained by our people for this estimable woman. The services were holden at the M E Church and conducted by Rev Blackburn, whose words of hope and consolation were impressively fitting for the solemnities of the occasion and made a deep impression on the minds of his large concourse of hearers. The funeral cortege was escorted from the residence to the Cemetery by the members of the Ancient Order of United Workmen Lodge # 69, Atkinson, as a testimonial of sympathy of the Order for the bereaved husband and his motherless children.
Ida A Davis, whose maiden name was Hancock, was born Racine Co, Wis on Oct 18,1860 and departed this life at her late home in Atkinson, Nebr on Feb 22,1894, aged 33 years, 4 months and 4 days. Sister Davis was married to her now greatly bereaved husband H S Davis on Oct the 30th, 1879. Into this happy union was born 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls, who with the father are left to mourn the departure of a loving companion and dear mother. She also leaves an aged mother, 2 brothers and 1 sister. Brother Davis and wife came to Nebraska in March 1888, have lived in and near Atkinson since their removal into the state.

March 8,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Rather long story of how Jesse Akin fell through the ice at the Mill Pond and lived to tell about it.
The latest fad of the juveniles of Atkinson is pants with hip pockets.
M S Wheeler, a former resident of Atkinson for several years, but a resident of Nevada, the past five was killed a few days ago by a snow slide near Reno.
Frank Jonas is in town with an order from the court to take possession of the Butte House. It looks as if an end has been reached in the famous Jonas-Hootan Jangle.

March 15,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents 8 miles north of Atkinson March 8, Robert F Hamilton of Minden, and Jesse Tennant of Pleasantview, Holt County, Nebraska. Rev Donald McLachlan officiating.
Married at O’Neill March 8, Peter Bonebarger and Rosa Farmer, both of Atkinson. County Judge McCutcheon officiating.
The body of an unknown man found at Maple Lake, MInn. He had a letter in his pocket from his mother, Annie Wright Atkinson. Do you know him?
We congratulate Ed White on the acquisition of another member to his family, an 8 pound girl (Ainsworth Star Journal)
Letter from Gen L F Kimple, dressmaker to the Norfolk insane prison.
Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs H B Kelley on March 2nd, Mrs Sarah M Ong, aged 94 years 11 months 15 days. Mrs Ong’s maiden name was Faulkner, born near Portsmouth, Ohio March 17,1799. married Dec 20,1818, mother of 8 children, 4 now living, 1 son, 3 daughters. …Her remains were laid to rest in the Atkinson Cem on Sunday last

March 29,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Erma, daughter of Jno Zelmer, aged 17 months 10 days, died in this village on the 23rd inst, after a brief illness.
Mrs Dr G W Slater, 1694 W Fayette St was called to her old home, Atkinson, Nebr, last Thursday on account of the illness of her father, R T Hart. She arrived home Sunday evening, a few hours before his death, which was caused by a stroke of paralysis (Baltimore Md American)
M S Wheeler and two other people lost their lives near Verdi, Nevada on Feb 18, in a snow avalanche…

April 5,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Born to Amos McCuen of Francis Township, the 3rd, a fine boy.
The nuptials of Thomas McGran of Inman and Alice McShane of Francis Township was celebrated at the Catholic Church in this village this morning.
Nellie, the little daughter of George Keys, of Wyoming Valley, died last Saturday, aged about 7 years.
The daughter of Mrs B W Johnson died the evening of the other day the venerable lady departed for Ohio.
Edward Hansel of Los Angeles, California, proved upon his fine tree claim in Pleasantview Township last Saturday.
Married at the Catholic Church Atkinson April 3 William Henrick of Alta,Iowa and Mary Riser of Dustin. Rev J W Jungles officiating.
Johanna , wife of John Heurton, aged 37 years 9 months 27 days died of inflammatory rheumatism…

April 12,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Born to Peter Schmit of Emmet township Sunday April 8, a fine daughter
Married at the Catholic Church in Atkinson, Thursday morning, April 5, Rev Father Jungles officiating, Thomas McGran of Inman and Alice McShane of Francis.
Mr Hart clothing store was burgalized, taken were 75 pairs of pants, 24 undercoats, etc.

April 19,1894 Atkinson Graphic
James DeYarman , the O’Neill liveryman made the Graphic a pleasant call yesterday, enroute home from the north and west part of the county.
Flour from the Atkinson Roller Mills is transferred to O’Neill by rail and hauled by wagon from there to Chambers.
O M Andrus of Catalpa got a fine daughter.

April 26,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Nell Wixon’s barbor shop was burgalized, took the razors and clippers.

May 5,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Born to L O Bartley, May 8, a son
Harry Greene of Butte, arrived in the Star City Sunday to meet his wife who has been visiting, in Lincoln, from which she returned with two young children to be adopted, one for herself and husband and the other by D P Stowel, formerly a resident of Holt.
Harry Davis and two little girls departed for Riceville, Iowa, last Friday morning, where Mr Davis leaves the two little ones with their aunt- sister of the lately deceased mother- The oldest boy and babyhave pleasant home with Frank Emerson of Catalpa, and the second boy is said to be fortunate in securing a home with Dean Swift. Mrs D H Coburn accompanied Mr Davis and the two girls to Iowa, and will visit for sometime in the Hawkeye State.
Miss Nellie Inglis is deceased….
Dr M Stuart had Frank Jonas arrested for whipping his boy, Jonas was fined $7. It seems that the young kids were hanging May baskets and some of them got rather gay and kicked the door. Jonas caught young Stuart, who it is said was an innocent looker on, and gave him a troucing. (Butte Gazette)

May 17,1894 Atkinson Graphic
The unlucky Friday, two fires in the country and a baseball sorrow in town. Frank Emerson, 16 miles northeast of town, house on fire, Arthur Cruise, Sand Creek Township,home, Stuart won the baseball game.
Mr and Mrs W D Mathews of O’Neill attended the funeral of Mr and Mrs H W Mathews little boy at this place last Friday.
Died in Atkinson, Thursday, May 19, Lloyd, son of H W Mathews, aged 9 months…
Willaim Bowen wrote a letter telling why he left Holt County—better schools.
William Stephenson admits being the father of a bouncing new boy.

May 24,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Born to William T Hayes of Sheridan Township, Saturday, April 19,a daughter
Yesterday forenoon, little Billy Wixson accidentally shot himself in the left knee while fooling with a small revolver (Rapid City SD Journal)

May 31,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Atkinson and Newport played baseball, Atkinson 10, Newport 8
Nell Wixson sold the barber shop to Henry Schwearing and Bennett
Cattle stolen last week from John Henning on the 29th were found at the John Carr ranch near Stafford. Harry Gillispe and Tierney arrested

June 7,1894 Atkinson Graphic
John Weeks and Jim DeYarman of O’Neill took in the town Monday enroute to Butte
A C Winney of Stuart, buried his wife and daughter last week. The cause of death was measles.
Mrs James R Brown of this place lost her brother, Ray Grant at Westwater, Utah to murder. Another brother this year was killed in a railroad accident.
At 12 o’clock today,Mary, wife of Jas Sanders of Holt County, died at the home of her step son, Geo Sanders, in this city, Mrs Sanders had been here a week or so on a visit, when she was stricken with paralysis and failed from the start. She was born in Holland March 12,1835 and came to this county 27 years ago. She was married to Jas Sanders 30 years ago and leaves 3 children to mourn her death. Her children are Mrs Vanderberg, Frank and Johnny Sanders. Mrs Sanders was a member of the Catholic Church and a lady highly respected by all who knew her. Her funeral will be held in Atkinson tomorrow. (Butte Gazette June 2)

June 14,1894 Atkinson Graphic
The marriage of Risor of Boyd County and Barbara Englehaup of Amelia was announced to take place at St Joseph Church next Tuesday.
Del Atkins report of Mexico
Windsor Hotel barn at O’Neill burned last Monday

June 21,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Harry Davis has purchased an interest in the Star Livery Stable with L O Bartley.
Atkinson played and won the baseball game at Stuart
Reunion of Bitney’s at their residence in Atkinson. Alfred Bitney of Madison, Wis, Eli and Lew Bitney of Neligh. All cousins of Frank and Charles of this place.
Tue afternoon with an almost cloudless sky a terrific wind storm struck Chadron, resulting in the death of John F Tenzer.
Boxing match between Joe Reed and Charles Kirk.
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents near Spencer, The 6th of June A C Purnell of Emmett township and Bertha Ames of Spencer.
Married at St Joseph Church June 19, Frank Riser of Boyd County and Barbara Englehaup of Amelia.

June 28,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Town Herd;; I will start a town herd about May 1. Those desiring their cattle properly taken care of the ensuing season, call on me. I guarantee satisfaction. J A Handy
The Law will furnish headstones for all unmarked graves of soldiers and sailors of the Army and Navy, regular and volunteer.

July 5,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Ten sacks of boquet flour for $8.00 Sturdevant’s Store
Vigilantes hung Ralph Hills and son for cattle stealing.
A group of cattlemen (59 signatures) advised Henry Hunt and Mr Fuller of Chelsea to leave the country and Charles Keeler to follow or reform his ways.

July 12,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Dr D G McPherson is the dentist
John Brady has a cold storage house at his residence
Baseball Atkinson versus O’Neill at Atkinson Monday July 16

July 19,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Died July 16, John Navonty, aged 60 years after about 1 month illness, deceased was a highly respected residence of western Holt and his demise will be sadly regretted by his many relatives and friends.
Born to Elmer Williams, 8 pound boy
The four week old babe of Charles Dickinson, residing near Amelia, died last Sunday
To be married H A Schwering and Josie Brown on the 25th

July 26,1894 Atkinson Graphic
W E Hamlin is the jeweler
A disgraceful fistic encounter took place in front of the Office Saloon last Thursday afternoon between Charles Kirk and Allen from Amelia
Michael Cannon, an old and highly respected residence of Sheridan Township, died suddenly yesterday from inflammation of the bowels.
Married at the M E Church, Atkinson, July 25, H A Schwering to Josie Brown. Rev C W Boelter officiated.

Aug 2,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Michael Cannon died. He was born Donegal, Ireland. 1860 immigrated to the U S. left a wife and six children. Mrs Crimmons, Patrick, Collins, Michael and Bridget.
Born to Samuel Becker, July 29, a daughter
Married A Barnett and Luvia E Furnish July 25th, in Grand Junction, Iowa

Aug 9,1894 Atkinson Graphic
The only child of John Vincent residing 18 miles southwest of Atkinson died Sunday evening.
Fred Mlinar who has been long and favorably known in this section of Holt County, has sold his Boyd County farm and resettled on his place west of Atkinson in Stuart Township. Mr Mlinar is a desirable citizen and is heartily welcomed back by his many friends in this locality.

Aug 16,1894 Atkinson Graphic
W C Scott received a telegram last Friday conveying the sad intelligence of his mother’s death, very suddenly the day previous, at Toulon, Illinois
Salina Kansas advertisement for county manager with salary of $85.00 per month and office expenses.
Died at the residence of John Christ, 9 miles north of Atkinson, Aug 13, John Koeber, aged 66 years, 11 months and 13 days. Died of bright’s disease. Veteran of Francso Prussian War, buried at the Catholic Cemetery of this village

Aug 23,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents, Atkinson Aug 22, Oscar Eberhart of York, Nebr and Nellie McCurdy of Atkinson, Rev A F Cumbo officiated
Married Oscar Eberhart and Nellie Richmond
Married at O’Neill Aug 16 A J Dexter and Clara E West, both of Atkinson, Rev H H Hosman officiated
Anton Tasler killed.

Aug 30,1894 Atkinson Graphic
John Moehler, aged 17, residing near Eagle Mills, accidentally shot himself while hunting last Sunday and expired in a few minutes.
Pettit jurors of the district court for October are B H Johring, E R Riley, E L Davis, S W McCaughey, J M Hunter, E H Thompson, Chas Barngrover, A J Fleming, B Gray, N W Doud, Jno Alderson, G C Short, O P Sheve, A Barrett, Wm Bokohoff, Jos Skudler,jr, Samuel Beavers, John Snyder, Wm Veale, A L Booth, H H Trowbridge, W Joyce, Barney Hynes, C Genther
A young couple from Holt County, driving across the country together to Iowa, came to the conclusion that they could travel better in double harness, so when they reached Madison Monday they appeared before Judge Foster and were made one. The groom’s name is Chas Hitchcock and the bride was Laura Allbee—Madison Chronicle
A pipe, a match, and load of hay- D E Moore and son Charles set a very interesting fire
Irrigation in Holt County
Elizabeth Hellier- probate notice
Nellie F Coburn suing for divorce from Alva D Coburn and custody of Ella E Coburn, 8 years on the 14th day of Aug, 1894, Nora A Coburn, 5 years on 6th day of Oct 1893, and Mary E Coburn, 3 years on 23rd day of May, 1894.
Vincene Novotny probate notice

Sept 6,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Born to Fred Weiss, Aug 31, a daughter
Jacob Hahn is janitor at the school
Omaha hunters had trouble crossing the river
Anton Tasler’s obituary

Sept 13,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Born to Musser on Monday Sept 10, a daughter
Cold storage plant of John Brady is filled with wild game
Married at Atkinson, Sept 12, William Dexter and Bertha West by Rev Robert Blackburn.
Died, Abbie A, wife of William Hayens of Rock Falls Township, after a brief illness with inflammation of the bowels. She leaves a husband and three small children. Her remains were interred in the Catalpa Cemetery, last Sunday
Emmet is no longer a triving city

Sept 20,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Born to John F Brady,Sept 15, a son
M E O’Brien will open a grocery store in the building formerly occupied by Coburn and Fisher. Dan Coburn and Billy Fisher went to Laurel to open a mercantile store.
Wayne Wanner, lost his arm to a loaded gun
Wertz- Strohm expedition met with sad results. Wertz is editor of Stuart newspaper,

Sept 27,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Maude Brown, a resident of Atkinson some 3 years ago, died at Omaha, last Tuesday of consumption.
Died at the residence, 6 miles south of Meadow Grove, Nebr on the 24th day of Sept, 1894, Della , wife of J C Fanton, aged 24 years.She leaves a loveable little girl, her parents James H Perry. She was buried in the Atkinson Cemetery.
Andrew Crowley, former citizen of Holt County, died at Bonesteel, South Dakota the 24th. His remains were shipped from Atkinson to Battle Creek for interment, Wednesday morning.

Oct 18,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Born to George Raymer, Nov 4, a fine boy
Mrs H A Hills of Wagner, LT, a sister-in-law of Mrs Ira J Burleson, and a former resident of Atkinson, is visiting in this place. Having been called back to Nebraska, by the recent illness and death of her father, Mr Marley, residing near O’Neill
Died Oct 17, at her home 3 miles west of Atkinson, Mrs Louisa Frye, aged 29 years. Mrs Frye came with her husband to this country from France, some 11 years ago. He became an invalid and returned to France, hoping the voyage to and proper treatment in his native land might restore him to health, but he had not realized the benefits anticipated, and he is still there, physically unable to return to this country. Mrs Frye, for several years, in this vicinity, has nobly confronted the vicissitudes incident to frontier life and with commendable fortitude braved every obstacle in the path of domestic duty with Christian meekness and grace. On Monday last she was stricken with some fatal malady which she survived but a few hours. She leaves a bright little daughter, nearly 11 years old who has the sincere sympathy of all in her lonely orphanage. The remains, under the rites of the Mother church, were interred in the Catholic Cemetery yesterday.
Married at the home of the bride’s sister, Mrs Rice in Newcastle, Nebr, Nov 17, Charles Griffith and Ida Metcalf.
Married on the 13th day of Nov at the residence of the bride’s parents in Saratoga township by the Rev W T Williams, William Damro and Edia Lamphier.

Oct 25,1894 Atkinson Graphic
20 pounds of Raisins $1.00 at O’Briens
Members of the Old Library Association turned over its books to the high school. If you have any checked out please take them to the school.
Born to R E Pate of Pendar, Nebr, 14th of Oct, 10 ½ pound boy. Mrs Pate (nee Ray Davis)

Nov 8,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs Palmer Newton, once a resident of this place and highly respected by all, died last week in California
Born to William Dickerson, Nov 2, a son, weighing 11 ¼ pounds
Where as God in His infinite wisdom has suddenly removed from earth our brother Peter A Cramer, a member of Atkinson Lodge #69 AOU

Nov 15,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Land claims were proved up by James M Campbell, Edward Mullen, George W Tappan, William S Miller, John C Ingling is a dealer in all kinds of mounted animals
Backmer and Fox have all kinds of meats
Ben Sherwood- lumber and coal
G H Walrath has a lumber Co

Nov 22,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Fred Moyer left 18 years ago for California and just recently entered a blacksmith shop in Fort Worth and met his son. The son, Herman, was a resident of Atkinson for many years, returned to Atkinson yesterday to get his mother.
Public Auction- Mrs Catherine Moyer Nov 24th

Nov 29,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Morse Hardware Co-
Jacob Smith’s Boot and Shoe Emporium
The Star Livery Barn- Bartley and Davis
James Brook- Hardware, Harness and Barb Wire
J W Galleher, furniture and undertaking
Wilson Drug Store
C M Forney- druggist and jeweler
Alex Hart- clothing
C A Bitney bought out Frank Bitney
J W Titus, grain and produce
Atkinson Roller Mills operated by F X Rehberg

Dec 6,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Will Lamb sold interest in dray line to J J Stilson
Marriage license issued to J F Crane of Stuart and Jessie Ballewag of Atkinson
Marriage license issued to Miles S Greenfield of Stuart and Clara Ballewag of Atkinson
Map of the big irrigation ditch

Dec 13,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Evans Scott shot and killed by Krischner, or Krischner shot and killed by Scott—Rock County tragedy
(later paper says the one shot is recovering)
Married at the Residence of Esquire Emerson, Rock Falls Township, Dec 5, H S Davis and Nettie Neeley, both of Atkinson. Frank Emerson, Justice of peace, officiating

Dec 20,1894 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs Barrett Scott attended the funeral of B F Akin at this place last Monday
Died at the residence of his son, Delbert, in this village Dec 16, Benjamin Franklin Akin. Aged 62 years 4 months and 16 days…

Dec 27,1894 Atkinson Graphic
The young babe of Jos ?????Ziska died last Friday and was ?????Sunday in the Catholic Cemetery—pieces of the paper are missing
Stuart bank closes doors
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents in Atkinson Dec 26, Jas Humpal and Julia Halimack, Justice H Beebe officiating.
Annie Humpal departed for Omaha this morning, where she will visit relatives for a few days, and from there go to Aanamosa, Iowa, where she will marry a prominent railroad man of that place.
William Lilly died at his home in Norfolk Christmas morning at 10:30 of inflammation of the bowels.

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Jan 3,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Barrett Scott was lynched.

Jan 10,1895 Atkinson Graphic
More about Barrett Scott
Died at St Paul, Minn, Dec 24, Rufus G Bailey, aged 63 of Chronic Rheutism.
Dave Bradshaw had hogs stolen
Married at Catholic Church in Atkinson, Jan 2, Lizzie Alworth and R M Mullen
G A R officers were H W Transue Jr, J M Campbell, C Garwood, C Boelime, F Bitney, David Neeley, J W Galee, S D Orcutt, H Fleming, W H H Clark, Robert Alworth
Fire Department officers were B D Sherwood, J E Allison, J M Stewart, V W McDonald, G Holmquest, E P Bennett, M T Woods..

Jan 24,1895 Atkinson Graphic
If you want brook trout to plant in streams see Theodore Wheeler.
Scotts murder
Milton Doolittle left for North Platte
Were the Hills Hung? Ralph Hills is alive and well, living in a sod house in a canyon three miles from the west bank of the Mo River, and 25 miles north of Bonesteel.

Jan 31,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Abraham Lincoln and Barrett Scott’s grandmother, whose maiden name was Lincoln, were first cousins. She married Harvey Barrett.
Lillie the bright and winsome 2 year old daughter of Frank P Glassner, of Stuart, died on the 23rd.
Barrett Scott obituary
Mrs James Hotelling, died Monday last, she leaves a husband and three little boys to mourn her untimely death. The funeral was held last Thursday.—Stuart Ledger of 24th
Jim Hoteling, the pioneer stage driver and hotel keeper of the Niobrara river region was in Atkinson last Tuesday. Jim has had bad luck recently, sickness in his family and a damaging fire among the ill starred freaks that have been coming his way of late, but he bears his load of sorrow like a hero.

Feb 21,1895 Atkinson Graphic
William McGregory, who recently died near Bliss, Holt County, Nebraska, was buried as an unknown wayfarer, has been identified by J P Pacha, who resides 12 miles southwest of Atkinson, who was well acquainted with the deceased. McGregory was a union soldier, and had, at the time of his death, a tree claim on Section 28 township 25 range 15. He also had another quarter section in Holt County. The deceased was 64 years of age and has a mother and brother living somewhere in Illinois.
Twins born, but not in the same month or year, only 10 minutes apart, at Battle Creek.

Feb 28,1895 Atkinson Graphic
6 month old babe of Price Jamison, died at Butte the 21st.
Eva Price went to Leigh, Nebraska this morning where she is to meet and marry Jud Benton.
Married at the residence of the groom’s mother in Green Valley township, Feb 25, Joseph Tasler to Mary Dobias, all of Green Valley. B P Nelier, Justice of Peace officiating.
Married Feb 25, by Rev Robert Blackburn at the residence of Mrs Julia A Miner of Sheridan Township, Henry Matson of Dota, Nebraska and Alice C Miner of Atkinson, Nebraska.
Born to Lee Crawford of Sheridan Township, Feb 22, a daughter, already had three boys.
Mamie Hahn and Fred Batcher were married last Saturday by Judge McCutchan, the ceremony taking place at the residence of the Judge

March 7,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Marshall- Boehme wedding at this place last Thursday evening.
Married at O’Neill, Nebr March 2, William D Wixson of Atkinson and Mrs Frances Stewart of O’Neill, Rev Hosman officiating. (next week the paper says David D Wixson got married, not William D)
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents Thursday Feb 28 R E Marshall to Virginia A Boehme, Rev Cumbow officiating.

March 14,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Died on Friday March 8, Daisy, daughter of H E Henderson of Pleasantview Township, aged 15 years of diphtheria.

March 21,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs W E Holton, 40 odd years, whose husband is an inmate of the state insane asylum, lived alone in an humble abode near the hamlet of Brocksburg, in Keya Paha County, was found dead in her domielle last Thursday morning with prima facia evidence that she had first been wantonly outraged and then hanged by the fiends who compassed her death…
Catherine Smith, whose maiden name was Kesler, was born in Saxe Coburg, Germany Aug 15,1817 and died at her home in Atkinson March 18,1895, aged 77 years 7 months and 3 days. The deceased was married to Frederick Smith, her now bereft husband, about the year 1841. Into this union was born 9 children, 5 of whom preceded her in death…
Mrs W E Hamlin received the painful intelligence Tuesday morning by telegram, that her mother died on the 18th at Cherry Valley, Ill.

April 4,1895 Atkinson Graphic
A ten year old boy climbs the golden stairs by the rope route, dead is Grover Leeper...
John Johnson, residing 5 ½ miles north east of Atkinson, a German, aged 57 years, hanged himself last Thursday evening…
Hattie L Huss, beloved wife of Frank C Huss, and the eldest daughter of James E and Mabel K Chapman, born Bureau Co, Ill March 3,1868, died at her home in South Dakota, March 27,1895, aged 27 years 24 days. The body was brought to Atkinson for burial. ;she left two children…
Ellis, son of Geo W Purnell, Emmet township, died April 3, aged 2 years of Diptheria.
The Graphic office is now located on West State Street, in the best business house in Atkinson.

April 25,1895 Atkinson Graphic
William D Scott, an old veteran, who used to live in this county, was found dead in Omaha, last Thursday.
Fred Newton, son of Palmer, and his wife recently lost their little girl by scarlet fever.
Married at the residence of H C Morrow in Francis Township on April 21 William Tenborg, age 21 years of Emmet, and Merta Neher, aged 18 of Green Valley township. Judge Morrow performed the marriage ceremony.
Carl Bartel died suddenly at his home in Amelia at 2 o’clock last Sunday morning of heart trouble. The funeral occurred Tuesday at Chambers.

May 2,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Cyril Erychief, called to Stanton by the death of his father on Thursday morning of last week, at the age of 73 years.

May 9,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Died at the home of his father, Seth Woods of this city, on Friday April 3, Herman H Woods, aged 27 years and 6 months. Born Nov 1,1867 McDonough Co, Ill….

May 16,1895 Atkinson Graphic
W H Beeman and three boys left for Billings, Wyoming to take up claims. Another son was already there.
Baby girl born to S Scripter on Wednesday the 8th, only lived three days and was buried last Sunday.

May 23,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs Mary Sibyl Putnam died at the residence of her son, Herbert L Putnam, near Atkinson on Sunday, May 5 at 4 o’clock in the morning at the age of 72 years 5 months and 18 days. She was the 3rd child of Amasa and Sarah Spafford, born Nov 17,1832 in Springfield, Vt. She married Pliny M Putnam, he died in Geneva June 15,1883. they had six children….
Mrs Broaddus is busy again, she will be remembered in Holt County for sending heart rending letters to eastern papers.
Married at the residence of B P Neher, in Green Valley Township, May 14, Gilbert S Whipple and Estella C Slaymaker.
Baseball score—Atkinson 1, Newport 19
Cornelius Carrigan, age 9 years, only son of William Carrigan, died Tuesday of Diptheria. His remains were brought to Atkinson yesterday afternoon and interred in the Catholic Burial ground. ..

May 30,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Harriette Darr, wife of G Darr, died at her home near Scottville after a continued illness of several years. The funeral occurred Tuesday from the Scottsville Church and the remains interred in the cemetery at that place. Deceased was in the neighborhood of 75 years of age.

June 6,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Hattie M Porter, age 44 years, 9 months and 22 days died at her home near this city, Friday evening, May 31st, after a lingering illness of several months. Funeral occurred last Sunday. She was the wife of G M Porter. She was born Aug 9,1850. They had eight children. She was buried in the Atkinson Cemetery.
Married in Emmet on Wednesday June 5, Rev Blackburn officiating, Jessie E Burnell and Estella C Ames

June 13,1895 Atkinson Graphic
June 11, twelve miles northeast of Atkinson, a baby girl was born to Mr and Mrs Wilcox.
W J Speers moved to Montrose,California

June 20,1895 Atkinson Graphic
When James Stepforth went home from the ball game last Friday evening he found a laughing baby girl, regulation weight.
Julius Kalkus, age 34 years, died at the home of John Halameck, in this city,on Saturday, Juen 15,1895 at 11 am of blood poison, from a gunshot wound in the arm. He was born 1861. He left a son 8 years old. The funeral was at the Catholic Church.
Mrs Pavlinsky was took east to the asylum

June 27,1895 Atkinson Graphic
C M Porter sheared 1480 sheep with the help of Harry Davis for W S Griffith
Margaret J Kuhn died, age 52 years, Tuesday at her residence in this city of dropsy of the heart. She was interred in the catholic cemetery. She was sick for the last six years, the origin of the sickness was a cold contracted while fighting a prairie fire. She left three children to mourn her loss, W M Anderson of Dustin, Mrs Fred Spears of Saratoga, and Mrs Ellen Gray of Dustin.
Married at the residence of the officiating clergyman, A C Spencer, on Sunday evening, June 24, Fred A Ripley and Mary O”Brien.
The little 2 year old son of Mr and Mrs Charles Coburn was drowned in an old well last Sunday out in the Cleveland settlement.
C O Bartley and daughter, Sarah Rinker, left for Goodland, Indiana.
Mrs Monroe, aged lady of Dorsey, was taken before the board of insanity on Wednesday and pronounced insane. She will be cared for in O’Neill until there is room in Norfolk or Lincoln, which are both full.

July 4,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs Benedict Sherman, an old acquaintance of J M Holmes, of this city, was killed by a freight train in Olen, Iowa, a week ago last Saturday.
Why is it that John Ingling looks so sober? Because it’s a girl again. John says, “It’s just my luck”.
Died Agnes Carberry, age 12 years of Bright’s disease at Stuart Saturday, June 29, at 4 o’clock. The funeral occurred at 2 pm last Sunday from the Catholic Church in this city and interment took place in the Catholic Cemetery. She was the daughter of John Carberry. This is the second daughter they have buried in the last three months.
The first child born in Atkinson was Fred Bitney. He was born June 4,1878, 15 years ago the 4th of last month.

July 11,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Mr A L Morse, after a lingering illness of several months,passed peacefully away at 1 o’clock this morning. He leaves a wife and four children. The funeral is Saturday morning.

July 18,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Arthur Morse was born July 15,1854. He married Ida Cain and had five children.
Tallest, old soldier in Nebraska makes his headquarters at the home. George French of the 37th Illinois Infantry when he stretches himself out to his fullest height of 6 feet 9 inches in his stockings.

July 25,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Mr Chilens, an old gentlemen about 60 years old, lived alone 2 ½ miles northwest of Amelia, fell into a large water tank in the milk house and was drowned. Funeral occurred Monday. Wife died about a year ago. He leaves a married daughter.
Born to Mr and Mrs Jesse Brook on Thursday last, a baby girl of the usual weight.

Aug 8,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents in this city on the 6th, Rev Cumbow officiating, Washington Q Chapman and Effie M Blackmer.
Hattie Bolles is to teach the winter term at Schwering School

Aug 15,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Oliver Reigle an old resident of this county, was buried in Omaha last Sunday by Modern Woodmen
Ellen A Cozens, went to O’Neill Monday to make final proof on her homestead, She was accompanied by Paul Dickau and John Tulk, who went to appear as witness for her.

Aug 22,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Born to Mr and Mrs George Blake on Tuesday , Aug 20, 1895, a girl, weight 8 pounds.

Aug 29,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Died, Mary Handling, on Aug 22. Funeral services were held at Catholic Church on Friday Aug 23.
Married at the home of the bride’s parents 4 miles northeast of Atkinson on Thursday, the 22nd, Rev Cumbow officiating, George Reis and Emma Christenson. Also at the same time and place, Charles F Olson and Bessie Christenson.

Sept 5,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Died, Daniel Phillip Raymer on Monday,Sept 2, 1895 at 12;15 at his residence 5 miles northeast of Atkinson of cancer, aged 50 years, 2 months 18 days. He was bornJuen 14,1845. He married Mary Reffier and had six children. A daughter, Daisy Allen is married.
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents, 9 miles northwest of Atkinson on the eve of 2nd, Rev Cumbow officiating, John C Inglis and Alice Dobney.
Married at the reisdence of the bride’s parents in Atkinson on Tuesday evening of the 2nd, Rev Cumbow officiating, Volney Millspaugh and Ina Ingling.
Personal estate of Abram Shiland, deceased, was sold at public auction on Saturday.

Sept 19,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Lee Jennings and G H Dunham left for Missouri.
Jim Binkard was threatened by vigilantes.

Oct 3,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Jacob Smith left for Wisner
Orra E Mouten proved up his homestead claim
Creditor settling the estate of Arthur L Morse, deceased

Oct 17,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Died, Frederick Smith on Tuesday Oct 8,1895, age 73 years, 5 months 23 days. He was born at Sut Coburg, Germany on March 15,1822, he came to the US in 1837 and settled in Wayne Co, Penn. From there he moved to Atkinson where he resided till the day of his death. On Nov 11,1864 he enlisted in the 45th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers and served until July 16,1865, when he received an honorable discharge. He leaves three children, a son and two daughters to mourn his loss. His wife preceded him to the better world about a year ago.

Oct 24,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Married at the residence of the bride’s mother in Atkinson, Wed, Oct 23,1895, Rev C H Burleigh officiated. G A Millspaugh and Myrtle Ingling, both of this county.
George Dunham left for Kirksville, Adair Co, Mo

Nov 14,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Harry Davis was happy last Saturday, all on account of the arrival of a boy at his house.

Nov 21,1895 Atkinson Graphic
The father of J T Wertz, editor of the Ledger at Stuart, died at Creighton, a week ago last Monday.
Frank Lambert of Chambers, died a week ago last Saturday.
Last Tuesday morning in the Catholic Church, Father Breltkopf joined in holy wedlock Aloys Dworak, aged 30, and Mary Sramek, age 18. The contracting parties live 6 miles southwest.

Dec 5,,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Married George Beers and Jane Sowerwine.
It is with a feeling of sadness that we think of Captain Alfred Sanford being sent to the St Louis City Poor House.
Married by Rev Father Cassidy in O’Neill on Wed morning, Nov 27, Thomas Morrow and Lizzie Carlon.
N J Tuller left for Culbertson, Mont.

Dec 12,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Dr Blackburn and family is leaving for Los Angeles.
Belle Moore aged 13 years, 5 months and 12 days died at the residence of her uncle, Frank Moore, Tue, Dec 10,1895. She was born near Crab Orchard, Ky on June 28,1882. Her mother died when she was about 7 years old and her father two years later.
Harry Hayward, the murderer of Catherine Ging was hanged at Minneapolis yesterday morning at 2 o’clock.
Dr Blackburn had an auction Dec 21, 1895 selling two horses, 1 top buggy, 2 set single harness, 1 double harness, and household furniture.

Dec 19,1895 Atkinson Graphic
Gene Cress died at Atlanta, Georgia hotel of apoplexy. He leaves a wife and three children in O’Neill.
H L Putnam left for Council Bluffs.
H L Putnam proved up his homestead before the registor of the land office at O’Neill.

Dec 26,1895 Atkinson Graphic
25 pounds of raisin for $1.00
At Pana, Ill, Frank E Moore was married to Bertha A Ham
J P Marrell left for Kingsley, Iowa.
Samuel Carter says if he don’t summer in Atkinson he will summers else

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Jan 9,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Timothy Cross, had cattle rustled. Oliver Holmquist is under arrest.
Mrs Mary S Orcutt, age 56 years, 9 months and 23 days died at her home in Atkinson on Sat, Jan 4 at 10 o’clock. Mary S Barrows was born March 12,1839 in Crown Point, Essex Co, NY and married to S D Orcutt Feb 12,1853. In 1885 they moved to Atkinson, To this union were born three children, 2 sons and 1 daughter.
Keep your dog tied up or it will be killed. A mad dog bit Father Kreltkopf’s horse, Henry Schwearing’s dog, Rev Barleigh’s dog, two of John Brady’s dogs, then was killed by Jess Brook. Stuart has killed 15 dogs in the last week.

Jan 16,1896 Atkinson Graphic
While deputy sheriffs and vigilants were in Atkinson, John Fantan left for Old Mexico via Rock County.
The blizzard of Jan 12,1888, Mattles and the son of Mr Schaaf’s froze to death.
Tom Carberry is on trial for Cattle rustling in O’Neill
Michael Tierney is on trial for five counts of counterfeiting.
A ten pound boy arrived at the home of W C Conklin last Friday morning
Will Donnelly is moving his torsorial palace further south on main street, next to the Old Exchange bank, in building formerly occupied by W E Hamlin
In the Blizzard of Jan 12,1888, Mr Fanst’s mother-in-law and his two children started for Stuart in a sleigh, found frozen to death two days later
Mary S Orcutt aged 56 years 9 months and 23 days died at her home in Atkinson, Saturday Jan 4 at 10 am, after a lingering illness of over 4 months. She was born March 12,1839 Crown Point, NY. Married S D Orcutt Feb 18,1863. had three children

Jan 23,1896 Atkinson Graphic
J M Campbell has harness and repair shop in the brick building next to the Exchange Bank
Last Sunday in the Catholic Church, Father Breitkopf announced the coming marriage of Donut Segar and Sophia Cramer.

Jan 30,1896 Atkinson Graphic
D P O’Sullivan, an old resident of this county, died in O’Neill last Saturday.
Frank Kazda and Emma Kragen were married last Monday in this city, Hiram Beebe, Justice of Peace officiating.
Donut Segar and Sophia Cramer were married at the Catholic Church by Father Brietkopf at 10 last Monday morning.
Samuel Auger, died Wednesday night of last week, He had reached the age of 76 years. Funeral services were held from his late residence Friday, at 11. conducted by Rev Burleigh and the burial was made in the cemetery at this place.

Feb 6,1896 Atkinson Graphic
John Ingles had a load of corn meal from his grist mill.
Last Friday. W H H Clark and Charles Brook started for Iowa, called there by the death of Mr Clarke’s sister. Mr Brook returned Tuesday night.
John Fanton is at Meadow Grove on bail of $1,000.

Feb 13,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Saturday evening last week, C H Walrath received a telegram from Goodland, Ind, that Mrs S J Rinker, sister of Mrs Walrath, was dead. Her parents, C O Bartley, brother State Treasurer C O Bartley, sister Mrs A D Havens
J H Meier, 10 miles northeast of Atkinson will sell at auction and move to Illinois.

Feb 20,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Boy born to Fred Wyss 30th of January
Sarah Bartley Rinkers obituary.

Feb 27,1896 Atkinson Graphic
William Glasgow got 15 years sentence in Omaha for burglary, used to live sw of Atkinson
Frank Dowling going to Coldridge where he leased a blacksmith shop

March 5,1896 Atkinson Graphic
New Bakery—Miss Kate Pruss and Mrs Antone Tomsik have purchased the restaurant and bakery of Mrs Bronk and will be pleased to meet all old customers and many new ones. Good meals at all hours, and fresh bread on hand. They also solicit daily boarders. Everything is first class style.

March 12,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Died Thomas Dowling, aged 64 years, at his home in Atkinson March 5th. He was born in Queens County, Ireland 1832, married Marie Louise Manzy in1852 in Hamilton, Hancock Co, Ill. During the Civil War he was in Company 8, 14th Regiment of Illinois volunteers. Had three sons and three daughters. Funeral services held at Catholic Church.

March 19,1896 Atkinson Graphic
The home of J E Purnell at Emmett was made glad the 10th by the advent of a 10 pound boy.
John Inglis is in the city for the purpose of putting down a well for John Zeimer.
Married March 1st by Rev R Blackburn, Thomas E Maring of Emmett and Myra B Henderson of Atkinson.
Married at Stuart, Saturday, March 14 by Rev Anderson, William Munt and Mrs Nellie Coburn. Mr Munt is an old resident of this county and Mrs Coburn is an old resident of Atkinson.
A creamery in Atkinson, using the Swedish method.

March 26,1896 Atkinson Graphic
A post office is established in Green Valley Township, called Green Valley, with L M Smith as postmaster

April 2,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Someone without the fear of God poisoned John Brady’s dog last week.
A boy born at Henry Schwering home

April 9,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Jacob Cramer and Tilly Segar were joined in holy wedlock at the Catholic Church last Tuesday. The ceremony performed by Father Brietkopf.

April 23,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Holt County Wool Growers Association Meeting.
Fena, daughter of Milton Doolittle, died of consumption in North Platte

April 30,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Died, Edith L Meyers, age 20 years 3 months and 13 days, at her father’s residence in Lisbon, Iowa, Wednesday April 22. The funeral occurred Thursday April 23 at 2 pm. She graduated from Atkinson high school June 1,1894. She was the eldest daughter of H C Meyers, born in Lisbon Jan9,1876.
Phenia Doolittle died at the home of her parents, M A Doolittle. The deceased was in her 18th year. Funeral services will be held this afternoon, after which the remains will be taken to Onarga, Illinois for interment.
Nathan Spicer, aged 4 years, died at Winnebago City, Minn April 16, on the way to Mazeppa, Minn in company with his parents and Amy Davis. He was a grandchild of James A Davis, living 3 miles southwest of Atkinson.
Holt County Agricultural Society was declared extinct and the Holt County Agricultural and Fair Association was formed. Director B A DeYarmon, W S Griffith.

May 7,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Yesterday afternoon Father Brietkopf joined together in holy wedlock Jospeh Sobon and Anna Jonus.
J G Hoteling was in the city last Saturday with a load of evergreens.
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents in Ames, Iowa, on Thursday evening April 28, by Rev F J Douglas, Charles W Hodgdon of Hoquiam, Washington and Mary J Sargent of Ames. Bride was a former Atkinsonsite.

May 14,1896 Atkinson Graphic
John Fanton found guilty of stealing Timothy Cross’s cattle last December and sentenced to eight years.

May 21,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Last Tuesday morning about 9 o’clock John Carberry, a resident of Stuart, but a former resident of Atkinson, having come through here twenty years ago, walked through his house from the front to the back porch, saw the sheriff coming, placed a revolver to the right side of his head, back of the ear, and fired with deadly effects.
P W Deveson and Alma Price were married at the residence of the bride’s sister, Mrs Charles Sweet, 207 Williams Street, Monday May 4th by Rev W H Stedman—Champaign, Illinois Daily Gazette

May 28,1896 Atkinson Graphic
The remains of John Carberry were interred in the Catholic Cemetery.
Silas Purdy has hopes of getting the right parties interested in his patent buckles.
The council ordered J W Titus to move his hog pens 200 feet further west. They ordered W E Scott to open up the alley back of his house.

June 4,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Graduating from Atkinson High School were: Maude L Foote, Emma D Greeley, Matilda B Nightingale, Anna L Cross, Lazelle B Sturdevant, Arleigh D Moore and Frank H Morrow.
James Harvey became post master at Stuart.
S W Tower has a curiosity in the shape of a pig which has eight legs, three eyes and four ears. John Ingling is in the process of mounting it.
John Heuton brought to the Graphic office, a pig with eight perfect legs and three ears. The pig was alive when born but the mother laid on it. John Ingling is in the process of mounting it.

June 11,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Married on Wed, June 23, at 1:30 pm, Minnie Guyer of Glenwood, Iowa, and CL Anderson of O’Neill. Ceremony performed by Rev George of O’Neill at the home of the bride’s brother-in-law, L B Smith, near Creighton.

July 9,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Charlotte Phillips celebrated her 90th birthday.
The Joe Cross and Co Livery Barn burned. It had been built in Sept 1880, by Put Wheeler, and he hauled the lumber from Fort Niobrara.
A ten pound boy arrived at Myron Thompson home last Tuesday morning.

July 16,1896 Atkinson Graphic
P A Hart came up from Omaha, last Friday on a sad mission. His son, Fred, who has been staying with Pete Youngberg, about 12 miles north of this city, was mysteriously killed July 2, while herding cattle. There was no witness to the accident, but it is supposed that his horse fell on him, he was buried the 3rd at Celia, and his father came up to take the remains to Omaha, but concluded leave the body till fall.

Aug 20,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Word was received in Atkinson last Monday that Tom Carberry had died in South Dakota

Sept 3,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Boy born to George Reis, 11 pounds
Al Miller, mother and sister went to Battle Creek last Saturday to attend the funeral of Howard Miller’s baby, which occurred that day.
Christine Obele, mother of Mrs Herman Negienfind, died at 8 am Tue, She came here from Wis last year and was 88 years old. Funeral services were held in the M E Church at 1 am yesterday and were conducted by Rev Burleigh

Sept 10,1896 Atkinson Graphic
A child of Enoch Zener, was riding with its mother in a wagon, and fell out, the hind wheel running over its back

Sept 24,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Married in Atkinson Tue evening, Sept 22, by Judge Beebe, C M Porter of this city and Mrs Fanny Neerhood of Wapello, Iowa

Oct 1,1896 Atkinson Graphic
On Tue occurred the death of Dr Morris,one of Holt County’s most esteemed citizens. He was buried yesterday, under the auspices of the Masonic body of which he was a member. Many people from all over the county attended the funeral
Last Monday morning Gilbert Davis and Mary O’Connor were married in the Catholic Church by Father Brietkopf.

Oct 15,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Judge John D Neligh, died in West Point last Friday.
One of James Cannon’s twin babies died Sat and was buried in the Atkinson Cem Sunday.

Oct 22,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Married by Rev Blackburn on Wed, Oct 21 at 11 am Charles H Davis and Pauline Mlinar.

Nov 19,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Charley Clark taken before the insanity board, then to asylum at Norfolk.

Dec 4,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Wilson is the druggist.
Mrs Carrie A McDonald died Sat, Nov 28, at the age of 47 years, 2 months and 25 days. Miss Carrie A Wood was born Sept 3,1849 near Niagra Falls, Canada. Married Dr J L McDonald Sept 25,1867 in Picton, Ontario. Died Nov 28,1896 and leaves husband, son and dau.

Dec 10,1896 Atkinson Graphic
C F Englehaupt is butter maker at Amelia Creamery
Died James Henry Perry, at his residence in Aktinson, on Sat, Dec 5 at 9:35 pm, aged 50 years, 11 months, 18 days. Born Dec 17,1845 in Joe Davis County, Illinois. During the Civil War, age 16 years joined the 15th Illinois Volunteers, Co C, was a prisoner at Andersonville prison. Married July 4,1865 to Lucia A Andrews at Lena, Stephenson Co, Ill. Leaves mother, Mrs Mary Perry, a sister, Mrs Lantham, and a brother JC
L P Roy, a well known Holt County citizen, died at 11 o’clock Sabbath morning, Nov 22, at his residence in Fairview Township.
Married by Rev R Blackburn on Dec 9, Francesco Bailey of Stuart and Floyd Davis of Atkinson.
Carrie McDonald, was the daughter of Dr and Mrs H T Wood of Toronto.

Dec 17,1896 Atkinson Graphic
R Musser shot G A Spence. The affair occurred about 20 miles southwest of Atkinson as a result of a quarrel over who should get the corn stocks left from a crop raised by Mr Spence on Mr Musser’s place.

Dec 24,1896 Atkinson Graphic
Died Mamie Smith at Scranton, Penn on Wed, Nov 18,1896, aged 21 years and 25 days. She was the daughter of Mary E Smith, and had an operation on her throat where blood poisoning set in.

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Jan 7,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Rev C Breitkopt, Elmer Allison and Mr Chapman put some effort into getting money from France for Little Mary Frey.
Quint Day Crawford, beloved little son of George Lee and Wardie Crawford of McKee’s Rocks, Allegehany Co, Penn, died Tuesday Dec 8,1896 of Conjestion of the spine, aged 3 years, 8 months 19 days.
Mrs Anna Dorsey, pioneer of catholic literature in this country, had just died at her home in Washington City, at the age of 85 years.

Jan 14, 1897 Atkinson Graphic
Bert Adams, and Jennie Clark , two of Missouri Valley’s popular young people were married Sunday at the home of the bride’s uncle, George Keys.
Mary McDermott died at her home in Atkinson, on Saturday night at 11 o’clock, aged about 71 years.
Mary Lyons was born in Albany Co, NY. In 1844 she married Stephen McDermott, her husband’s death preceded hers by one year and six months. 8 children survive, all live in Nebr, except Barney of Darlington, Wis.
Major Krable of Bassett was brought before the insanity board and sent to the insane hospital in Norfolk.
Mr Spence, shot by Mr Musser has died.
Charles G Mason, cowboy from Lander, Wyoming, died by morphine at Emmet House in Omaha.

Jan 21,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Coroner’s jury gave in a verdict that George A Spence came to his death from pneumonia, aggravated by a gunshot wound in the leg and that the shotgun was in the hands of Raymond Musser.
George A Spence born Nov 22,1839 near Pittsburg, Penn. Died in Atkinson Jan 13,1897, aged 57 years 1 month 22 days. He was married in 1865. and had four children, one of which is Mrs Muston.
Married Thursday Jan 14 in this city, Anna Fretron of Des Moines County, Iowa to William Rossman of Catalpa, this county.
Elmer O Blake was sentenced in federal court in Omaha last week to one year in the Sioux Falls, SD penitentiary for embezzlement while postmaster at Butte.

Jan 28,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs Lee Hershiser died last Sunday at Waterloo, Iowa
Died Thomas McDonald on Sunday morning at 12:40 at the age of 37 years. Interred in Catholic Cemetery
Born to A W Miller, a ten pound girl, Jan 28 Thursday.
Died at Netawaka, Kan, Dec 11, Jessie Ellen, daughter of S J and Phebe A Doud, aged 3 years.

Feb 11,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Frank McKinley died at his home, 7 miles northeast of Atkinson, last Saturday, aged 27 . Funeral services held at Catholic Church last Tuesday.
Last Tuesday Father Klemenz united in marriage F D Braley of Alford, Nebr and Belle Riley of Hay Springs, NEbr.
Mrs George A Brooks died last week at her home in Bazile Mills.

Feb 18,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Freda Miner wrote an essay about Atkinson

March 4,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Jess Brook is a happy father of a baby boy born Friday morning.
The jury in the Raymond Musser case brought in a verdict yesterday of manslaughter. The penalty is from one to ten years in the penitentiary.

March 11,1897 Atkinson Graphic
George Blake got a baby girl.
Mrs Rea, sister of M E Harrington, died last week
The wife of A L Towie died in Niobrara last week of la grippe
Yesterday Judge Kinkaid sentenced Raymond Musser to eight years in the penitentiary, the 11th day of each December to be passed in solitary confinement and to pay the cost of presecution.

March 18,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Bassett court house burned to the ground.
Mrs Thos Dowling went to O’Neill Monday morning to prove her claim. Dave Blake and Nick O’Connell went with her as witnesses.
Died, Grace Huston, daughter of L E Huston, March 13 in Atkinson from effects of influenza, aged 2 years 11 months 1 day

March 25,1897 Atkinson Grapic
Owen Trainer died this morning at 8:45, aged 43 years, 1 month 23 days, of consumption.
Born March 20, a girl, to W E Scott
Frank Pacha was in town last Friday with a load of potatoes.
Fred Wyss moved his blacksmith and wagon shop to the build on the corner south of Walrath and Sherwood’s Lumber Yard.

April 8,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs A N Munger of Marseilles, Illinois, died last week, before her daughter, Mrs Dr Sturdevant arrived. Her husband died in this city on July 4,1888 at the age of 71.
John Dawson died in the cyclone at Chandler, Oklahoma.
W H Blackmer sold his meat market, slaughter house and ice business to Peter Bonenberger.

April 15,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Pete Bonenberger is the happy father of a baby boy, born Monday night
Campbells’ Harness shop, first door west of the rink
Holt County Wool Growers failed to hold meeting cause of bad weather
Old officers of the Golden Irrigation District were re elected
Leo Logerwell will start a herd at his place, 11 miles north of Atkinson, May 1
Go to Dalla Tabor for your Easter hats
Put hour horses and cattle in the Cross pasture south of town, where there are 400 acres under fence and 200 acres in blue grass
John A Robinson, who used to live in Atkinson, is a guard in the penitentiary at Deer Lodge, Montana
When Harry Davis left here last October, he sold a cow to Fred Stolte. C L Conklin claimed the cow and said that he only let Davis have the cow for keeping. Suit was had last week before Justice of the peace, Pat Hayes and Conklin won
Died Vernon Clark Brook, aged 1 month and 16 days at 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon, April 11 of la grippe. Funeral was held Monday afternoon from the residence of the parents, J E Brook.
John P McNichols wants liquor license in Atkinson
Forney and Co want a liquor license in Atkinson for medicinal purposes
C J Wilson wants a liquor license in Atkinson for medicinal purposes
Frank Wostrchill wants a liquor license in Atkinson
List of tariffs on the different items, etc sheep 1.50 beans 56 cents a bushel honey 20 cents a gallon

April 22,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs Thomas Dowling died in Coldridge last Monday
The father of Mrs Fred Martin died last week at Valparaiso, Indiana
Milo H Bebee and Mertie D Holmes were married Saturday night at the residence of the bride’s father, J M Holmes by Judge Bebee, uncle of the groom

April 29,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs Walker’s new millinery store will open next Saturday in the building three doors east of the Exchange Bank.
Frank Cole and Everett Robinson stole two saddles near Lutes, Keya Paha County, were pursued by six farmers, Cole was killed, Robinson captured and in O’Neill jail.

May 6,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Will Hobbs run over by train, lost both legs, he died at Stuart
Mrs Baluss went to O’Neill Monday and secured a divorce before Judge Kinkaid
New council—clerk is Hiram Bebee, Treasurer is J E Allison, Water commissioner is Hez Chambers, Night watchman is Jim Humpal. Chairman is Jess Brook. Marshalls office was not filled, if the above do their job, don’t need a marshall. John McNichols got his liquor license. And Frank Westerchill was given till next Monday night to raise th $750.00 license money.
Samuel Johns proved up on his land claim
Leonard C Sweet proved up his timber claim
Hattie Blackmer proved up her timber claim
Franc Friedl proved up his land claim
Dr J L McDonald, U S pension surgeon, local surgeon F E and M VRR , office 1st door south of Exchange Bank
W E Scott, attorney and counselor at law
C L Sturdevant’s Cash Store, clothing, we guarantee courteous treatment

May 13,1897 Atkinson Graphic
John Balloon has decided to make Holt County his home again, and has returned from Culbertson, Montana. He will engage in the cattle business
Perry and Matthews bought the F J Taylor circus and combined the two into one vast enterprise.
Jacob Hahn’s residence burned
Exchange Bank closed. Bank examiner Coad arrived and announced the bank was insolvent.. J S Barltey was the heaviest depositor having $54,000. 00 in the bank

May 20,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Born to John P McNichols, this morning a 12 pound girl.
An officer seeker’s diary

May 27,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Last Saturday a young son of Gus Kruger, living about 12 miles northwest of Atkinson, was kicked to death by a horse.
Married on Monday May 24 at the Catholic Church by Father Klemenz, Paul Segar and Kate Christ.

June 3,1897 Atkinson Graphic
Hugh Gallagher, Mike Flannigan, J M Flannigan, Ed F Gallagher, T J Birmingham have rented the Exchange Bank building and will be known as the Banking House of Gallagher and Co.

June 10,1897 Aktinson Graphic
John Sturdevant leased Stuart Ledgar from J W Wertz
Fire Company officers elected were—President J E Allison, Vice President Robert Bitney, Foreman William Dickerson, 1st Ass Foreman V W McDonald, 2nd ass Foreman Del Fisher, Secretary E S Eves, Treasurer, H A Schwering,
Colonel Mosby’s career
The Atkinson Graphic will combine with the Atkinson Plain Dealer

June 16,1887 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Horse racing—Bob Allworth’s pony was first
B D Sherwood and bride who were united in marriage this morning are departing for their future home
Atkinson has 700 inhabitants, graded school, 3 churches, roller mills, implement works, $54,616.00 was paid for cream alone by six different creameries in this county in1 896.
S Scripter Livery and Feed
Sexton and Havens- farm implements, wagons, buggies, deering harvesting machinery, pony binder, deering mower and rakes, binder twine and machine oil
John M Stewart old reliable implement house
Eeber Leek, tinsmith, and iron worker, hay burners, pumps, agent for ideal windmills

June 23,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Westlake Cannon, an old highly respected citizen living a few miles north of Atkinson, died at his home Monday. The deceased sustained a heavy fall from a horse a few weeks ago, which was the direct cause of his death
Michael McLauchlin, formerly of O’Neill, died at his home in Atkinson Monday of dropsy.
Hez Chambers is seeing that some much needed improvements are made to our streets and sidewalks.
James Brooks and Arch Walrath are keeping the markets supplied with fresh strawberries.
Race track- Bert Freeds sorrel pony won
B D Sherwood stole silently away hied himself to Atkinson where he was married Wednesday morning at 8:30 to Gertrude Burleson of that city. She is the daughter of Judge L J Burleson.
W H Blackmer meat marker Elkhorn River ice
Fred Wyss- Vulcan’s Forge, 1st door west of rink Blacksmith, wagon shop
Wood Brothers- Star Livery Feed and Exchange Stables
Frank Dowling the old knight of the anvil and hammer, Carriage painting a specialty
John M Stewart giving away Sept 15, a $75. top buggy
James Brooks- builders supplies, stoves, tin ware, machine oil, barb wire
J D Brown- cure any case of lump jaw
June 30,1897- Atkinson Plains Dealer
A N Munger probate notice
City Saloon- Frank Wosterchill the proprietor

July 14,1897 Atkinson Plains Dealer
Thos Carlon jumped from a wagon and was mangled for life.
Lud Board mangled in bad shape by explosion of a “Missed Shot” which he was digging out.
Docas society was organized.
Forney Hotel- W H Sage the proprietor

July 21,1897 Atkinson Plains Dealer
August Walter proved his land claim
Atkinson post office is located in the old Chambers Saloon building.
The remains of Mrs Michael Socha of Green Valley township were interred in the Atkinson Cem Thursday. Services held at the Catholic Church conducted by Father Klemenz.
John Dibble of Stuart township found his stolen harness in John Smith’s house.
Precincts turning in votes in the county election were: Atkinson, Chambers, Cleveland, Conley, Deloit, Dustin, Ewing, Lake, McClure, Paddock, Pleasant View, Shields, Shamrock, Stuart, Swan, Steel Creek, Verdigris, Willowdale, Wyoming, Emmett, Fairview, Francis, Grattan, Green Valley, Inman, Iowa, Rock Falls, Sand Creek, Saratoga, Scott.

July 28,1897 Atkinson Plains Dealer
Oston Butler and Emma Reisinger of Pleasant View Township were married. They set up housekeeping in the Cassidy House.

Aug 4,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Last Friday night, Joe Cross, took his livestock, wagon and harness and decamped for parts unknown, leaving behind him his bride of a few weeks to shift for herself.
Finley S Butler was born March 3,1845. In July 1868 he married Margaret J Willing at Cardis, Ohio. He died July 31,1897. He was a honorably discharged soldier of the rebellion, leaves a wife and five children.

Aug 18,1897 Atkinson Plains Dealer
Clint Radcliff and John Marrall had a lively fistcuff out at Blackmer’s hay camp one day last week.
Married at Basin, Boyd County, Father Klemenz officiating, were Frank Sanders and Mary Protiwinsky.
John Smith of Basin, Boyd County, aged 44 years old was taken sick with cholrea morbeus last Monday and died after an illness of ten hours. Father Klemenz officiated at the funeral.

Sept 1,1897 Atkinson Plains Dealer
William Dexter got a fine baby girl last Tuesday
Born to D M Cameron on Sunday morning, a girl. The sad news is that the infant died last night.
Clarence Walrath of North Bend got a bouncing baby boy on the 26th.
Mrs Doc Moore’s child fell in the well. She climbed down and held the child above water while another child ran two miles for help.

Sept 8,1897 Atkinson Plains Dealer
Atkinson Gun Club had a meeting.

Sept 15,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
LaZelle Sturdevant went to Lincoln Monday morning to begin his second year at the State University.
Mary O’Connell was born at Marysville, Kansas Jan 16,1875. She died at a Council Bluffs Hospital Sept 6, aged 22 years 7 months 14 days. She was the daughter of Thomas O’Connell and Mrs Arthur Cruise. She was interred in the Catholic Cemetery at Atkinson on Sept 9, services conducted by Father Klemenz.
After an illness of 14 weeks, Mrs L H Blackburn, wife of Rev Robert Blackburn and mother of Dr A T Blackburn, passed quietly away at her home on State Street Sunday evening. Funeral services at M E Church Tuesday Sept 14, Rev George of O’Neill officiated.

Sept 22,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Lousia Hills was born March 15,1830 Mildenhall County, Suffolk, England. She died Atkinson on Sept 12. She married Rev Robert Blackburn in 1852. they had a son, Dr Alford T Blackburn.
Arthur Hubbard, son of Hi Hubbard of Chambers accidentally shot the little finger of his left hand while out hunting last Thursday. While they were to the doctors, Hiram Hubbard, another son, broke his arm when a horse fell on him. While Hi was taking Hiram to the doctor, Arthur jumped on the horse and herded the cattle.

Sept 29,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
The biggest tablet on earth at Wilson’s for a nickel
Pay Hays sold a fine team of Black colts, Tuesday, weighing about 1300 each for $100 cash.
G W Harvey caught a pickrel Saturday that weighed over 10 lbs.
Dr Berry was in our city Friday and Saturday.
John Wertz was in the city Thursday.
H A Allen made a business trip to Ewing Friday
Parties from south of Amelia moved a good sized house from Atkinson to the Dell Bower ranch yesterday.
Miss E Morse is repairing the old Blackmer meat market building preparatory to engaging in the millinery business.
Harry Gillespie’s leg was amputated last week at the hospital in Minneapolis.
The Plains Dealer suggests that the bells of our Presbyterian and Methodist Churches might be rung ina measure separate and distinct from the wild peal of our fire alarm.
Thomas Morrow removed the addition to the Allworth building to his farm west of town Tuesday and will remodel the same into a fine dwelling
Briggs Brothers of Ainsworth were shipping a barrel of prairie chickens to Brown and Sons, of Chicago. Sheriff Hamilton and County Attorney Butley boarded the east bound passenger train and found them. Folks this is illegal

Oct 6,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Mrs T B Walker’s millinery store moved to the first door south of the post office.
Bradstreet Livery in O’Neill burned to the ground, along with 27 horses, wagons and carriages. It is thought a man was lost as cries were heard coming from the flames and a strange team was rescued.
R O Clifford traded for the Zenas Dickinson farm in Green Valley
Johnny Stewart was playing with a revolver Monday evening at the stock yards and accidentally shot a calf. As it happened to be his own, he regretted the accurance very much.
Thomas Carlon, city attorney of O’Neill had his leg amputated a little below the knee joint.

Oct 13,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
William Fagan proved his land claim

Oct 20,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Born to C L Anderson at Ord, Tuesday, Oct 12, a ten pound boy
A P White, formerly of Amelia, but now of Garden Grove, Iowa, came out to his old home last week to fight a contest that was filed against his timber claim by Mulligan. White won and returned to Iowa.
Ed White came in from his ranch south of Amelia Tuesday after six fine shorsphire bucks that had been shipped to Atkinson for White and Sons.
Barney Mullen, formerly a contractor and building in Holt County now lives in Deadwood.
Mrs John A Crawford, wife of ex senator, John A Crawford, of Atkinson died at the home of her son in South Sioux City, where she had been for medical treatment on Friday Oct 15.

Oct 27,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Harry Rowse is an old settler in Swan Township

Nov 3,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Married in Atkinson on Sunday Oct 31, Justice Beebe officiating, Antone Tresnock and Lucy Novotny.
Thieves stole three sets of harness from Fred Trumpeter of Pleastantview.

Nov 24,1897 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Frank Dobney is proving his land claim

Re: 1898 Holt County news from Atkinson Graphic

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Jan 12,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Mrs R R Dickerson died at her home in this city, Wed evening at 7:15 of unreamia. A week ago Tuesday she gave birth to a son.
The Atkinson Plain Dealer is now owned by Judge Woods. E Eves is retiring.
Slaymakers took top prizes with their onions.
William Fagan and Alvaretta Husted were united in marriage Friday afternoon Jan 7. Ceremony was performed by County Judge Selah in his office.

Jan 19,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Judge Selah granted marriage licenses to the following couples of Green Valley, Joseph A Mlinar and Louise Kupert, John B Jonas and Barbara Mlinar and John Wedige and Marie Stenhauser.
Born to Myron Thornton last Wednesday, a ten pound boy
Fred Martin rejoices over a 8 pounds boy born last Friday

Feb 3,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
John Jonas and Barbara Mlinar, both of Green Valley, were married by Justice Tulk at his home, Tuesday, Jan 25.
Jess Brook won the Medal at the Atkinson Gun Club

Feb 10,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
John Wedigee and Marie Steinhauser were married at the Catholic Church at Stuart, Tuesday. Father Klemenz officiating.
J C Kunsh made proof of his timber claim in Rock County
Joseph Mlinar and Libuse Kubart of Green Valley were married at the Catholic Church in Atkinson on Tuesday morning. Father Klemenz officiated. After the wedding the bridal party repaired to the home of the bride where a bountiful spread had been prepared.
A $200 Steer- a replevion suit wherein P Barrett of Dustin sought to recover possession of a steer from John Robertson was heard before Justice Beebe, Thursday and Friday. The jury returned with the verdict in favor of Robertson.
Wash Chapman made final proof on his land claim
A new settler arrived at the home of T A Moss on Feb 4 and announces his intentions of remaining permantly.

Feb 17,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Frances Knopp and John Kusick were married Wednesday of last week at Stuart. Father Klemenz performed the ceremony. They left for Vexnta, near Lincoln, their future home.
Mr Kelly, the young man who runs the experiment farm at O’Neill accidentally killed himself Sunday. He was going through a wire fence with a shotgun. He was 22 or 23 years old.

Feb 24,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Pete Carberry of Stuart arrested on charges of stealing cattle.
Mattie Haines and John Jansen were married Monday, Justice Beebe performed the ceremony at his office.
Born to Paul Seger Tuesday Feb 22, a daughter.

March 3,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
D O Cole married Maude Anthony of Howard County at Central City.
Will O’Brien of Charter Oak, Iowa got a girl, born Feb 24.
J E Allison sold his interest in the implement business to J E Stillson—Havens and Stillson

March 10,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
D Cotton is the father of a bouncing 11 pound baby girl
Ed Bennett, former barber here will start from Red Lodge,Montana about the first of May with a bunch of horses for the Klondike.
I N Neher is here visiting his brother, Ben, I N runs a $2 a day hotel at Dell Rapids, SD
Mattie Copp of Atkinson and Wilbur Leslie of Boyd County were united in marriage Saturday afternoon by Justice Beebe at his office.
Good red blood means good health, our sarsaparilla makes red blood and is just what you need to put your blood in condition for spring. It is not a patent medicine, we give you the formula by which it is made on every bottle- Wilson, druggist
H R Kelly and wife of Fountain Valley were in Atkinson, Monday
Fred Schmedake, Jr has purchased back their old homestead which Mr Schmedake sold several years ago to John Erbes. Consideration $1200.
Nick Wedige has this week bought a quarter of land from John McGrew, consideration $1200. The piece contains no improvements, and is raw prairie land.
Cards are out to announce the marriage of Mabel Henry to George Tomlinson at the home of the bride in O’Neill at noon today. Miss Henry is the daughter of County Treasurer Henry.
If you have hides for sale bring them to the meat market. I am paying 7 cents per pounds- Peter Bonenberger.
Mark Tewksbury, formerly a resident of Atkinson, has moved back to Holt County and has settled near Chambers.
J R Jarvis and W G Dick of Cass Co, Iowa arrived in Atkinson yesterday noon, having come overland. They expect to settle here permently. Mr Jarvis is a brother-in-law of J M Bennett
Uncle Jim Clark, who left his home in Dustin some four years ago to find a more congenial place to bury his bones, stopped over in Atkinson Sunday night on his way back to his Holt County farm and will probably remain there until he passes in his checks to the world beyond from whence no traveler ever returns.

March 17,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Mary Newbaur is proving up Mathias Newbaur, deceased, land claim
Washington I Chapman is proving up his land claim.
Shutt’s Racket store has just received a nice line of clocks and a general line of new spring goods.
Mrs Senator Thurston, who was with her husband in Cuba, died suddenly Monday morning while on board the yacht Anita at Sagua Le Grand.
A letter from Sherm Miller to his brother, Alf
Jas Morrow arrived from Sparta, Wis Friday and will live on his old home place about 7 miles west of town.
Ed White, brother-in-law of Will Dickerson, has returned to Atkinson and will occupy the Dan Taylor house. Mr White used to run a meat market here.

March 24,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Trans Mississippi Edition by the Atkinson Public School
A report reached us telling of the sad death of T R Galvin, a former principal of Atkinson High School , at his brother’s home in Newark, NJ
Elmer Allison is moving to Iowa to work in a bank.
Ross, the infant son of Robert Jones, living 2 miles west of town, died Wednesday at 4 o’clock am. Funeral services will be held at the Presbyterian Church this afternoon at 3 o’clock.
The Construction car of the FE and MV has finished putting in the new railroad scales at the stock yards this week.
Mr Galleher, former storekeeper of Stuart will move his store to Atkinson and occupy Mrs Nightengale’s building on Main Street.

March 31,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
George Blake and Jacob Hahn secured the contract of building a 40 barrel flour mill on Beaver Creek for Max Babl.
While going home Monday night of last week, Jas O’Connell got lost, spent the night in a deserted house without any doors or windows, freezing one hand and both feet.
Mrs Mary Davis received word of the death of her daughter, Birdie Railsbach at Sturgis, SD on the 22nd. The deceased leaves a husband and four children

April 7,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Maschil Manning proved his land claim
Mary C Nester died at the home of Timothy Cross Monday evening after a long and painfull illness. She was 86 years and 14 days old. She was born in Tuam County, Galway,Ireland on March 29,1812. In 1865 she came to American with 2 sons and a daughter, Hanna Cross, who died after a brief illness on Jan 10,1893. Funeral services held at the Catholic Church.

April 14,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Leo Loggerwell of Celia, became a parent of a baby boy, born last Friday,named William McKinley.
John Matejka bought the Nels Anderson place in Green Valley, last Saturday, paying for it $800.
F H Bitney and Lucy Russell both of Atkinson were married Wednesday night at 8 o’clock at the home of the groom. Rev Ball officiating.

April 21,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
William T Fisher married Metta DeBow at the home of the bride in Coleridge at noon April 14. She is the daughter of H S DeBow. They will locate at Randolph.
Fred Walso is the newly appointed post master at Dustin.
Harry Loufborough got a baby boy Thursday morning.
Albert Scheinost of Ainsworth has located in Atkinson and opened up a harness and shoe shop in Nightengale’s blue front

April 28,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
The five month old child of Ed White died last Friday at 2:30 pm. Funeral services were held Saturday at 11 am from the home and conducted by Rev Ball

May 12,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
The county has brought suit against Cleveland Township, the object of which is to compel Cleveland township to take care of General Bastedo, a feeble minded person.
Mr and Mrs William Munt of Doty visited with Mrs Munt’s parents, Mr and Mrs Searis this week.

May 19,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Peter W Duffy proved his land claim
Nils Stromberg proved his land claim.
The infant child of John Segar died Tuesday evening. The funeral will be held today from the Catholic Church.

May 26,1898 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Stuart graduating class members—Frank Humphreys, Oscar Whitehead, Lulu Galleher, Nellie Whitehead

This is the end of the 1898 papers, as far as I can find on microfilm

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Jan 26,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
C Williams bought the George E Boheme livery.
L A Huston makes stamp photos, cost 25 cents
Mr Hanlon, janitor of the court house, died of apoplexy, on Monday last week.
Messrs Beebe and Havens are going to fill the rink with baled hay
Frank J Rosenbery and John C Ingils proved their land claims

Feb 2,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Ira Lapham sold his interest in the Ogden hotel to E Perry
The Walrath Corner is going to be cleared of the shoe shop and barber shop, and a fine new building will be erected by John McNichols.
The funeral of Mrs Carpenter occurred on Saturday morning and she was buried in the Chambers cem.

March 23,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Ted Woods and Inez Patrick of Laurel, were married in Laurel last week.
Henry Gilg, Fay W Scripter, and William B Ashton proved their land claims

March 30,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Lee Henry of Mineola has purchased the Plain Dealer.
May King, aged 18 years, daughter of J J King, of O’Neill, died at her home Friday
John R Gay proved his land claim
The little daughter born to Peter Bonenberger Friday morning only stayed to brighten their home a few short hours and passed on to the great beyond at an early hour Sunday. The funeral took place Tuesday.

April 6,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Mrs F L Smith died in Auburn, California
W Francis bought one of the Slaymaker farms in Green Valley

April 13,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Mrs George A McArthur died at Evanston, Wyoming a week ago last Sunday and was buried at Norfolk a week ago Tuesday.
Married at the home of Houser on Thursday of this week, Carey Smith of Volga, SD and Caroline Runk of Mt Vernon, Ohio. Rev Houser officiating.
Marriage license issued to George Sanders of Scottville and Nellie Stanton of Mineola.
List of land that the Atkinson and Northern Railroad will cross
Letter from R F Cross

April 20,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Ted Connaughton has been freighting between Butte and Atkinson
George Sanders and Nellie Stanton were married with Rev Hutchinson officiating. They will reside on the McAllister place on the Red Bird—Boyd County Register
A telephone message from Basin, from J P Fritchoff, Holt County Commissioner, The southern span of the Grand Rapids bridge has been condemned and warns the public not to attempt crossing that bridge.
Atkinson will have three saloons, John McNichols will occupy his new one on the corner, Carson will occupy McNichols old building, and Schanebaum and James will occupy the building now occupied by the post office.
The post office will move to the Sage building on State Street.

April 27,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
New meat market—PP Gaughran
Joe Vrzal got a baby girl.
Married at St Joseph Church, in Atkinson on Tuesday April 25, Shemon Veskrua and Fanny Soufall. Rev Father Klemenz officiating.
Robert Blackburn was run over by the wheel of a wagon hauling wheat.

May 4,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Howard Havens, former employee of this paper went down to O’Neill to join the Independent force of compositors.
John R Gay proved his land claim

May 11,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
A E Root came to visit his parents. He had been with the 3rd U S Engineers in Santiago, Cuba.
Mrs Frank Perry died yesterday of that dreaded disease consumption. She leaves a husband and five young children. The funeral will be held this afternoon at 3 o’clock at the M E Church. Rev O V Kenaston officiating---Butte Gazette
R O Miller, arrested in Atkinson a few weeks ago for stealing clothes from Sturdevant’s store and confined in the county jail, escaped.
Application for pardon for John Fanton.

June 1,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
D Stannard of O’Neill erected monuments for John Heeb and James Cannon.
Thomas Dickerson arrived back in town with two small children. He is going to stay.
John Sullivan of O’Neill and Rose Ann Smith of this place were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the St Joseph Church, in Atkinson, last Wednesday morning.
T J Smith is going to run a newspaper at Perry. He used to live here when it was a shanty store and a small blacksmith shop.
Arthur Cruise sold his ranch to a German from Custer County.

June 8,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer.
Della Stearns filed for divorce from William G Stearns.
Once up a time, (Last Thursday) an aggregation of baseball cranks from a railroad center in the western part of Holt County (Atkinson) sallied forth from their native heath to a small village about ten miles up the Elkhorn valley, known by the name of Stuart, to lock horns on the bloody sands of the arena with another band of cranks said to be quartered at that place. And they did it. They met the enemy and they were his.
For three long and lonely hours did they tussle, and when it was over and the dust had cleared away, behold the red shirts of Atkinson were butter side down. It was sad, very sad, but it couldn’t be helped after it was too late.
The main feature of the game was the absence of good playing, which, alone was enough to make
it very uninteresting.
The same aggregations are billed to meet again in a week or two, and no one who is a lover of the national game should miss its execution as the Reds have agreed to skin them fully as badly the next time as they did before.
The gentle (?) wind that was blowing from the south and the excellent (?) eye of the umpire all
tended to increase the interest. Oh, but it was grand, and would have reminded you of a funeral procession.
Amid the darkness there was one bright spot, just one for our boys, Ira Burleson made a star play
in right field. John Sturdevant did the same for them in the left.
Most of the crowd remained for the dance in the evening enjoyed a fine time and returned in the rain.

June 15,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
N B Bisbee died at his home three miles west of Chambers yesterday of consumption. Funeral occurs today at Chambers
H Chambers has moved his restaurant from its old location on State Street to his own building, formerly occupied by the post office, on the west side of Main Street.
Ed Jay accused of stealing a span of horses from Bell Cattle Co, preliminary hearing in Ainsworth.
William Gregg died at Omega, Illinois on Saturday, June 3rd.
Will Miller received a telegram Monday evening of the death of his father of apoplexy at Holstein, Iowa.
Jacob Kraft lost 25 head of cattle to thieving.
George W Traver of Amelia who has been away looking for a more favorable location than Holt County for the past five years, and after looking over 14 different states and territories concluded to return to this land of plenty this week,, and declares his intention of remaining.
William O Feezer proved his land claim

June 22,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Twins born to William Stephenson of Francis Township this week

July 6,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
On last Saturday evening one of the old residents of the Mineola country in the northeastern part of the county, D C Powell died at the home of his son, B A Powell, and was probably buried at the Mineola cemetery Tuesday afternoon.

July 27,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
J H Hopkins takes his place as warden of the state penitentiary on Aug 1. C W Spence, an all around newspaper man, and a democrat from Omaha, has been appointed chief clerk under him.
DeYarmon barn burns in O’Neill
Gen White died at his home in Keya Paha County and was bro’t here for burial last Tueday. Interrment was made Wednesday in the Catholic Cem.

Aug 10,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
William Logan born Troy Township, Richland Co, Ohio March 13,1834, died at his home one mile south of Atkinson July 30,1899, He married Emma Ruth Coe of Troy Township, Morrow Co,Ohio on March 23,1858. she with one son and two daughters survives him. He was a veteran of the civil war, Co K 9th Ohio Cavalry,
A baby girl came to brighten the pleasant home of J J Harrington Tuesday morning.

Sept 14,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Tuesday morning little Elile Trout, the three year old son of E V Trout, died, after an illness of several months. The body was shipped to Sac City, Iowa Wednesday for burial and was accompanied by the sorrowing family and Mrs Trout’s mother, Mrs Hailet, of that place.
Friday morning, an east bound special returned this morning with Con Cannon whom they found a mile or two down the tracks unconscious, having been struck by a train sometime last night. He is badly cut about the head and may not recover as his skull is fractured. He had been drinking in town and had a supply of liquor with him when struck by the train.
On account of the ten dollar license required in South Dakota this year, nonresident chicken hunters are over running northern Nebraska.

Sept 21,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
A baby girl arrived at the home of A Miller of this place.
Eber Leek, was in O’Neill Monday, taking measurements and figuring on bidding on the furnishing of the court house with a steam heating apparatus.

Sept 28,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Welsh and Begley were found guilt of rape on a frail German woman with six small children. Both got ten years in the State Pen.

Oct 5,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Silas Smith and Alberta Uttley were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Judge Selah at the home of I R Smith last Sunday.
Harry Prouty is a full fledged U S Soldier, Co E 39th U S A, Fort Crook, Nebr.

Oct 12,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Harvey Bentley, an old resident of O’Neill, passed away last week and was buried at that place last Friday. Rev Lowery preached the funeral service and the Royal Highlanders conducted the burial services. Clansman Bentley had been in the employ of Krotter and Co and was a member of the Castle at that place.
Mrs Alex Hart received a telegram Saturday informing her of the death of her oldest brother at Indiana, Penn.

Oct 26,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Will and George Mullen came to O’Neill for the funeral of brother, Johnny who died Friday and was buried Sunday. He was a member of the Dalkeith Castle of the Royal Highlanders of O’Neill.
Ruth Radcliffe, wife of Louis Radcliffe, died last Wednesday at her home in Stuart township and was interred in the cem here on the following Friday from the Presbyterian Church, where the funeral was held, Rev Haner delivering the funeral sermon.
Oct 17, there was born a bran new boy of the usual weight to George Harvey and upon whom has been bestowed the name of John Skirving Harvey.
Fay Scripter and Minnie Bruder were married at the Catholic Church here last Tuesday morning.
Claude Blair and Harry P Dowling were married at Eldarado Springs, Mo Tuesday, Oct 3.
On last Saturday evening at the residence of county judge Selah, were united in marriage Henry Waterman and Mrs Alice Scott, both of O’Neill
Louis, the 15 year old son of C J Viquest of Ray, Nebr, left home today and any information in regard to him will be thankfully received by his parents. He wore blue overalls and had on a black cap, has light hair and is blind in one eye.
E M Ogle went down to the Hub last Friday to make final proof on his timber claim. The ne ½ 4-28-15, taking as witnesses T B Walker and Nels Tuller.

Nov 16,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Mrs Samuel C Sample of Butte and daughter Alice came in on the passenger Sunday evening from South Bend, Indiana, where they had been to attend the funeral of husband and brother. They departed for Butte Monday morning.
Samuel C Sample, died at the Merchant’s hotel in Omaha at 11 am on the 7th. His remains were taken to South Bend, Indiana and were interred. Born in South Bend 44 years ago.
John F Jones and Pauline Pacha of Green Valley were quietly married at the Methodist Parsonage last Wednesday morning. Rev Talley officiating.

Nov 23,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
O A Deming and May Sexton of Dustin were married at O’Neill Thursday. Co judge Selah officiating.—Stuart Ledger
Dr J L McDonald and Christina Weller were united in Holy Bonds of Matrimony in the City of Omaha last Thursday Nov 16 by Rev Chas W Savidge.

Nov 30,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Thomas Coyne living 9 miles north of O’Neill was fatally injured on the way home from O’Neill.
Died Wednesday evening Nov 29 at his home in Atkinson, J W Marrail. A veteran of the civil war, member of GAR, leaves 3 sons and 2 daughters. Funeral will be held at M E Church tomorrow.
Joseph Musil of Inman township made a complaint charging David Stamp, 15 year old son of Wm Stamp having forcibly committed a criminal assault upon his 8 year old daughter, Anna. David was sent to the State reform school until age 21 years.
At Ainsworth last night, Judge Westover performed the ceremony that joined for life H M Uttley and Mary Payne

Dec 14, 1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
New hose house was built for $200.
Fred Archerd, bookkeeper in the state auditor’s office, died and was buried last Thursday at his former home in Iowa. Fred used to reside in Atkinson and was one of Holt County’s foremost school teachers
J H Blenkiron, shot by editor Harris of Belden. Funeral held at Randolph and remains interred in the cemetery at that place.
Brown’s Livery Barn in Atkinson
Edward Graham of Shields township was buried at O’Neill last Sunday.
Mrs M E Chesner died the first of the week at the home of her son-in-law N D O’Brien in Kansas City, Mo
Simon Benish and Dilli Voigd, both of Stuart, were united in marriage at the home of John Skirving in this city Tuesday, county Judge Selah officiating—O’Neill Frontier

Dec 28,1899 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Married Sunday evening Dec 34 at the M E Parsonage in Atkinson, James Churchill of Tarko, Mo and Flora Withers of this place. Rev Talley officiating. (34 was the date in the paper)
Picture of Chas J Wilson store
Frank Kozicek of Green Valley, passed away at his home this morning. The funeral will take place at Atkinson on Saturday next.
Probate notice of John R Orenduriff

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Jan 4,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Frank Kozisek- age 55 years, died at his home south west of Atkinson last Thursday evening. Dec 28, after a short illness. Born Bohemia 1845, married 1872 to Josefa Slamova in Wis. Had 7 children. Funeral services held at home, after which the body was laid to rest in the cemetery here.

Jan 11,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Clark Guy shot 12-15 miles southwest of Atkinson
Died of consumption at her home near Inez, Thursday Jan 4, Mrs Mary Adams, wife of John Q Adams. Born Ashtabuly, Ohio June 9,1848, married in Monroe Co, Wis, laid to rest in the Atkinson cemetery. Two children, BB and Mrs Inez E Manring.

Jan 18,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Con J Coffey and Mary Daly were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the Catholic Church at O’Neill last week.
Born to J P McNichols on Sunday last, a 8 ½ pound girl.
County Commissioner M Jacoby of Boyd County shoots and kills William Nelson, walks away and shots himself.
Relatives of the late Thomas Coyne have served notice of suit against the bondsmen of A A Stanton in the sum of $5000 damages for the death of Mr Coyne—Frontier
Ch L Rood of the Independent went to Stuart to assist editor Church by pushing the Legers interest while he goes over to Boyd County to establish and get out the first edition of the Naper Weekly Pee Wee
Estate notice of Robert L Deming, deceased
Estate notice of Solomon Deming, deceased

Jan 25,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
N C Begley and wife living west of Chambers were adjuged insane and taken to the hospital Tuesday by Sheriff Stewart. They have 3 children—Holt Co Independent
Bert Spencer of Stuart was run over by a freight train at Howells and killed
Gold seekers from Holt County to the Klondike were: Jack Meals, Cheever Hazelet, A T Potter, Will Keeley, Ralph Evans, Lloyd Gillespie
Legal notice of guardian for Justyna Coufal, Anna Coufal and Rozena Coufal, minors

Feb 1,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
A A Jasmer transferred by rail road to Creighton
C P Rose, blacksmith, moved to Randolph
Ralph hills deceased legal notices

Feb 8,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
A little girl was brought from the children’s home to make her home with George Hahn living southeast of town—Stuart Ledger

Feb 15,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Patrick Kennedy and Lucy Curran of Amelia were united in marriage at St Joseph Catholic Church on Wednesday Feb 14, Rev Father Muenich officiating.

March 8,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Orlin M Baker and Olive E Feezer were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents W O Feezer, near Inez, last Monday evening. Rev Talley officiating
Died at her home near Atkinson on March 1, Julia Hanley, wife of John Hanley, daughter of Michael Lynch. Leaves a husband and 5 small children
N B Chapman died in St Paul, Minn
Patrick Barrett deceased, legal notice

March 15,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Where once the thriving little prospective city of Perry stood, on the northern bank of the Running Water in the county of Boyd, is now a desserted and lonely hillside.

March 22,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Letter from Jas D Brown, Valdes, Alaska

March 29,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
C S Gates sold his property in town and is moving to Gordon.
Marriage of Homer Havens of Chicago and Louise Harvey of Windfall, Ind
Married on Wed March 29 at the home of the bride’s parents near Sunnyside, Harry E White and Audrey E Moss

April 12,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Born to W I Chapman on Mon, Evening , a girl
Fred Klusmann is the new blacksmith, has a shop at Stewart Shop on north Main Street
Photographer Huston sold his outfit to Horace Moss
R D Bartley is moving to Gregory, SD
4 year old son of Reed was saved from being torn to pieces by hogs
Probate notice for Patrick Barrett

April 19,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Postmaster Harvey of Stuart, died on last Monday of pneumonia. Funeral took place in Stuart yesterday

April 26,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Clark Guy of O’Neill was before the insanity board

Marrriage licenses issued to Henry A Wabs and Sarah D, both of Turner and Gustav Segar and Nellie Banks of Atkinson, The ceremony uniting the last two persons performed by Judge Selah.
County Attorney Butler resigns—Frontier
Gustav Seger and Nellie Banks of this place were married last Week at the county seat by Judge Selah. They will reside on Will O’Brien’s ranch on Oak Creek

May 3,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Former county surveyor WW Page was taken before the insanity board Monday and taken to asylum at Norfolk.
Clark Guy shot squarely through the brain with a Winchester rifle bullet was examined by Dr Blackburn for the insanity board.
Married at the home of the bride’s parents in Atkinson on last Friday afternoon, Rev Talley officiating, Otto Damero of Phoenix and Maude Walker of this place

May 10,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
James Ryan who lived near Emmet died Wednesday of last week and was buried from the Catholic Church at O’Neill on last Saturday morning at 10 o’clock.

May 24,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Married at the home of Frank Goldfus, northeast of Atkinson at noon Tuesday May 22, Frank Hanel of Atkinson and Elizabeth Hattinger of Read, Boyd County. Father Meunich officiating.
Married on Sunday last at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs Silas Smith of O’Neill, Martin Walrath of this place and Colla Uttley of O’Neill
Bryon Freeland, formerly of Mineola, but now of Omaha, is to be married on May 30 at Cedar Rapids, Nebr.
Died at his home in O’Neill at 9 o’clock Tuesday evening, Thomas Campbell, brother of Mose Campbell of this place and Frank Campbell of O’Neill. He leaves a wife and four children

May 31,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
An infant child of John Meyers was buried at this place last Monday.
The wife of Rev Smith of Stuart died last Sunday at the asylum at Norfolk, where she had been taken a week or two ago.
Administrator appointed for the estates of Gilbert Cleveland, deceased, and John Dworak, deceased

June 14,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
A ten pound girl born to Maylon Price, last Thursday evening.
Attorney R R Dickson and Mae Skirving were united in the holy bonds of matrimony this morning

June 21,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Died at his home 15 miles south west of Atkinson last Friday June 15, Anton Koleno, aged 75 years, The funeral was held Sunday and the remains were placed in the resting place here. He leaves a wife, three daughters, and four sons.
Married at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs D P Raymer, living north east of town at 8 o’clock pm Wednesday June 20, Wallace Fullerton and Effie Raymer

June 28,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
M F Cross married on the 18th to a lady from Atlanta, Georgia, will be living in Omaha.

July 5,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
August Gregger, a young Polander, aged 24 years, was before the insanity board and taken to the asylum at Norfolk.
The infant son of John Dobiash of Green Valley Township, died Wed, evening about 6 o’clock and will be buried from the Catholic Church at this place tomorrow.
Guardianship of Laura A Wilson, insane and deceased

July 19,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Married at the Catholic Church here on Tuesday morning, July 17, Edward Humpal and Mary Skudler, both of Green Valley Township

July 26,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Albert Scheinost, a former resident of this place, now of Atkinson, was before the county judge Tuesday making the final proof on his timber claim north of town—Ainsworth Herald
Married at the home of the groom’s aunt, Flora McDonald on Sat Evening July 21, Vern McDonald and Josie Millspaugh. They left Monday for Allen, Nebr, where they will reside.
Died at her home in Atkinson on Friday evening, July 20, Mrs Archibald Walrath. Mrs Lany Krester Walrath was born Montgomery Co, NY June 25,1897, and died July 19,1900, her age 53 years 24 days. She married Utica, NY Jan 3,1866 to Archibald Walrath, a mother of four children, only one living at this time.
Probate will of Aaron Horn, deceased and Anton Kolena, deceased..

Aug 2,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Two new blacksmiths made their arrival in town last week, One at the home of Wm Dexter and the othe rat the home of Fred Klansmann. Both are good sized healthy boys.
Judd Woods is the editor of the Ewing Advocate
R C Wry is the editor of the Chambers Bugle
Clyde Johnson and Emma Ernst of Eagle Creek were married at the county seat last week by County Judge Selah.
Jim Riggs, old time editor of the Frontier, is now in the newspaper business at Waterloo.

Aug 9,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Born to George Tomlinson of Mineola, on Monday, Aug 6, a 9 pound boy
Arthur F Mullen of O’Neill graduated from the law department of Ann Arbor, Mich.
Tom Smith sold the Atkinson Republic to Lee Henry
The Holt County Republican has merged into the Atkinson Plain Dealer- now the Atkinson Plain Dealer, Atkinson Graphic and Holt County Republican –consolidated
Married at the home of the bride’s parents at Fairfield, Nebr on Monday July 30, Carl Nelson and Elizabeth Cook.
Atkinson and Long Pine played baseball.
William Nolkamper of Turner, tore down his old mill and is building a new mill
Lee Henry bought out the Holt County Republican,and consolidated it with the Atkinson Plain Dealer
Married at the home of the bride’s parents in Atkinson on Thursday Aug 2, Ada E Haner and Warren S Steinbach. They will reside in Genoa where he is the principal of the Genoa Public Schools
School District 190 is closing
Disbarment proceedings against W R Butler
William Robinson is in trouble for breaking state game laws

Aug 16,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Rig struck by train, but James and John Rotherham not seriously hurt.
Murphy and Rheberg bought a new 2 ½ horse power gasoline engine and installed it in their elevator north of the tracks.
William Hawkins of Wyoming township sold his farm to Mrs Hammond and moved to Valley County
Eves is the editor of the Holt County Independent
Thomas Morrow is a lawyer in Omaha

Aug 23,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
A H Bilaco- is in trouble for shooting prairie chickens.
Michael Lynch died at his home near Emmett and was buried in O’Neill Tuesday, the funeral being held at the Catholic Church. Deceased was about 60 years of age and leaves a family. He has been sick for two months.
Death yesterday of Mrs James Cannon of Sand Creek Township after an illness of several years. The funeral will be held at the residence tomorrow at 10 o’clock and the remains will be interred in the cemetery here.
The family of T M Elder was gladdened recently by the addition of a little girl.

Sept 13,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Mrs E J LaRue was killed at ther home in McClure township Tuesday duringa severe tornado and wind storm by being crushed under a corn crib, behind which she had taken shelter and which was blown over on her—Holt County Independent
Blanche Ziska recently married to County Superintendent Stockwell of Gregory Co, SD—Lynch Journal
Perryville is a new town 3 miles east of Atkinson- Holt County Independent
J Q Adams and widow Omstead of Butte were joined in holy wedlock this morning at Butte. County Judge Kenason of Boyd County officiating.
The aged father of Peter Youngberg of Celia died last Monday and was buried at that place Wednesday. The old gentleman was about 85 years of age.

Sept 20,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Mrs John Zmananncek of Perry, Okla is a sister to Mrs Anton Tomsik.

Sept 27,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
The remains of Jos Sanders, 77 years old, who was accidentally killed at Ewing on Sunday last by a special stock train, were brought to Atkinson on Tuesday last and were interred in the Catholic Cem.
W I Chapman moved to Bureau Co, Ill
Mr N Weber living about 11 miles southeast of Atkinson, died last Sunday morning after a prolonged siege of the cancer. He was buried Tuesday morning with the usual services at the Catholic Church

Oct 6,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Married at the residence of C W Roark, in Inez, Nebr, on Thursday evening last, Theodore A Moss and Lizzie Guard. Rev Haner of Atkinson officiating.
Bob Good is editor of Ainsworth Herald.
T E Doolittle moved to North Bend, Nebr.
Bud Blunki send to state penitentiary for five years for stealing a horse from the Blenkiron Ranch.

Oct 11,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Married at the home of the bride’s parents in Atkinson, Sunday evening, Oct 7, Albert J Neeley and Mary Beebe, Justice Beebe officiating.
W N Hawkins moved to 3 miles east of Ord, Nebr.
Gilbert Cleveland, deceased, legal notice

Oct 18,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Born to J E Brook, on last Saturday, a girl of usual weight

Oct 25,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Died, the aged mother of Chas Keeler of Rock Falls Township. Her husband died only a few weeks ago and the remains were buried at this place.
Married at the home of the bride’s parents 15 miles northeast of O’Neill on Thursday, Oct 18, Earl Smith of Ewing and Katie Stanton of Mineola.
Born to G D Cotton of Stuart township, on last Monday morning, a bouncing baby boy.
Rev N S Lowrie moved to Lincoln.
Fred Cumin shipped his household goods to Beemer, Cuming County

Nov 1,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Died Thursday evening, Nov 1, David Neeley, aged 68 years, after an illness of several years. The funeral will be held next Saturday, Nov 3.
Born to George Spence on Sunday last, a boy of usual weight
S E Galleher and daughter, Rosa died on Tuesday, both buried Friday

Nov 15,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
John Handley left for Tara, Webster Co, Iowa
Oren Keeler, died on the 8th of Oct in Sand Creek Township. Age 75 years, ill 12 days, Mary, his consort, followed him only two weeks later. Leaving their son, Charlie and family.
Catherine Raymer died Tuesday evening Nov 12, funeral at St Joseph Church, buried Catholic Cemetery.

Dec 13,1900 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Tombstones ordered for David Neeley and Mr and Mrs Miller
Racket Store owned by Brion Shutes was sold.
Newspaper is now in the basement of Gallagher and Co’s Bank building.

Re: 1901-1907 Holt County news from Atkinson Graphic

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Jan 3,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
On New Year’s Eve, a very pretty wedding took place at the home of the bride’s parents in this city in which Frank Kiernan and Anna Walker were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, Rev Julian officiating.
M W Fehr of Stockton and Dora Roth of Atkinson were married at the Methodist parsonage Wednesday by Rev Rominger.
A pretty wedding took place at Amelia Christmas Morning where W A Peters was united in marriage to Minnie Carroll at the residence of the bride’s parents

April 25,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Mrs T F Morrow of 3325 Prospect Ave, Denver, was buried from St Domonic’s Church.
Married John Farner and Kathron E Neiter, both of this place
Last Thursday evening a 6 year old child of S P Robinson, died of diphtheria and was buried Friday evening in the cemetery here.
Died in Atkinson on April 22, after an illness of 5 days, Arley, the infant daughter of George Stephens

Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before Register and Receiver at O’Neill, Nebr on May 18,1901, viz; JOSEPH MLINAR, H E, NO 14811 for the NE ¼, sec 14, T 28, NR 16W. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz;
Ferdinand Kodytek, Frank Pacha and Anton A Tosler of Green Valley, Nebr, and John Slaymaker of Francis, Nebr. S J Weekes, Register..,
May 2,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Articles of incorporation have been filed with the county ? of Boyd County for a new town ? 6 miles east of Butte and 3 miles north, which is supposed to be a rival of Butte for the county seat. The place is to be named Kinkaid after the Honorable M P Kinkaid of their county. (? Are for the holes in the newspaper)

May 16,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
John Fallon, son of William Fallon, died at a little past 9 o’clock this morning of appendicitis, after an illness of about 2 weeks. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at the Catholic Church. He was a student at the high school.
Mrs Frank Campbell of O’Neill, died at her home last Sunday, after a short illness. She leaves a family of 8 children and a husband. The funeral services were held at the Catholic Church Tuesday.
The saloon license in O’Neill was recently raised from $1000 to $1200 and licenses granted to T J Hiley, Wm Laviolette, and W J O’Connor and Co.
Henry Warner of Pleasantview township and Amelia Meyers of this place were married at O’Neill yesterday morning.
Stuart Ledger leased by Rosa Hudspeth of Newport.
Land claims were filed by Wesley Slaymaker, John Stevenson, Rozalia Sobon, Joseph Mlinar, Peter Schmitz, John Ballon, and Lorens Nissen.

May 23,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
The Interstate Telephone Co finished setting poles from Stuart to Atkinson.
Died at his home in Atkinson on Wednesday morning, May 22, C M Bowles after an illness of several months, he was over 70 years.
Born to Wallace Fullerton, May 7, a boy weighting 9 ½ pounds.
A M Hizeroate of Homer bought the Perry townsite and plans to plant it to corn.
Married in Seattle, Washington on May 6, Warren H Greeley and Martha Sommers.

June 13,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Mrs John Peterson died last week, Monday, at her home near Dustin, of paralysis and Wednesday was buried at that place. On the same day Mr Peterson became violently insane and was brought to Aktinson by the sheriff where he was taken before the insanity board and to the asylumn.
Victor Roher and Hattie Eby were married at the home of the bride’s parents, A S Eby, Wednesday at high noon.
James Robinson and pony were killed by lightning Thursday morning. The remains were shipped to Sac County, Iowa for burial.
Mrs Francis Tomsik was born Pavlicek, Bohemia, died Saturday, June 1, of lung trouble, age 63 years, 4 months and 16 days. She married John Tomsik on June 8,1857 and had seven children, John K, Anton, Lewis, Clement, Rosa, two deceased. She was buried from the St Joseph Catholic Church on Monday, June 3.
Homer Adams died at home at Clearwater, Tuesday. Aged 31 years, leaves a wife and child

June 20,1901, Atkinson Plain Dealer
S J Weeks of O’Neill and Emma Dickinson of Tekamah were married at the home of the bride yesterday.
John Deming and Ruby Hughes were married
Services held over the remains of John Robinson.
W W Page taken before the insanity board and then to Asylumn.
Married at Omaha, June 12, George D McElroy and Sara McFarland.

June 27,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
18 month old dau of Clyde Ferguson went on a ten mile ride with a run away team and was found unhurt playing beneath the buffy.
10 inches of rain the last two weeks
a long tapering cloud dropped down over Keya Paha, dead were Jacob Greening and his four children, Jacob age 3, John age 4, Maggie age 8, Mary age 6; three children of August Anderson, Clara age 7, Ida age 5, Theodore age 9—Boyd County Register
Alfred T Blackburn, deceased probate notice

July 11,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Antonia Leightner filed for divorce from Frank Leightner
Whiting’s Bridge declared unsafe
Fred Williams of Harrisburg, Ill was killed by Elkhorn Passenger No 3
Married by Judge Selah at the county court room, Thur, June 27, Isaac Millspaugh and Mrs Emil V Carter
Freid Smith sold his share of Star livery barn to Frank Weller of Green Valley
James D Gray, probate notice

July 18,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Races and baseball tournament July 19 and 20th.
John Peterson of Dustin, who had been judged insane and taken to aslyumn at Norfolk, a few weeks ago, died and was buried at that place. William Hewitt was the guardian.
Mrs Chittick died on Sunday morning and was buried Monday at Stuart, Iowa, son is R E Chittick
Joseph Mlinar, Rozalia Sobon, John Stevenson, August Intorn, Charles Moulton, John Ballon, Peter Schmitz and Peter Grof proved their land claims
There is a dog training place north of O’Neill. About 50 dogs are in training at a time.
James D Gray probate notice
Frank Recknor bought Beebe property. Mrs Beebe is moving to Washington where she has a married daughter.
John Ingling established a shooting gallery in the alley east of the Boston Store

Aug 1,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Sent to penitentiary from Keya Paha- five members of the Hellver Bingham gang- Brewer Hellyer, Joseph Bingham, George Prenz, William Hastings, Ira Johnson, all except Prenz were ranch owners.
Robert Alworth probate notice

Aug 8, 1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Died Emma Slater at her home in Baltimore, Maryland, Aug 2, of cancer of the liver,born in Indiana County, Penn Nov 19,1862, married Oct 1,1889 to Dr G W Glater in Atkinson. Buried Old Grave Yard at Miller’s Run, Canonsburg, Penn, dau of Nancy G Hart of Atkinson
John McKee sale declared off
James Butler resigned barbering for Bailey and went to Newport
Walter J Trullinger got a spot in the Oklahoma land rush, Fred Mlinar did not
Telephones for John McNichols, Carl Wilson, Frank Carson, Father Muenich, Alex Hart
Jesse Mellor of O’Neill sold his interest in the livery barn to his brother George of Boyd County and retired to the Pacific Coast.

Aug 15,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Sarah J Sturdevant born Wyoming County, Penn Nov 16,1820, died in Atkinson, Aug 10,1901, age 80 years 8 months and 25 days, dau of Rev Elijah Sturdevant.
George Simpkins is the game warden
The 3 year old child of Pat Hayes of Sheridan township died Saturday from effects of drinking water off a plate of poison fly paper. Interred in the Cemetery here after services at the Catholic Church

Aug 22,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Ivan John Hayes, infant child of Patrick Hayes died Aug 11, born Aug 4,1899
Born to A W Miller on Tuesday morning, 11 pound girl
John Robinson is an officer of Keya Paha Stockgrowers Association of Springview.
Married at the Catholic Parsonage on Wed morning last, Dr Hunt of Stuart and Barbara Ziska.

Sept 5,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Frank Reed, ranchman in Boyd County near Butte, fatally injured by a vicious bull one day last week.
Married at O’Neill on Wed Aug 28 at the home of county judge Selah, Bert L Sutherland of Valley, Nebr and Daisy Musser.
T D Hanley lost their 18 month old baby and old child. Funeral 4 pm Monday

Sept 12,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Married at the Presbyterian Church in Atkinson on Tuesday evening, Leon W Henry and Bertha B Brown. Rev Hyden officiating.
CY Murphy died at Spencer Turesday night. An Attorney from Red Oak, Iowa
Married, Clinton Lowery of Lincoln and Nena Mercedes Johnson of Auburn on Wed, Aug 28 at the home of the bride
Marriage licenses in O’Neill granted to George A Hess of Chambers and Carrie Benson of Turner; B Sutherland of Valley and Daisy Musser of Atkinson; Walter Ricahrd and Lillie B Wyant of Chambers; William Spangler and Sophia R Forsland of O’Neill

Oct 10,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Bert Martin, recently sentenced from Springview for stealing a horse is a woman.
R J Seoberg proved up on his land claim

Oct 17,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Harry Green got a baby girl last Friday noon.
Cattleman named Tissue, committed suicide up in Keya Paha County last week.
Dr R P Johnson of Chicago, Illinois died, a brother of Col B W Johnson.

Oct 25,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
New Railroad a reality, not a dream
Died , Mrs Sidney Smith at O’Neill, daughter of Sam Wolfe
Born to Martin Walrath on last Thursday, a girl

Oct 31,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Died Sat morning, Effie M Smith, wife of Sydnie Smith, shortly before death gave birth to a child, daughter of Sam Wolfe. Age 21 years, 5 months 27 days. Funeral Sunday at Methodist Church in O’Neill.
Died, Stella Bunger near Endicott, a sister of Mrs Dickerson.

Nov 7,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Died, Willie Sweet, on the train Oct 29 of consumption, buried at Weatherford, Texas

Nov 14,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Cenus for April 1900 had 595 people in Atkinson, today there are 750 people.
Atkinson Mill Flour prices- May flower per sack 1.05, Bouquet .95, half Patent .80
Havens and Stilson are dealers in farm machinery, wagons, buggies, windmills, sewing machines.
Gallagher and Co bankers
James Brook dealer in general hardware, gun, cutlery, tinware, harness, aermotor windmills, A 8 ft pumping Aeromotor is $25.
Boston Store- American lady lace shoe is 3.50
Thomas Richard is successor to S S Henrix
William H Graves, Catherine M Friedt, Eilert Rippen, Robert J Seaberg proved up their land claims
Royal Highlanders new castle is growing stronger every day
Atkinson and Long Pine were to play football, but called off due to small pox at Long Pine. Johnnie Sturdevant’s “gridiron freaks” are: Dell Aken, Lee Henry, Dan Gaines, Drs Douglas and Thompson, Robert Bitney, Ray Julian, Billy Murphy, Hi Nightingale, Dick Boehme, and Tommy Campbell.
Legal notice to appoint a guardian for Hulda L Wilhelm, because of insanity
Legal notice to appoint an administrator for Sarah Bigelow, deceased
J F Brady, real estate
New Park Hotel- I Hammarley and son- $1.00 per day
City barber shop- T C Brown
B B Adams- Barber
Frank Carson- dealer in wines, liquors and cigars
Hotel Forney- MT Jack- $2.00 per day
Palace Livery Stabel- Mlinar and Radcliff
Galena Lumber Co- M Campbell

Nov 21,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
T S Armstrong is editor of Butte Gazette
Married B B Swett of Ainsworth and Martha Stephens, Monday evening by Rev A R Julian

Nov 28,1901 Atkinson Plain Dealer
Judge Selah died from typhoid fever in O’Neill at 2 o’clock Tuesday morning. Leaves wife, son and a brother at Ewing.
J W Burleigh visiting old home in England
Shot Mrs Henry Stewart of Lynch, perhaps fatally injured, while helping husband doctor a sick horse
James Brown returned from Copper River Gold Country, he had gone with John and Cheever Hazelet, Jack Meals and Ralph Evans.
Married at the Catholic Church yesterday morning Matthew Mich and Carrie Seger.
Married Fred Ziska of Green Valley and Agnes Kramer, Tuesday morning at the Catholic Church, Rev Edward S Meunich officiating.
A W Marshall- Parents whose children have 22 calibre rifles take notice, I will enforce the ordinance in regard to shooting with in city limits, Penalty is $5.00
Died the 3 year old son of T H Marcellus of Gross, he fell into a lime pit.
Charles Borger lives at Baker, Boyd County

Dec 17,901 Atkinson Graphic,
R A Utely and wife took in a homesless four year old boy.
Joseph Bercha, a farmer 6 miles sw of Atkinson, on Dec 17 was granted a patent on an improved feed grinder.
Newport wants a rail line to Carns. Carns has a store, hotel, livery barn, stock yards.
Baby girl arrived at Ernie Fullerton home

Feb 7,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Mr and Mrs Trout kill a wolf with a pitchfork and club
Two bowling teams were organized Monday night. Merry ten pin war now raging.
Oliver Anderson of Stanton ordered to the Insane Asylum
Married Gilman V Davis and Jennie Weekly

Feb 21,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Daniel R O’Connell killed in explosion at Telluride, Color, son of John, age 37 years, the day of his funeral his daughter was born.
Frank Dohman succumbs to heart failure, age 64 years

March 14,1902 Atkinson Graphic
B P Nehr, 15 miles sw of Atkinson, finished a flowing well, 75 feet deep, that raised the water 4 ½ feet above ground, and flows 16 gallons a minute.
W H Chamber- grocieris and flour
Palace Livery Stable-Jonas and Davis
P W Devaston bought the bowling alleys
R H Jenness works on the paper at Okmulgee
Jud Woods works on the Mustang Mail at Mustang, Okla
Doc Matthews works on the State Republican at Little Rock, Ark
Ham Kautzman works in a cigar factory
Civic organizations- Atkinson Fire Dept, Hose Co No 1; GAR post 39; Modern Woodman of American No 1081; Royal Highlanders, Atkinson Castle No 90; Rebekahs Lodge No 49;
Churches- St Joseph Church, Presbyterian , Methodist Episcopal, Episcopal
Died J N Hovey at Stuart, The funeral last Sunday was conducted by the Masonic Order
A 32 member colony of Swedes bought 3,000 acres of land in Holt County near Emporia.
John B Jonas, William H Backhaus, and Joseph Tasler proved up on their land claims

March 21,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Edward Fisher died, age 26 years

March 28,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Married Dell Aken and Luella Boehme in Omaha, Nebr
Dr J L McDonald spent some time chasing his cows and now wants an athletic club in town.
A Scheinost will leave next week for Bonesteel, where he will remove his family and harness shop and reside in the future.

April 4,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Ed Fisher died
Mrs E J Miller died at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, aged 76 years. Funeral services tomorrow.

April 11,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Mrs Nancy G Hart died
Eliza J Humphrey Miller obituary- born Oct 18,1826, died April 2,1902- married Jas Buchwalter and had four children. Married John Miller and had five children. Buried in Atkinson
Fred Gregory died, aged 55 years
Henderson Fullerton obituary- born Aug 18,1836- died April 5,1902- married Martha Boyd, had 7 children
Nancy G Hart obituary- born April 17,1827- died April 6,1902- married Robert T Hart, had eleven children, buried Atkinson Cem, her childrenincluded Mrs A C Crossman and Emma Slater who died Aug 2,1901.. Robert Hart died March 18,1894
A boy born to Mr Moon

April 18,1901 Atkinson Graphic
Stuart won the baseball game against Atkinson
Thomas Jennings obituary- born Dec 13,1873- died April 12,1902-
Married Leopold Steskal and Mary Seger at the Catholic Church, Wednesday morning, Father Meunich officiating.
Married John N Sturdevant of Long Pine and Clara Zimmerman of O”Neill at the residence of the bride’s parents in O’Neill, Rev A R Julian officiating.
Married Morton Greeley and Kittie Price at high noon Wednesday . Rev A D Hyden officiating.
If the owner of a certain ungainly old black and white sow with three little pigs does not soon get them corralled on his own premises and keep them there, your editor are very apt to have a mess of luscious young roast pig.
Minnie F Conrad filed for divorce from John R Conrad.
Nora Fritchoff, Charles R Davis, Anna D Newton(Anna D Slaymaker) proved up on their land claims.

May 9,1902 Atkinson Graphic
James Udy died, April 23, at Portland, Oregon, Married Addie Neely, age 44 years, got a sliver in his thumb, died of blood poisoning.
J W Gallaher moved to University Place
William O Stephenson, Anna Kolena (widow of Anton Kolena deceased), and William B Hewett proved up their land claims
Bertha May Stephenson filled for divorce from Chancey D Stephenson, had one child

May 16,1902 Atkinson Graphic
H W Transue, auctioneer will hold public sales on the streets of Atkinson every two weeks
Stuart won the baseball game against Atkinson

May 23,1902 Atkinson Graphic
George Malone, section hand on the rail road was instantly killed last Saturday. Left one small child
Herman Sandman and William Gray , two farmers living near Lynch, fought and Sandman was killed.

June 2,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Good old fashioned fourth of July celebration
Will close stores at 8 pm
A C Powell of Stuart died, buried Stuart
Albert Rosenberg, John C Deming, Antoinette Green, and James H Hotaling proved up their land claims

June 13,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Judge Hubbard died at Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Married J M Morgan and Elizabeth Beck at Neligh last Thursday.
Ella A Moulton Jury obituary- dau of Chas Moulton and Cordelia, born Jan 26,1855, died May 28,1902- age 47 years 4 months and 2 days- married Clarkson Jury, had three children, Nellie, Clyde, Gracie
Three towns in Boyd County will open in June, Anoka will go onsale June 18, Bristow on June 25, and Monowi on June 26.

June 20,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Married Wednesday morning at Catholic parsonage, George Gift of Omaha and Anna Winkler
Married Charley Bartlett and Lizzie Williams , both of York
John J Slaymaker proved his land claim

June 27,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Pictures of the town in the next several issues, also a story written by a local person
Two women swindled people in Atkinson, one caught in Butte and charged, Nellie Baker
Lazelle Brantley Sturdevant story, born June 4,1879
Jacob Clippinger obituary- born March 5,1830- married Ellen Cochran, had seven children, died Juen 21,1902- Cancerous tumor of the bowels, funeral and burial on Monday, Son, Carl is his only surviving child
Married Edward Nehlsen and Emma Hahn, June 23, at the home of the bride’s parents near Stuart. Rev A R Julian officiating.
Married W R Bitney and Florence McDonald, by Rev J E Young on Wednesday afternoon at the residence of V W McDoanld,Allen,Nebr.
A china wedding for Mr and Mrs Will Dickerson, last Saturday

July 4,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Pictures of Atkinson flour mill,
George Roswell was born to Rev Roswell.
Married J C Schindler of Hammond and Bertha Stephenson on June 26, at Sioux City, Iowa

July 18,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Warrant for Byron and Claude Gray for assault of the mail carrier, Harley Porter
Mary H Smyth obituary, died July 14,1902, age 24 years 6 months 23 days, born Dec 20,1877
Hugh Burgess proved up his land claim, and is moving to Otoe County,

July 25,1902, Atkinson Graphic
Picture of Frank Bitney

Aug 8,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Picture of the residence of H A Allen

Aug 22,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Married Frank Clark and Mayme Chapla in Algona, Iowa on Aug 12
John T Beavers judged insane, and sent to Lincoln June 25

Aug 29,1902 Atkinson Graphic
William John Donnelly takes own life, Wednesday morning, Born Sept 18,1873, died Aug 27

Sept 5,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Picure of Havens and Stilson store
Frank Sheldon died
Smauel Ruby Carter died

Sept 12,1902 Atkinson Graphic
Christian Gathje fell from a hay stack and was impaled on a pitchfor,
Picture of B E Sturdevan

The newspaper from Sept 19 , 1902 through 1907 are missing

Re: 1908 Holt County news from Atkinson Graphic

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Jan 3,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Born, a girl to William Lightfoot of Inez
Married Ernest Feyerherm and Rena Walters
Irs Willey charged with seduction by Florence May Hess
P J Coffey died
Marriage licenses issued to Hugo A Schrader and Lillie Dunn and Carey E Grant and Cora B Estes
Married by Judge Malone on Dec 26, 1907 Hugo A Schrader and Lillie Dunn, both of Atkinson
Mrs John Bates died
Leonard V Humphrey obituary- born Aug 7,1830- died Dec 9,1907 of pneumonia, age 77 years 3 months 12 days, married Samantha Bradley, had children Anna H Cleveland, two who were buried in one coffin Jan 1,1863 in Bethel, Wis after dying from Diptheria,
Married James C Peter and Mabel R Dick in Fremont, Tuesday evening

Jan 10,1908
Herbert Rouse, near Meek, has begun attending the winter term at Wayne College.
Mrs Clyde died at the home of her son, near Turner, before Christmas. She was taken to Iowa for burial.
Born, a girl to Ames
Sheriff Hall went to Belle Fourche, SD after Ira Willey, wanted for seduction of a young girl.
G W Smith family moved to Fremont
Little three year old daughter of Geo Riser was so unfortunate as to fall and break her arm in the elbow joint. The accident happened about a week ago and the little patient is getting along nicely.
Dell Akin is postmaster at Atkinson
Ludwig Jude moved to Texas
S Scripter lives at Fort Pierre, SD
Born, a girl to C J Smith on Dec 24, and a girl to Joseph Sheehan on Dec 28.

Jan 17,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Married Ina Davis and H W Emery
Married in Seattle, Washington Dec 7,1907 Phillip S Lesher and Bertha E Greeley`
Married Ira Willey and Florence May Hess by County judge at his office last Wed. both from Page
Married John Cleary and Inez Murray at Catholic church last Wed by Father Cassidy
Ed Neilly before board of insanity addicted to excessive use of morphine and other narcotic drugs., to hospital in Lincoln
John R Bellar, one of the best known and much respected citizens of Shield township died at his home Jan 4, age 54 years, native of Canada, funeral on Tuesday
Sheriff Tom Coleman started for Herrick, SD to arrest Henry Schoenbaum the bridegroom who eloped whti Goldie Adkins. She is 15 years old.
Absalom B Akins proved up his land claim
Born, a boy to Frank Wollen
John Varney died last Friday at York, Nebr.
Born, a boy, two weeks ago to Florence and Ira Willey
Married Dey Weygint of Meadow Grove and Fanny L Johnson of Tilden
Married Gus and Julia Euecker, they were divorced last winter, but are trying it again.

Jan 24,1908 Atkinson Graphic
The stork, Dr Skelton, came over to Mr Salts and left a little boy Saturday morning.
Bertha Greeley married recently
Dan Hunt and family now live in Kearney
Born to VanHumphrey, a ten pound boy Sunday morning
Mrs A O Perry attended the funeral of her sister and brought back two small nieces who were left motherless
The little three year old daughter of Chas H Davis, while cutting paper with a knife, last Tuesday, let the knife slip, the point stricking her in the eye causing a serious wound. Consulting Dr Douglas has advised taking her to Omaha and Mr and Mrs Davis left for there with her on the early passenger Wed morning
A girl born to W P O’Brien, last Friday.
James B Varney obituary, born March 4, 1848, married Sylvia Murray on Sept 30,1867, with Do D NY heavy artillery, and had a child, Edna McGinley.

Jan 31,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Married, John Walenta of Peneke, Canada and Agnes Regal
Sidney Sanford, sixteen years old, insane
Anna Wesley divorced from Frank Wesley and got custody of two children
Eli H Hoshaw divorcing Sally Betsey Hoshaw
A girl born to Wilbur Ogle, Green Valley

Feb 7,1908 Atkinson Graphic
G W Smith family moved to Fremont
Died at the home of his son, Edward, 5 miles north of Emmet, Monday Jan 27, Patrick Mullen, at the ripe old age of 87 years. Born in Ireland, buried in the cemetery beside his wife. Had three sons, S P, Edward and Patrick
Will written in Bohemia was filed for probate in county court last Tuesday. Will of Joseph Skrala of Stuart Township. Dated March 3,1904. He died Dec 23 last. Son, Joseph appointed administrator.
Arthur Westherholt in implement business in Hoskins,Nebr married Martha M Koehn
Leave your laundry at Schultz barber shop., sent Tuesday return Friday.
Mlinar and Company have taken possession of their new quarters on State Street. They now have the most commodious real estate quarters in Atkinson.
Maud Parnell married James Bramall at Omaha last Tuesday.
Miek Stafford sold his farm, one mile east of Atkinson to W B Haigh, Consideration $3,300.00
John Walenta of Ponoka, Canada and Agnes Regal married at St Joseph Catholic Church Tuesday morning, Feb 4.. Father Loecher officiating.
G A Holmquist, a well known former resident of Atkinson, whose home is at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, died suddenly at the home of his son, Herman, at Mankata, Minn.
Boy born to W I Chapman, Tuesday morning.
Mrs John Moss died of diphtheria at Spokane, Wash, last week

Feb 14,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Girl born to Ernest Wilson of Red Bird, Jan 23
John Anderson’s little daughter, near Dorsey, died of appendicitis, Feb 4
Martin mcCarthney, son of Martin, died Jan 20, buried Riverside Cem,Denver, Colo
Fred W Ross of Tamora, Nebr and Jessie Ellen Hart married NorthWestern Hotel by Rev Parsons, Wednesday afternoon, Feb 5.
Baby of Thomas Griffin died Feb 2, on it’s first birthday, buried Catholic Cemetery.
Aulee B Sweet divorcing Charles R Sweet, they married Sept 19,1885, had two children, Ethel I is a minor
Married Anton J Kramer of Stuart to Gertrude Conrad of Newport
Marriage licenses to Benjamin H Weston of Pierce, Nebr and Leota Durham of Venus. They were married at Middle Branch on Sunday by Rev E E Tinkle
J H Johannes died.
Boy born to Joe Kaplan, weight 9 ½ pounds

Feb 21,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Anton Kramer and Gertie Conrad were married at St Joseph Church in this city Tuesday Feb 11. Rev Loecher officiating.
On Wed, Feb 19, Mike Codahy and Maggie Cain were joined in wedlock at the Catholic Church by Father Loecher.
Married Samuel W Green and Claudia Wells of Valentine, Feb 25th.

Feb 28,1908 Atkinson Graphic
W J Benjamin turned in 28 wolf scalps to the county clerk.
Gustave Holmquest died
John Bond and family left for Norfolk
John Sullivan is now a licensed pharmacist.

March 6,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Archibald Ross died of Bright’s Disease Feb 23, buried leonie Cem
Owen Meredith graduated West Point Military school
Girl born to A M Church, March 2,
James Jeffres died at Chambers, on the 13th, father of W H.
Henry Wenge family moved to Creighton
Married John Ingles of Ira, Iowa and Mrs Martha White, at the home of the bride’s son, James A White. Rev Horton officiating.
Died at her residence in Naper, Nebr, on Feb 24, Berintina M Higbie, born Kankakee, Ill on April 20,1842, mored to Holt County 25 years ago, when Boyd county opened for settlement filed on a homestead in Rinehart district. Mr Higbie died 2 years ago last New Years.
Fred Kolterman moving to Petersburg, owner of harness shop there

March 13,1908 Atkinson Graphic
James Andrew Davis obituary, died March 5, age 88 years 1 month 1 day, married in Maine 1854 to Ornina Wyman. Had thirteen children, buried Woodlawn Cem.

March 20,1908 Atkinson Graphic
A girl born to George Wray
A boy born to Floyd France of Red Bird on March 14th
Carrie Carson and Mr Hunter of Dorsey were married last week
St Advocate has obituary of Jas Hotaling, a resident of Badger who died of blood poisoning.
Fred Swingley’s mother died in Omaha
Jake McAllister bought the Tomsik farm, but then sold it to Arch McCauley of Clay County. Consideration $4,500.

March 27,1908 Atkinson Graphic
A boy born to Dell Johnson, weighing ten pounds, on Sunday
Mrs Charles Mulford died, funeral Saturday morning. Had a daughter, Mary Corwin
Married on Wednesday evening March 5 at the home of B H Burch in O’Neill, Stephen E Dexter and Elizabeth J Gumb, both of Ballagh, Nebr. By Rev T S Wilson.
Girl born to Abe Neber
Boy born to Joe Myers last Thursday
Augusta C Swingley, aged 64 years, wife of Oliver H Swingley, buried Mount Morris, Ill. Had children, Mrs Francis Corey, Fred, Mrs C E Niswonger, Mrs P F Evans, Mabel
Dennis Kane died last Thursday evening on his way home from Emmet, his team became frightened, one of the lines broke, Dennis was thrown out, breaking his neck.
Leo Hayes, son of J C Hayes, died and was buried in O’Neill
Marriage license to Chas W Cronk and Jessie May Trobridge, of Page
Martin Welsh died in Omaha last Thursday

April 3,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Mr Price shot Mr Berg, then shot himself.
Girl born to Gerhart Hoffman
Elva Dutcher divorcing Clarence Dutcher, has two small daughters
Grace Green of Amelia married Earl Brown March 30 in O’Neill
Dennis Kane born Ireland Nov 9,1843, died March 19, age 65 years, married Ellen O’Connell in 1863. Funeral at St Joseph Church March 21.

April 10,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Child of James Root is buried
Funeral of James Sullivan held last Friday afternoon, buried at Catholic Cem beside son and daughter, left sons, Phillip and Jerry
Walter Wyant building a large building south of Bazelman Lumber Yard- a hay barn and roller skating rink
S L Good moved to Conrad,Iowa
Married at judge’s office, Monday, Earl J Brown and Grace M Green, both of Amelia

April 17,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Clarence Parker, youngest son of Sanford Parker was taken to the pest house, Friday, he habing a light case of small pox
Oliver Kirkendall died March 24,
Boy born to James Dennis, now of Peru
Obit of Sarah Beulah Van Emon, born May 12,1862, died April 12 in Omaha, married R P Fleming Oct 12,1880; had children, Ethel,Austin, and Earl, buried Woodlawn Cem
Katherine Dowling, aged 41, died, wife of Thomas F Dowling, had one daughter
R B Traner died, buried Carrol,Iowa Cem. Propietor of Park Hotel
Mrs Perry Fleming died April 13.
Atkinson should have a park. Stock company organized and buy park, when able to support itself, it will be turned over to the city

April 24,1908 Atkinson Graphic
A little girl of Sandoe living near Anncar died Saturday and was buried in the Phoenix Cem, Monday afternoon.
Mr McMain died, at her home in Phoenix, April 13 about 4 am.
Obit of Fannie Higgs, born Va Sept 8,1855, died Aktinson April 19, age 52 years 8 months 19 days. Married Enos Nearhood in 1883, he died 1894. had three daughters, Maud, Daisy, Nora. Married 1896 to C M Porter.
W H Hendricks family at Horse Heads, NY
J F Gregory family moved to University Place
Mary Ballon, wife of John, died last Tuesday evening, Funeral held yesterday, buried Woodlawn Cem.
Earl Baker and Lizzie Fleming married here Wednesday morning.
Girl born to Henry Heuton
Boy born to Frank Hanel
Mary Hanish,died at Osmond, wife of Lew,
W A Carson of Douglas and Nellie Worthing of Plattsmouth were joined in wedlock at O’Neill Wed, by Rev Watson.
John H Mohr and Ethel Elsbury married Monday, April 20 at home of bride in North Atkinson.

May 1,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Murry McGrew died at the home of his son, Jack, last Sat , over 83 years, buried Hooper, Ill Cem, had daughter, Mrs Bennett
Pat Cannon, son of Mary, died last Sat at Bee, Seward Co, Nebr, age 44 years, born County Donegal, Ireland, buried Catholic Cem, here
Mary Ballon died at her home in Francis Township, April 21, age 65 years, wife of John, born 1842 Austria, had 8 children, Raymond, John S
John Inglis family left for Ira, Iowa
Girl bornto F W Hoyt April 26
Girl born to H D Grady

May 8,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Emma Bartels and George Patterson of Gross married
A J Meals is back from frozen north
Paul Shanner deserted his wife and went to Canada
Phillip Gibbons overcome by heat while working on the streets inSioux City on April 22, died from the shock on Monday.
Sarah Ellen Henderson bornJan 26,1867 WV, died May 2,1908, married in O’Neill Jan 25,1903 to Henry Bausch. Had two children,Ohmart 4 years, Edith 2 years, buried Woodlawn Cem
Mike Schaaf married at St Paul
William Brehmer became an American citizen
Married at St Joseph Catholic Church, Tuesday morning at 7 o’clock, Adolph Pacha and Mary Kubart, Rev Father Hehtwer of Stuart officiating.

May 15,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Grandon and Overocker have gone to their claims in Brown Co.
Girl born to Aurthur Hahn May 2
Mon Morning Uncle Billy Huber found dead in bed by John Deseive, buried Mon evening in Stuart Cem
D L Thompson’s infant son, a child of 9 months, died
Saloon license raised from $1000 to $1250.
Marriage license to Arthur H Blair and Helena Anthony, both of Bliss, a colored couple.
Marriage license to Cornelois O’Connell of Emmet and Clara Kirkland of Atkinson

May 22,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Grandpa Coats, died at 7 o’clock Wed evening, aged almost 82 years, funeral Friday afternoon
K L Tomsik is loading a car with his household goods, preparatory to shipping them to Dakota, where he intends to make his home.
Jesse Briles proved his land claim
James William Zink and Virginia Ervin were married in Spokana, SD May 24th,
Alva Dutcher awarded divorce from Clarence Dutcher, she got custody of the children
Susan Banberry of Chambers, age 66 years, before insane commission, then to asylum at Norfolk
Frank Skinner married Mable McPherson at the home of the bride’s father, Dr D G McPherson, by Rev Mr Brook.
Boy born to Horace Moss last Sat.
K L Tomsik passed through Atkinson, Sat, on his way from Stuart to his new home at Stamford, SD.
Austin Fleming and Clara Townsend of Crawford were married at Crawford last Sunday
Lewis McDermot of Inman township committed suicide last Saturday
Mr Sullivan died at Butte, Montana
John M Stuart, former sheriff of this county, found dead in his shanty in Oregon a few weeks ago
Four Selix children that had been sent to Geneva Industrial School for Girls were brought back and released due to an error in former proceedings.
W J Hurst family moving to Neligh
Bartos family leaving for SD
Clarence Moss is mail clerk on the Oakdale Scribner Branch
C W Fritchoff of Celia, Nebr wants to trade 80 head of mares and colts and one registered sired stallion for Holt County land or sell them outright.

May 29,1908 Atkinson Graphic
A warrant issued for Jacob K Tomsik, at the request of his wife
May 17, at the home of the bride’s parents 7 ½ miles north west of Crawford occurred the marriage of Austin Fleming and Celia C Townsend, performed by Rev Normal G Palmer
Mrs Nick Wedge who lived northwest of Atkinson, died, last Tues and her funeral was held at Stuart Wed.
The old Miller hardware building one of the first built in Atkinson is being moved by Mr Noziska, to his property northwest of town.
Mrs Robert Alworth died, funeral today, had daughters Mrs A W Miller and Mrs James Crowley
Mrs Bousch, died last Tues and her remains were brought to Atkinson for burial.

June 12,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Obit of Bridget Cody Alworth- born Feb 2,1833 County of Tipperary, Ireland, married in LaCrosse, Wis May 7,1854 to Robert Alworth- died May 26,1908, had nine children- Mrs W H Preston
16 year old son of George Farley died of tuberclosis, Wed
Parents of W B Arganbright killed by a cyclone over Shickley, Fillmore County
Frank Pribil married Miss Sobotka

June 19,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Florence Wilcox married Lazelle B Sturdevant
Allen McMain died May 31,1907 Sioux City
Obit of Allie McMain- born Illinois April 18,1882- age 26 years 1 month 13 days- buried beside mother who died 7 weeks ago
Fred Ziska bought a mill and other property in Iowa, moving
Mrs Gieseker died, Neligh Register
Boy born June 14 to John Henning, north east of Atkinson
John Tomsik arrested by dep sheriff Harding on a warrant
Lyle Beebe received his artificial limb Tue night
Ray Parnell found dead on the range near Lusk, Wyo. Bring remains back for burial.
Rev W M Ahlman edited the Die Worfolf Umfehau, a german paper printed in Norfolk
License to commit matrimony was issued to Edson Harrison of Leonie and Alleta Arrison of Middle Branch, by County judge this week
Ed F Gallagher bought a four cylinder 28 horse power Marshall automobile
Probate court- Hinmon L Hall, deceased

June 26,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Bicycle ridden on sidewalks in Atkinson will cost the rider ten dollars
Ray Parnell murder story from Lusk Herald
John Pruss married Mae Foreman of Emmet at Catholic Church in O’Neill, Wed morning, June 24
Rock Fall Peelers 13 and Phoenix 9—baseball

July 3,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Orin Edington at Dietz, Wyoming, herding sheep for 45 dollars a week
15th anniversary of marriage for George A Ulrich
Wilson Brodie died, funeral at Cleveland Church Tues, had child, Joe
June 25,1908 F S Keeler and Jessie Coburn married in O’Neill
Graves Bros Ranch selling out
Drowned, Mrs W D Watkins and her daughter, Long Beach, Cal
Friends S Keller of Celia and Jessie L Coburn of Phoenix married June 25 by Rev F C Hullhorst
Marriage license to Earl B Gaddis of Harvard and Mabel A Wilson of Emmet, last Tuesday
July 10,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Lake City on south side of Pony Lake, will consist of 240 acres, 75 blocks of 30 lots- Bassett Leader
H J Schroder has been given a section in Wyoming, and expects to leave for there sometime next week.
Dave Mathers of near Paddock, died of stroke of paralysis, Sun morning July 5, age 65 years- buried Bassett

July 17,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Married at Catholic Church in Atkinson July 4, at 5 o’clock Tuesday morning, Charley Zarnfaller and Annie Bauman

July 24,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Obit of Virginia Alice Boehme- dau of Conrad Boehme, born in Omaha Aug 5,1874, died July 20- married R E Marshall Feb 23,1895, and had four children- married March 21,1907 in Sheridan, Wyo to A L Brown. Buried Woodlawn Cem
Boy born to A W Chambers, 9 ¾ pounds
Ray Sherman died Thursday, age 20 years
Married Amy Dunn and Herman Schrader by Rev L W Horton
Married J V Dwyer and Grace Gorden in Butte, Mont, July 6
Miss Ryans drowned, age 65 years
Girl born to John Ripp, July 12

July 31,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Joseph E Inley arrested for charge of rape of Alice R Garin, age 16 years
H S Webb died Aug 13,1852 near Filler, Idaho
Mother of M H McCarthy died in Wis Sun morning
Alta Banner shot and killed her husband’s brother, Fred Banner. Mrs Banner was Mrs King, before that a Miss Hudspeth, sister of Rosa Hudspeth (editor Stuart Ledger) and sister to Mrs Smith (Newport Merchant)

Aug 7,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Boy born to Davenport July 23
Mrs Berg died Fri morning 5 o’clock, funeral Spencer Church Sunday, had two children
Married Hilda Lamb and Mr Hallie
Died Mrs Barney Jones of Inez, July 23, had eight children- Mrs Dick, Mrs Byrd, Mrs Martin, Harry, Frank, John, buried Atkinson cem beside two little boys buried there some years ago

Sept 4,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Mabel Hayne divorce from Winfield Hayne, married last March by county judge

Sept 11,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Obit of Mary McNichols, died at Valentine last Sat, buried O’Neill Catholic Cem, born County Kerry, Irelnad , died age 78 years, married J J McNichols at Syracuse, NY 1854, he died 1887. had 13 children- Mrs J P Hanley , JP, Will

Sept 18,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Marriage license to James Gans of Inman and Martha Bernt of Stuart
Mr Leahy died at Hammond Tues evening
Danford Taylor died at Norfolk Thursday afternoon
Girl born to Mike Schaaf of Atkinson Tue, 12 pounds
Obit of Martin J Leahy- born Hartford, Conn Oct 18,1836, died Sept 8, 71 years 10 months 21 days- married Bridget Dunn April 25,1866 in Maringo, Ill, had five children, George J, Edward J, Lizzie Homel

Sept 25,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Married Patrick Stanton and Bea McMahon, at catholic church, by Father Moore, last Wed morning
Ada Mills and Ray Cofield getting married
Marriage license to Albert M Ernst and Anna Yantz, and Patrick Stanton and Bea McMahon of O’Neill, and Henry W Krueger and Lona Kunz of Stuart
Henry W Krueger and Lona Kunz were united in wedlock at the home of the bride in Stuart, Tuesday
The father of Joe Meyers died

Oct 2,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Aurla Marlan died, dau of Harry and Nellie Prouty, born Atkinson May 28,1906, died Spencer, Sept 14,1908, age 2 years 3 months 17 dasy- buried Cem south of town
Ray Parnell’s body is exhumed, head severed from the body and taken to Lusk, Wyoming as evidence against the suicide theory.

Oct 9,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Jacob Salts moved his sorghum mill down to Adam Rakers, Friday, to be out of the wind
T E Stantons left for Newton, Iowa
Chas Christenson now at Laurens, Iowa
Boy born to Fred Van Fleets of Green Valley
Girl born to J M Gailoglys of Green Valley
Boy born to Fred Mlinars of Green Valley.
Married Mary Brehmer and Otto Rasbe at Wisner, yesterday
Last Saturday morning the infant son of Harry Galleher of Bassett died of spinal meningitis, Funeral in Bassett on Monday
Lizzie Meals died on Tue in Los Angeles
City added two double gasoline lights, one at First National Bank Corner and the other two blocks south
Married at St Patrick’s church Wed morning, at 6 o’clock, John Byrnes of Platte Center and Kathryn Fallon

Oct 16,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Married at the Methodist parsonage O’Neill, on Wed, Sept 30, William I Roe and Pearl I Bittner, both of Inman
Died, Mrs J M Coleman, funeral at Neligh
Died the mother of James White, funeral at Ira, Iowa
Married, C M Porter and Mary White of Waterloo, Iowa at Omaha, last Fri
Fred C Hovak secured a patent onan appliance to a mower frame

Oct 23,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Jacob Salts moved his sorghum mill down to Paddock to make sorghum there.
Married Tue evening at 6 o’clock Oct 20, Anna Kaplan and Albert Kozisek.
Butte Gazette- Ray Julian, son of Rev A R Julian, died in Omaha, age 27years, was publisher of Gross Argo
Louise Grossman and John Damero, both of Phoeniz, married at Butte last Tues.
Little two year old dau of Walter Smith died this morning, after an illness of about 2 weeks.
J H Davison bought McKeen harness shop

Oct 30,1908 Atkinson Graphic
The father of Martin and James Maloney died Sunday
C V Walker married at Stuart to Hazel Coats, Mon evening
Married at the home of the bride, east of Atkinson, noon Wed, Nov 28, Elmer S Landon of Auburn and Jennie L Klotzbach
Boy born to Bert Freeds of Pleasantview
Girl born to Robt Haigh
Almond H Smith and Miss Dell Morrison, both of Newport married at the county judges office, Friday last
William Weller to the pen in Lincoln

Nov 6,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Chas Abrndt and Theresa Kramer married at Stanton last week.
Boy born to Milo H Beebe, last Wed morning.
Atkinson Milling Co sold to Jos Skrdla and Ed Humpal
E R Hatch died at his home, north of Disney,
Helen the 9 year old dau of M D Price, died early Wed morning of diphtheria, funeral at Protestant Cem
Guy Jacobs of Leslie, SD married Violet Taylor of Ft Pierre, SD at Ft Pierre.
Eva Bennett – Blanche Shutt – Mrs Elmer Lundburg- story
Directory of Reliable Fine Stock Breeders of Holt County- J W Leach of Stuart has Poland Chinas, John Alfs of Atkinson has Poland Chinas and Duroc Jersey, R O Clifford of Atkinson has Duroc Jerseys, Z Warner of Atkinson has Duroc Jersey and Galloway Cattle, Riley Brothers of Amelia have Short horns, J FBrady of Atkinson has Aberdeen angus, Thos Richards of Atkinson has Galloways, W M Brayton of Stuart has Herefords, L J C Reichard of Stuart has Herefords, J M Christians of Atkinson has Herefords, Gus Ott of Amelia has Herefords, Chas G Fink of Phoenix has Herefords and Partridge Cochina, J P Baldwin of Stuart has Red poll , Berkshrie Swine, W P O’Brien of Atkinson has Duroc jersey.
D W Cameron is a cement worker,
John T Elsbury has a dray and express
G E Spence is a cement worker
Two young Hull children were lost, but were found

Nov 20,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Girl born to Edward Stracke Nov 9
Mrs David neely died in Atkinson last Friday morning, funeral Sunday, buried Woodlawn Cem
J ) Dequaie and F Mende and George Collins went to Naper in their auto via the pig pen
Boy born to Simon Banish Nov 15
Hy Nightingale is #154 in getting land in Tripp Co
Eva Blanche Bennett story

Nov 27,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Legal notices for Annie McClelland, Deceased, and Morgan Hayes, deceased, and Anna Prussa, deceased
Edward Kilmurry married Rosalie Loecker at St Joseph Chruch Nov 24th.
Obit of Rebecca Neely, born May 1,1834 Center Co, Penn, died Atkinson Nov 12,1908, married 1854 to David Neely who died Nov 1,1900, had 12 children
State Bank of Page was dynamited and robbed of $4000. Wednesday

Dec 4,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Girl born to Abe Akins last Friday
O M Collins died at Sedalia, Mo, 23rd of last month of nervous trouble, left wife and two children
Laura Frances Tesch married Guy Ervin Wright, Dec 2, at her parent’s home, 15 miles north east of Atkinson

Dec 11,1908 Atkinson Graphic
Gertrude Nikollezak divorcing John Nikollezak, they were married 1886, have 9 children, ages 6 to 21 years
Dan Murphy family moving to Minneapolis, Minn
Solomon Barnard died, Dec 6, buried Woodlawn Cem
Mrs Warner died last Saturday, mother of Zeb Warner
Girl born to Henry Hennings.
N A Wright family moving to Pacific Junction, Iowa

Dec 18,1908 Atkinson Graphic
George Gray’s oldest girl that, was sick, died Saturday night, the 5th, and was buried in Butte, Monday.
Married at the Presbyterian manse, Wed evening, Dec 9, William L Shoemaker and Marie A Yantzi, Rev F C Hulihorst officiating.
Legal notices of Richard Wilkinson, deceased
O M Collins died Nov 23
Bob Gallagher died Tuesday from heart trouble
Gus Ulrich’s sister died last Tuesday at Charter Oak, Iowa
Royal Highlanders officers are George Crawford, illustrious protector, Maude Johnston, Chief counselor, Mary E Donnelly, worthy evangel, A T Hart secretary, E J Mack treasurer, W A Wheeler warder, and George O Sturdevant Sentry

Dec 25,1908 Atkinson Graphic
K L Tunender departed for Tea, SD, last week, where he has concluded to make his home. Mr Tunender was accompanied by all of his children
Herman Schroeder and wife came from Moneta, Wyoming Monday, and will visit friends in Atkinson during the holidays. Mr Schroeder is section foreman there for the C & N W Railroad, and says he likes it well.
Ivan Jennings, 3 year old son of H F Jennings died last Thursday of croup. Funeral was held from the home Friday, Dec 18, remains laid to rest in Woodlawn Cem.
G A Goodman arrested on charge of rape preferred by Mrs Anna Johns.
Mary Wilson granted a divorce from Andrew Wilson, and had her maiden name Hershiser restored.
Raleigh Scott in court for bigamy, married a girl at Page while married to one from Iowa
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