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Sanden''s from Norway

Sanden''s from Norway

Linda Youcha (View posts)
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Would like to hear from any descendents of Sanden's from Nes, Hallingdal, Norway. Wilhelm (Vilhelm Olson), my great grandfather and wife Sigrid left Norway in 1885 for Minnesota, settling near Flom, Mn. His son Anker Sanden was my grandfather. Would like to hear from any relatives of Wilhelm, Sigrid, or siblings of Anker.
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I have some info on Sanden. Sanden in Nes ,Hallingdal
was the area along the river on the the farms of
Brunsvold, Nordhagen, and Bortnes. Six generation of my ancestors
had lived on Sanden which was part of Brunsvold. The ancestors that immigrated
Osten Guttormsen Bortnes and Ragnild Johnsdtr. Sanden had lived on the the place
Sanden on Nordhagen for about 20 years before they came to the US in 1867.
Today the Sanden place is owned by Kunt and Kari Sanden, Knut is forth cousin.
My ancestorial line from Sanden and Brunsvold goes back in to the 1500's.
It would be interesting to see if we share common ancestors.

John Wasylow

Sanden''s, Nes, Hallingdal, Norway

Linda Youcha (View posts)
Posted: 934906641000
From the 1865 Norway census I learned:My great grandfather Vilhelm Olson and my great grandmother Sigrid Olsd. lived in Naes, on farm name Hageledeie. In 1865 they had 4 childen living with them, Gjertrud Olsdatter, Ole V. and Ole W. Vilhelmson, and Anker Vilhelms. In addition, a woman Gjertrud Olsdatter lived with them, age 55. Vilhem and Sigrid had 3 more living children after 1865, Berget, Boleta, and Annie. In 1885 they immigrated to the U.S., first to Newton, Iowa, and then to Flom, Mn. area. I want to find out my great great grandparents names and where they lived and were born. I do know my great grandfather Vilhelm Olson was born in Aker.
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Your ancestors Vilhelm Olson and Sigrid Olsdtr. I checked a few records and found
Their marriage was recorded in book nine of the Nes church records. it reads as
Vilhelm Olson Haraldset age 26, his father was Ole Olson. And Sigrid Olsdtr.
Haraldset age 21 her father was Ole Olson.
Date of marriage April 2, 1861.
I did check their first child Gjertrud Vilhelmsdtr Baptism April 9 1857 she was listed as illegitmate
and it listed Vilhelm was living on Haraldset and Sigrid was on Majormoen. These are two places that are next to
each other and today part of the southern part of the town of Nesbyen.The place Hagale was part of the South Devegge farm.
It was located in the northern part of Nesbyen.
From the 1865 census Vilhelm was listed as Husmand med Jord ( a farmer with land).
I also checked for Sigri baptism and found only one Sigri in 1834 Born April 3 bap. May 4, Parents were Ole Olsen and Christi Trulsdtr. (The place name given was Jurhaugen, this is how it looked in the record, but I couldn't find that namein the farm lists.
Witnesses: Boel Haraldset, Peder Langeberg,Nub Onsgard, Knud Bortnes, and Birgit Jurhaugen.

When you mentioned the place Sanden, was your ancestors was living on Sanden at the the left for the US.
My great great great grandparents John Paulsen and Gundbjor Nilsdtr. were living on Sanden
John died in 1877 and Gundbjor died 1891. There were only Two daughters Ragnild, my gr gr grandmother and Guri who married a Halvor Haraldsen and they lived on the place call Stoen.
Today their great great grandson Knut Sanden owns the place Sanden.
The name Truls is rare and comes from only two farms I know of in the Hallingdal area that is Kolsrud in Fla, and Shinnes in Krodsheard.


Linda Youcha (View posts)
Posted: 935144380000
Hello. This is fun. Thank you for your help. Now I know who you are, after I checked out Hallinglaget and I see you are the genealogist for it. How lucky for me to have you respond to my message. Funny that there were no Sanden messages before I put one on.My sister and I are wondering about discrepancies on birth dates of Vilhelm Olson and Sigrid Olsdt. Your find about the marriage certificate stating they were age 21 and 26, differs from 1865 census stating in that year they were 32 and 31, only one year apart. The emigration list for 1885, ship infor., states their ages as 50 and 51 . But my Aunt who made a family tree in 1971,(Anna is now 94) states their birth dates as: VIlhelm-April 14, 1831 and Sigrid as just 1836. (five years apart, similar to the marriage certificate)But to be married in 1861 and be 21 and 26, would make their birth dates about 1840 for Sigrid and 1835 for Vilhelm. What do you make of this? How can I know the real birth dates? I want to find out Vilhelm's mothers name and birthdate and place of birth, same with his father Ole Olson(or could it be Olsen). I checked on the name Truls, and found more of them. I do not know why Vilhelm and Sigrid took name Sanden. From the time 1865 and they were on Hageledeie, could they have moved later to Sanden land or farm, and that is why they took that name before emigrating in 1885?How can I get access to the info you have? Is it available to me on the Hallinglaget of American How do I get a copy of Vilhelm and Sigrid's marriage certificate, or birth and baptism records? I am new to this genealogy but quickly my sister and I are getting addicted. I want to see a bygdebok for Nes and Gol. I could go to the U o M with my daughter. ANy suggestions for two sisters who are excited and having fun? Thank you.

Sanden''s-Ness, Gol

Linda Youcha (View posts)
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Hello, I just got an email from someone in Norway who told me of a man from Gol who is writing a book, a family and farms story book about Naes in Hallingdal. He said to please send him some info about my family in USA. He said it is the same man who write the same books about Gol. Do you know of this author? Would you want to get in touch with him or contribute anything to his book? His name and address is: Terje Ostro, N 3550 GOL Norway. Then I got an email from a Norwegian American who told me to get ahold of a reference book called Boka am Gol. How do I find this book? Would I have to go to the Univ. Of MN library? I really would love to look at this or the bgydebok of Naes and Gol.
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The person in Gol, is Terje Ostro, he wrote a history for Gol,
Boka om Gol, there are seven volunes. I have the complete set in our Halling library.
You would have to now the farm your interested in before trying to get the right Volume.

Terje is now working on a history for Nes and Fla parishes.
He is employed like a teacher in the community to write the history. He has been working the Nes and Fla history for about five years
now, and it will be sometime in the future when he finishes.
and he is always looking for info on those from Nes and Fla that immigrated.
His address is 3550 Gol, Norway

I might be more simple in future to E-mail me direct

PS I'm still looking over the last E-mail you send.

Brunsvold history

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Hello, my maiden name is Brunsvold. I have been able to trace the name back to Kari and Knut Brunsvold who immigrated to the Dakotas from Norway. Can you trace the name back into its Norwegian history?


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I have a lot of info on Brunsvold. If you have
some basic info on Knut and Kari you can send it to my
E-mail address at I
will see which Knut Brunsvold your ancestor was.
Most of those that took the name Brunsvold were
1st or 2nd cousins to my great great grandparents
Osten Guttormsen Bortnes and Ragnild Johnsdtr. Sanden.

Sanden's Flom, Minnesota

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I am currently working on a Cemetery Book for Aspelund Church in Flom and would appreciate any information you have on the Sanden's. You can contact me offlist at
Thank you
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