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Dole ancestors who were McDole, McDoal, McDoel, McDoell and/or McDowell

Dole ancestors who were McDole, McDoal, McDoel, McDoell and/or McDowell

David W. Dole (View posts)
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In "History of Bedford NH from 1737" on page 975 in a Genealogy for "McDowell or McDole" there is reference to three children, Thomas, William and Mary, who were orphaned in Londonderry when both parents died. Their father, an uncle and a grandfather (last names unknown) "joined the Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1630 or 1640". The grandfather was killed in Boston when "a tub of butter" crushed him. Thomas, William and Mary "found a home with a Mr. McLaughlin".

Separately, in this same history of Bedford it tells of Thomas and William (b. 1719) coming (from Londonderry?) to Bedford ... and Thomas "went on and was never heard of again" and William married his brother's widow (an common event in those days).

Separately, we have a family genealogical record of a Thomas and Rosannah McLaughlin marriage and children (it would seem that McLaughlin, benefactor to the orphans in their childhood, lost a daughter but gained grandchildren). The names of the children of Thomas/Rosannah and William/Rosannah (graves and headstones of the latter have been located) are much the same. But we do not have a marriage date of William McDoell (then the spelling) and Rosannah McLaughlin McDoell ... and as a result do not know which of the children were sired by Thomas and which by William.

We suspect the original immigrant was named McDowell, but do not know. Any information regarding any aspect of the above would be appreciated.

Finally, the "History of Bedford New Hampshire from 1737" was printed by the Rumford Printing Company of Concord NH in 1903. We'd appreciate any insight - even guesses - as to how the people of Bedford (the book states "Published by the Town") learned of such information as the "tub of butter" and "taken in by McLaughlin" in 1903?

Thanks for facts, conjectures, guesses or crystal-ball-readings!

David Dole

Dole Family

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I am also searching information on the Dole Family. I do not recognize any of those that you mentioned but may have additional information to share. Please contact me direct at Anxious to hear from you. Dole/Ohio Jackey Susce, Texas

looking for Dole family history

Rebecca J. Dole (View posts)
Posted: 945022730000
The Doles in Claremont, NH My G was Francis Dole who died in 1950 and had 3 children David, Charles and Bob who is my father, and no not the Senator.

re:looking for Dole family history

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I assume it's Francis Alexander Dole who was
born 20 nov 1891 in Claremont. He was the
4th child of Simeon J. Dole and Julia A Brishka.
He was born in England and was naturalized
abt 1880 and she was born in Germany. Simeon
was born about 1850, the son of James B. Dole
and Charlotte Hale both born in England. Julia
was born about 1867, the daughter of France
Brishka also born in Germany. There are
about 10 different spellings of her last
name in the NH records.

You are probably right,

Becki Dole (View posts)
Posted: 946122654000
Thanks so much, how did you find these records? My Dad Bob Dole didn't even know this info.

Claremont NH Dole

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Hi Becki:

I've been doing research on the Newbury Doles
and have stumbled on your branch. I'll
include what I have found on your branch. The
NH vital records can only be freely accessed
to the 1920s, so it is very incomplete. I
have found info in the Mass. records but I
wasn't consistent in recording the information.

New Hampshire Vital Records:
Births to Simeon J. Dole and Julia Brishka in Claremont NH:
Francis Alexander Dole b 16 sept 1887
Francis Alexander Dole 20 nov 1891
Grethen Dole b 28 mar 1894
Mary Charlotte Dole b 24 jan 1889
Male b 13 aug 1890 Male died 14 august 1890 1 day premature birth
Male b 28 jan 1896
Male b 1 march 1898
Male b 16 feb 1900

Lester b Claremont 20 mar 1903 3-1-4 drowning accident buried 23 mar 1903 w Claremont

Simeon resident of Clarement 35 b England son to James Dole born England and Charlotte Hale b England
Julia Brishka 18 b Germany daughter of France Brishka b Germany
4 Sept 1885 Claremont

Arthur James Dole 24 b Claremont to Simeon J. 72 machine shop b England and Julia Briskie 55 b Germany
Wildfred Gladys Nevell 18 b Claremont to Paul Newell 58 carpenter born N. Windsor, NH and Alice Bennett 48 b Canada
9 Oct 1922 Claremont

Clyde R. Dole 25 born Claremont to Simeon b England and Julia
Albertha Lapointe born Claremont to Victoria Ranney born Danvers, Mass and Charles E. Lepoint
2 may 1927 Claremont

Francis Alexander Dole 29, machinist born Claremont Simeon and Julia
Carrie Blanchard Franklin 21 works in paper mill b Linewood to Charles H. Franklin 45 merchant b Clayseville RI, resident of Danville, Ct. and Grace E. Blanchard 42 b Killingly Ct.
17 dec 1920 Claremont

Massachusetts Records:
Charles S. Dole 23 b Claremont NH to Francis A. Dole and Carrie B. Franklin
26 Sept 1959 Williamsburg
Elinor L. Leonard 18 student b Northampton to Walter Leroy Leonard and Helen L. Kellogg

David Ross Dole 23 of Claremont NH in US army b Claremont NH to Francis Dole and Carrie Franklin
4 may 1957 Belchertown
Blanchette eunice Eaton 20 secretary b Ware to Wilbur Edward Eaton and Sterline M. Leadbetter

dennis andrew sullivan 27 of northampton b northampton to donald andrew sullivan and joan mary mcgrath
1 oct 1988 northampton
karen lea dole 28 adm asst b northampton to charles simeon dole and elinor leonard

timothy francis colpoys b 17 feb 1963 personnell recruiter b lowell to jacqueline teresa mceneny and gerald thomas colpoys
12 aug 1989 northampton
laurie l dole b 30 apr 1963 elementary teacher b northampton to elinor louise leonard and charles simeon dole

NH 1900 Census:
Simeon J. Dole born june 1850 in England resident of Claremont
Julia A. born June 1869 germany
Charlotte M. born Jan 1889
Francis A. born Nov 1891
Gretchen born Mar 1894
William S. born Jan 1896
Arthur born Mar 1898
Lester S. born Feb 1900

Marriages of St Mary 1873-1980 and St. Joseph 1920-1980
Claremont NH 1980
Located in NH Historical Library
Arthur Dole (son of Simeon and Julia)
Mildred Newell (Paul and Alice Bennett)

Cedric Dole (son of Arthur, Mildred Newell)
Dorothy Aubin (Adolph, Bella Coulombe)

Clyde (Simeon and Julia)
Alberta La Pointe (victor and rene)

Gordon (arthur, albert lapointe)
Joyce Martell (Henry and Anta Rivet)

howard (clyde, albert lapointe)
Joyce Martell (Henry, anta rivet)

Jeffrey (Wm, charl Matthew)
Susan couture (Harold and claire vigenault()

joan (alf and dora kimball)
van dunham (harold and r raymond)

jodie (cedric, dorothy aubin)
jeffrey raymond (wm and m lasky)

m viet (clyde, alberta lapointe)
russell lamere (eon, alice mcduff)

marion (alf, dora kimball)
nathan bly (Kelin, Yvonne lapointe)

shirley (alf and dora)
jerry bly (robin, yvonne la pointe)

virg (clyde and albert lapointe)
bernard fluette (ls, lsa lombard)

S.M. (arthur, mild audel)
therese potvin (labien, germ la rasse)

Hope this is of some help

more Claremont records

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Here are some Vermont vital records:
Gretchen Theresa Dole and Frank Alvin Tolles
she of west Claremont NH married 7 jun 1924
in Springfield 30 years b Claremont to Simeon
J. Dole b England and Julia A. Brischka

Mary Charlotte Dole and Francis Shurtleff
Atwood she of Claremont married in
Woodstock on 7 dec 1930 41 years 1st marriage
daughter to Simeon J. Dole and Julia

William Edward Dole and Mae Hall Eaton he of
Claremont married 28 jun 1924 machinist son of
Simeon J. Dole and Julia

Julia A. Dole died Weathersfield 65 years b 21
jun 1867 in Germany 80-5-29 daughter of
Francis Busahka and Mary Schakowski died 20
dec 1947 of acute congestive failure and arterio sclerosis heart disease

Sure Does

Becki Dole (View posts)
Posted: 946309714000
Thanks so much, I know many of those people, my uncles and cousins in Mass, David my dads brother died but charles is alive, are you a relative of mine also? And, how do you pull this info? That is great, Becki

my maternal grandmother..Blanchette Eunice Eaton

Tanya (View posts)
Posted: 953896084000
Hello, my grandmother Blanchette Eunice Eaton, b. Ware, NewHampshire, MaryLane Hospital June, 1936. You have her in your records, parents Wilbur Eaton and Sterline Eaton, she moved to salem, ma at some point and married Harold McNeil, b. Parsboro, Canada. They had 6-9 children, One my mother Marjorie McNeil, a brother Norman McNeil, IF YOU HAVE ANY FURTHER INFO. On Blanchette and her parents please contact me. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

For Becki Dole

Keith Dole (View posts)
Posted: 969870271000

I think I'm your 2nd cousin. I'm originally from Claremont, NH son of Gordon Dole who was Arthur's son. I've been living in FL and NC since 1979. Send me an e-mail, I'd love to hear from you. Keith
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