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Dalton Family

Dalton Family

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I'm working on the Dalton family line for my son, his father is Jeffrey Roy Dalton of Ca. His father's name is Robert(Bob)Dalton. His grandfather was Gerald Dalton, former owner of Dalton trucking. He was married to Bonita (Bonnie). I haven't any information any farther back than that. Could use any help.
Thankyou so much,

Note to new Dalton researchers

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Your chances of getting any help are slim or none unless you ---
1) Give some dtyes, even if rough, of your oldest known ancestors.
2)Give some location where the lived or were born. preferably county and state. Most genealogists file by county. If you give towns, they have to look up the county and many will say, "forget it".
New researchers do not seem to comprehend the extent of the "population explosion". Descendants of most early American families today would fill several football stadia.
-- Ken Haas

Typo in recent message

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Darn my poor typimg. # 1 is supposed to read "dates". == Ken

Dalton family

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I would love to give dates, but we haven't any. I only know my sons grandparents and great-grandparents names. They live or lived in California. They haven't choose to keep in contact with my son. He has been adopted by the man I remarried, so this research has been hard. I was told by his great-grandfather Gerald Dalton that his family was decended from one of the Dalton gang. He said one of them came to California. I know it's not alot to go on, but it would be great for my son to know his family history.
Thankyou for your time,

Dates of Ancestors

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All you have to know is your own age. Then add thirty years for each generation. It is obviously not exact but gives a fair estimate.

e.g. If you were born 1950, your parents probably ca 1920 and grandparents ca 1890, etc.

Some say three generations per hundrec years -- Ken

Dalton family

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Thankyou for the info., Jason(Jeffrey Roy Dalton Jr. was born:Aug. 28,1973, his father Jeffrey Sr. was born June 23, 1955. His father Robert(Bob), I'm guessing born in the 1930's or so. Papa Dalton(Gerald), is buried in Green Acres, Bloomington, Ca. and I'm not sure as to dates here.
Thankyou again,

New Dalton Researchers

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I am looking for any information I can get
on John Walker Dalton born Stokes County, NC
in 1866 married Margaret Ann Holder. His father was David Dalton married to Emma Jones. I have no dates on them. John Walker
moved to Tennessee and they had 5 sons. Please if anyone out there can help it would
be greatly appreciated.

The Dalton Gang pics, facts, and book...

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Linda, If you are related to the "Dalton Gang" hello... I have all the information on that family including pictures and facts and one relative helped write a book about them. I would be happy to try to help you with the information you would like to have just e-mail me and let me know... Bea Elizabeth Dalton, sister to the infamous gang married Tom Phillips (Texas Ranger) and had Lee Phillips who married Carrie Padgett who then had my lovely family.....see ya Bren
P.S. I have all the goodies that are NOT in any history books.

Dalton gang

Susan Powers (View posts)
Posted: 990213852000
I'm interested in any information that you have on William "Bill" Power/s. He had a family stashed in Arkansas. The family has kept everything so secret that it's next to impossible(even at this late date) to get them to talk about it. I'm the mother of the only kids to carry on the Ark. Powers name, non of my husbands other uncles had any children. I'm pretty sure there are other decendants in Coffeyville, Ks. Don't know if they know we exist. Any information would be gladly recieved. Thank you,
Susan Smith Powers

Dalton Gang

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Susan, I have not a clue about William Powers but I will ask my family if they have any information for you.....Bren
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